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#129: Death to Sister Patterson!



Downtown Pasadena, Ivory Inc.Apr18_0003.jpg

Alexis storms into Karim’s office. She looks and sees Ladonna sitting in his chair writing a memo.


“How I am not surprised that you’re in Karim’s office. You practically live in here.”

Ladonna zzz.jpg

“This is a business and I am at work.”


“Oh is that what you call it? Taking Karim away from me is what I call it. I knew that’s what you wanted all this time.”


“Don’t you have anything else better to do then act like a loser?”


“You know Bitch; I have been waiting for this for a long time. You went out your way to cast doubt about me in Karim’s eyes. You fed on that and pumped his head up.”

Ladonna, standing up from the chair and steps out from around the desk to get in Alexis’s face

“You did that all by yourself. I know you are hiding something and it pertains to your sister’s diary. You’re the one not being truthful and honest with Karim.”


“You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a phony. You’re a scheming slut. As soon as you saw Karim and I were having serious issues you swooped in like a bald eagle. I am not going to let you get away with this. I will not let you be with Karim.”


“Oh god you starting to sound like Ashley. What’s next we are going to have a few catfights, and then you’re going to die and come back from the dead and crash my wedding? Its 2011 Alexis come up with something better than that. Something worth my time. How about that?”


“You think I’m like Ashley. We’ll see. You know nothing about me.”


“I know you are hiding something from Karim. I will find out what it is.”

Alexis slaps Ladonna

“I hate you bitch!”


“The feeling is mutual. And I also have been waiting to do this”

Donna sucker punches Alexis in the jaw. Alexis falls back onto one of the leather sofas. Donna hops on top of her and begins to choke Alexis. Alexis grabs a hold of Donnas’ hair and pulls on it, using her other hand to punch her in the face. Alexis lands a punch right in Donnas’ jaw, busting open her lips. Donna finally releases Alexis neck. She throws Donna off of her. She grabs LaDonna’s hair and begin uses it to drag Donna around the room while giving her random punches as she does.


“Karim is mine and we will be back together.”

Suddenly Ria walks in. She sees Alexis dragging Ladonna by her hair as Alexis pounds on her head.


“Oh hell naw! Donna, girl you ok? Get up, punch that hoe in her face, do something. Don’t let the white girl win.”


“Racist bitch after I handle Donna, you’re next.”


“It ain’t nothing but a thang. Ria Winters is going to beat some ass up in here today.” Ria runs over and punches Alexis in the face with a right and left hook. Alexis lets go of Donna. Ria follows up with yet another set of punches to the face. Ria then pushes Alexis against the wall as Ria runs up and grabs her head and begins to pound Alexis’s head into the wall.

Ria, with each pound she utters a word

“Don’t, (pound) you (pound) ever(pound) (pound) in (pound) your (pound) (pound) life disrespect me again Bitch. (pound) (pound) (pound) I’m the head bitch (pound) in Pasadena. (pound) And don’t you ever forget it. (pound) (pound) (pound) (pound)” Ria then lets go of Alexis and she immediately falls to the ground being knocked out cold from the bangs against the wall.


“And I don’t want to have this conversation again.” Ria looks at her nails and then blows them.


“Ladonna, I am disappointed in you girl. You was letting the white girl work you out. “

dc.jpgDC then walks in. He sees Alexis on the ground and the office a mess.

“What the hell happened in here?”


“The white girl got that ass beat.” Ria then walks out of Ivory. DC pulls out his cell phone and calls Alexis an ambulance.


Episode 129 Death to Sister Patterson!

Written by ML Cooks

For The Birds Mental Rehabilitation Centerpeoplesoftbuilding.jpg

Orderlies escort the mighty Sister Patterson into the west wing of the facility and into her room.

thumbnailCA2YITKE.jpgSister Patterson, shouting, and kicking her legs the entire time,

“This ain’t no work of the Lord! I am Sister Patterson! You can’t do this to me! I am not crazy! Get your sinning hands of me you fools!” Sister Patterson tries to wrestle out of the cuffs.


Sister Patterson is so loud she can be heard in the east and north wing of the building.

In the east wing Lynn hears the animal like howls.


“It can’t be. It’s the SLUT WHORE BITCH!” She continues to listen to the rampage.

In Sister Patterson’s roomnymom_gesture2.gif

“I am Sister Patterson! Oh hear me and hear me now! What is the church going to think? The church’s mother has been checked into the Looney bin. What is Miss Jenkins going to think!? GET OFF ME!!!” A nurse comes in and injects Morphine in the ranting Sister’s arm; Sister Patterson collapses to the ground.

In the North Wing. Mona and Apple step out their room to see if they can see what’s going on.


“I don’t believe it. She’s here.”


“Who? What are you talking about? It sounded like Slutty Patterson.”


“Oh it is. This is fate. This is our chance. This is your chance to do some real damage to her. I know you want to don’t you.? It’s in your blood.”


“That sounds about right. It’s time to take out the woman who caused me all my pain. I am going to kill Slutty Patterson.”


