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All My Children - The Future Episode 13



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Liza confesses everything to her mother Marian about Colby, Damon and Tad. She tried to seduce Damon, shades of when Marian seduced Tad. Then she tells Marian that he stoled Damon's ADHD medication and it casued things between Tad and herself to break up as Liza's mom can't believe it. Marian wants to know why she did all of that to Colby, Damon, and Tad. Liza admits that he couldn't let Damon hurt Colby due to him stealing and lieing from other people. Marian lets Liza know that the mistakes she made has hurt not only Colby,Damon and Tad but including herself too. Liza breaks down and Marian comforts her.

At Oakhaven,Tim Dilion arrives to see Janet but bumps into Maggie and the two hug and talk. Tim wants to know where Janet is, and she says that it's this room as Maggie points to it. Before Tim enters, Maggie tells him to be careful because Janet is still in a stroke. Tim walks into the room as Janet see's him and she smiles a bit. Tim tells her not to say anything because he has something to get off his chest. Dilion begins to rant about how Janet has made his life a living hell ever since she stepped foot in Pine Valley and all the crimes she's committed. Janet ask Dilion what would his father think. Tim tells Janet not to use that tactic because it's disrespectful and that he never wants anything to do with her. Tim leaves as Janet begins to cry. Maggie comes in and gives her tissues.


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I'm glad Marion wasn't mad at Liza! She just comforted her, and I love that. Liza needs someone to turn to and her mother is the best choice. Love Marion, wish she was really back on the show!

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