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All My Children - The Future Episode 14




In the living room of The Chanlder Mansion, Scott sits on the couch thinking back to what Caleb and Andew said that if he didn't want the secret to come out then he would sell all his shares to JR. Scott says to himself that he feels so guitly as JR comes in. He asks Scott if he feels alright and Scott assures JR that everything is okay.Once Scott leaves the living room, JR finds a piece of documents on the table that Scott left that contains projects from Palmer Cortlandt, one of them is nanotech. JR is stunned and can't believe Scott did this.

Back at Martin and Hubbard Investigations, Tad, Jesse, Charlie and Adrian begin to investigate the drug that killed Dixie, V-Tach. They all research on their computers. Jesse finds out that the drug was created back in 2005, Charlie gets that V-Tach wad administered by two doctors but the results come up as unconfidential. Adrian helps out Charlie by getting through the system thats blocking it but Tad gets it through for them and finds out that the drug was administered by Dr. Greg Madden and Dr. Tony Jones. Tad and the rest of the guys make plans to meet with Bobbie Spencer, Tony's former wife about the drug.


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Oh so JR is just now finding out about the Nanotech project in your story, ok lol..cool. And is that the same Bobbie Spencer from GH that Tad and them are making plans to meet up with??

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