“I just love when you talk like that.” She plants a kiss on her.

“Death to Sister Patterson!”


“No no lady. It’s Slutty Patterson.” Mona now kisses her passionately and they step back into the room and make love.

In Lynn’s room

Lynn rolls her wheel chair out into the hall to see if she can see her arch enemy.


“I know it was her. I’d know that ugly voice anywhere. This is my chance. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. This is my time to get my revenge. I am going to kill that slut. I am going to stab that whore. Damn it I am going to cut that bitches head off and eat it for breakfast.” With so much rage and hatred, Lynn gets the energy to get up out her wheel chair and runs through the hall and into the common area where all the wings link up. She pounds on the west Wings door.

“I’ll kill her! Let me at her! I’m going to kill that BITCH!!”Orderlies immediately rush to her and sedate her.

Back in Sister Patterson’s room, While Sister Patterson is out stone cold, the orderlies place a restraint jacket on her and then she is then thrown into her bed.

Now let the madness in the crazy house begin……..sisterpatterson-1.gif

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Lauren is hugging Daniel. He pushes her off of him.

Daniel, in disbelief3_thumb.jpg

“What the Fu(k?”


“Oh Daniel I know it’s a lot to take in. But it’s me. I’m here. I’m not dead.”


“What do you mean? I went to your funeral. I don’t understand. I mourned you.”


“I know Danny and I am so sorry. I had to fake my death.”


“Fake your death? Are you crazy?”


“I had to. Tyler had a hit out on me.”




“Yes baby, I had to do it.”

Daniel shaking his head,

“I don’t know what to say. I-. How-. Where in the hell have you been all this time”


“I’ve been in Pasadena.”




“That doesn’t matter right now. I’m back. Ty is in jail so I can be free.”


“You could have come to me with something like this. You could have gone to the police chief. Mike and Ty are enemies he would have been glad to help. I don’t understand why you did this. Just when I make it back to you from the brink of death from being tortured by Mona, you led me to believe you were Killed. My heart ached for you for months. I can’t believe you did this to me. I can’t believe you didn’t trust me enough to come to me with something like this.” Daniel is so mad and confused he slaps Laurens face.

Just as Lauren rubs her cheek and recovers from shock, a nurse walks over to Lauren.


“The Doctor has some news on your baby.”


“What do you mean? Baby! Lauren what is this all about?”

Lauren, tears immediately forming in her eyes knowing what she is about to tell Danny is going to hurt him, She pulls it together to tell Daniel,

“It’s true. I had a baby.”

Daniel is taken aback and really enraged. So much rage he slaps her again.


“Sir I’m going to have to warn you not to do that again.”


“A FU(KING BABY!!! Lauren what the hell? I can’t believe you.. What ?-Why….(grunting)MMMM.” He turns around and this time punches a wall.


“Call security.” The nurse walks over to Daniel and tries to escort him out the hospital. Daniel pushes the nurse down.


“Please Daniel. Calm down. The baby isn’t yours!” Just then Daniel pauses. He looks into her eyes. His eyes begin to water up.


“It’s not mine?”


“You damn right it’s not yours. The baby is black.”

Lauren, to Daniel

“I’m so sorry. “


“You have a black baby?” He smirks and chuckles. He shakes his head and just turns around and walks out the hospital.

Daniel walks right past Ria who is entering the hospital. She walks further in the E.R. and sees Lauren.


“Ahh hell naw.”


“Hi Ria, Yes it’s me. I’m not dead.”


“Girl you are trippin'. What you mean you ain’t dead? Is this a trick? Did I miss something?”


“It’s a long story.”


“Ok Ms. Romoan your baby’s situation is critical, time is of the essence.”


“Baby? Oh hell naw. Lauren girl I don’t even know what to say. But you best believe after my appointment with Kiko I’m coming to look for you I need to know what’s goings on.” As Ria walks away she talks to herself

“Back from the dead honey. Is this what it’s coming to now these days?”

Ria knocks on Kiko’s door, and barges in.

Kiko thumbnailCATTK1DR.jpg

“I am going to be nice about this. I have a lot going on Ria please, don’t harass me today.”


“After learning that old played out pimp DC is your father, I wouldn’t want to be bothered with me either.”


“Is that what you said when you slept with my father or my brother?”


“Oooohh boo, don’t say that. It sounds so bad doesn’t it? You make me sound like Brooke Forrester on the Bold and the Homeless. See what had happened was, Brooke slept with Ridge, his father Eric, then Ridge’s brother, and now Brooke might have a thing for Ridge son Tommy.”

Kiko, standing up from his chair

“Enough! I don’t give a damn about who is sleeping with whom on your lame ass soap operas, that are being canceled left and right. I have work to do. I warned you to stop harassing me. NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU VICTORIA! End of story. Damn your are a predator!”


“For you information faggot, I have an emergency.”


“I’m going to file a restraining order on you.” He picks up the phone to call Mike.

