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All My Children - The Future Episode 12



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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At the Yacht Club, Marissa, Scott and Marian have lunch. Marissa and Scott kiss but then Andrew and Caleb arrive and tell Scott they need to talk in private. Scott gets up as Andrew and Caleb follow him outside. Scott asks them what they're doing here as Caleb informs him that he and Andrew were about to tell Marian and Marissa the truth about nanotech project. Scott panics and pleads to both men not to tell. Andrew lets Scott know that he and Caleb wont tell anyone unless he gives JR full control of Chandler Enterprises. Scott's livid as Andrew and Caleb leave.

In the Fusion Officies, Greenlee is working untill Aiden comes and the two hug. Aiden needs to know from her if it's true that she married David Hayward and Greenlee confirms it. Aiden asks her why, was it for revenge because Ryan was seeing Erica at the time? Greenlee tells Aiden it was just that she loved Ryan so much, it couldn't stand her seeing him with another woman in his life. She loves Ryan so much, not David. Greenlee admits to Aiden that David is blackmailing her so that she wont leave him and if she does, David will turn her in for Erica's plane crash. Aiden can't believe and lets her know that David is doing illegal drugs overseas. He and Kat will go to his location to stop him. Greenlee tells Aiden not to worry because she and Kendall have a plan.

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Love that Caleb and Co. still have the upper hand on Scott, as it should besmile.gif. Also love Aiden and Greenlee! Miss those two as a couple. I'm glad he informed Greenlee about David's illegal doings.

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