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All My Children - The Future Episode 15




Jamie Martin and Maggie Stone get together for their first date at The Roadside Diner. Jamie tells Maggie that at the time they met, it was all about sex, not love. Maggie assures Jamie that she'll show him everything that Maggie missed. What the two don't know is that Tim is outside the place watching them. Tim admits that he feels a bit jealous but loves Maggie too.

Aidan and Kat are at a local resturant in Vieques, Puerto Rico, the place where they need to track down David Hayward. They see him talking to three other people as Aidan and Kat use newspapers to hid themselves so that they wont know that they're here. One of the three other men tell David about creating more drugs that can help people, not harm. Hayward assures the three men that none of this is illegal, it's legal but the other guys disagree. They need to make sure it'll be administered but David tells them it doesn't. The name of the drug will be called....proteus. Aidan and Kat get this all on tape recorders.


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