Ria then yanks the phone from his hand. Then she rips open her blouse.


“Victoria this is outrageous, you are outrageous.” He grabs her arm and begins to pull her out his office.’


“No please, wait. I’m in pain. Something is wrong. My girls been tender and hurting. Especially after beating that white girl's ass Alexis .See look. There’s a lump in my right one, Look damn it! I don’t want sex. I WANT TO SAVE MY LIFE!” Ria chokes up and turns away from Kiko not wanting to let him see her at a weak point. He turns to her realizing she is not playing games after all. He spins her around. She is clearly crying.


“Oh my god. You’re scared. Ria I am so sorry.” He holds her. She pushes him off her.


“Oh now you want to show me compassion? You’re treat me like a predator”


“Ria, you are a sexual animal. I’ve never seen anything like it.”


“Enough with the small talk home boy. Are we gonna get these breast exams cracking or what? I may have lost some time to my life fu(cking around with you.”

Kiko, now realizes she may be right, if it is breast cancer, he may in the end cost Ria her life. Kiko immediately feels regret and remorse.


“Wait in the lobby and I will send someone to get your test done.”

Ria fixing her clothes,

“It’s about time jackass. And for you not to care about soap operas you sure knew two of them just got the ax. Faggot!” She wipes a tear and walks into the lobby. As she sits down she closes her eyes and says a quick prayer.

“Lord I am begging you; please don’t let me have breast cancer.” She prays as a tear rolls down her face.

Downtown Pasadena, Pasadena Public Library.Peabody-Library.jpg

thumbnailCAKEMRVI.jpgRufus walks inside and over to the tech area. He checks in with his library card and grabs a computer. She opens the search box and types in: Adam4Adam. While the website loads she thinks to herself

“A new year and it’s time for me to find love. I want to be loved to damn it. It’s time to find Miss Rue a man.”

She logs into her account and checks her inbox. She sees she has a new message from user on the DL. She opens it up and reads.

“I read your profile and liked what I saw. I am on the DL here in Pasadena and before we go any further discretion is a must.”


“Oh come on, this is 2011. No one cares if you lick a little di(k every now and again.”


“I would like for us to meet up to see what happens.”

Rue responds

“I am not really too fond of the DL thing but I am an open minded person. I suppose we can meet. Hit me back up and let me know on like when and where.” Rue hits send.


“I hope I don’t regret this.”

Back at For the Birds.peoplesoftbuilding.jpg

Apple gets up off the bed from lying with Mona after love making.


“What you doing? I thought I wore you out.”


“Oh you did baby. I love how you sex me. But if we want to destroy Slutty Patterson there is something I must do. It will give us the power to do what we need to do.”

Apple walks over to her dresser drawer and pulls out a few candles, red, white and purple. She then pulls out a silk a silk rope. Apple casts a circle. She then lights the candles and then the silk rope on the altar.


“This isn’t looking right. What are you doing?”


“Silence my loved one. I am giving us power.”

Apple begins to chant:

"With this rope I bind thine power,

to be mine for second or hour.

To make me strong when I am week.

To give me wisdom that I seek.

To give me courage as not to flee.

Thine will be done, so mot it be."

Apple grabs the silk scarf and sits next to Mona on the bed.


“What did you just do?”


“We will now have power and courage. The power and Courage to take on your mother. Like you wanted, Slutty Patterson.”


“What you do some type a voodoo?”


“Nothing of the such. Just trust me Mona. Very soon, we will have the power to get revenge on your mother and then break out of here and be happy for the rest of our lives, together.”

Mona gives Apple a look of bewilderment. She has an uneasy feeling about Apple. As Apple rubs the silk rope around her, the lights begin to flicker in the facilityflashing_light.gif

Next on twocopy.jpg:

Ria learns if she has breast cancer, Alexis gets another surprise, Jasmine gets involved in the madness at the nut house…..


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Never mouth off to Ria! Damn! Great opening scene.

Oh [!@#$%^&*] things don't look good for Sister Patterson.

I'm loving all the scenes of the reactions to Lauren being alive.

It's really interesting how Ria is given this story. She's so tough but battling something so HUGE.

Aww I love that you used "Rue"!!!

Wow great ending!!

These stories are becoming easy to follow.

Can't wait for what comes next!

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The catfight was well deserved between Ladonna and Alexis but Ria had no freakin business getting involved.I hope that she does have breast cancer, is on the verge of death, and becomes a better person in the process. One who isn't racist!

Daniel slapped Lauren??? That's so out of character for him!

I thought it was so clever that Sister Patterson's new home is the place where her enemies want to get revenge on her.

Really Mona?! You're just now realizing your lover's off her rocker?

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I don't feel this was out of character for Daniel. She lied to him made him believe she was dead. He has had a lot of people have control over his life. He has turned over a new page.

I too thought it would be clever to throw Sis Pat at the nut house with her enemies. THis was going to be a short one but I am seeing I can get a lot of mileage out of it. This story has changed so we will be seeing a lot more of this story.

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