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All My Children - The Future Episode 16



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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At Krystal's, Jesse and Tad come inside as Krystal comes over and gives the two hugs.

"Hey you two, glad you guys can come!Stopping by for lunch?" - Kyrstal

"You betcha baby, me and Jesse are hungry enough to eat a horse" - Tad.

"I guess you've been eating light food like grapes, apples, and bananas?" - Jesse.

"Oh shut up Jesse" - Tad.

The three laugh.

"Well let me get you settled. Follow me guys, here's your table and a waiter will be by shortly. Enjoy" - Krystal.

"Thanks" - Tad.

Krystal leaves, then the waiter comes by asking what they would like to drink. The waiter comes back with their drink as Tad and Jesse begin to talk.

"So, our team's making good progress on the investigation aren't we?" - Jesse.

"Sure are, we have the suspects and clues. Wanna go over them?" - Tad.

"Yeah. So first off we can scratch off Alexander Cambias, he wrote a book that says he didn't do it" - Jesse.

"Right. Adrian and Charlie went to the Chandler Mansion and questioned, the maid, Winifred, she says that she may had seen someone that wasn't apart of staff the day Dixie died" - Tad.

"Shouldn't there been extra security on that day?" - Jesse.

"No one didn't know who entered but you know what,I wish my day was a little boring.I think its time for a vacation" - Tad.

"Well Tad, I happen to know a nice quiet getaway in Zurich if you're interested."

Dixie Cooney Martin chuckled as she tried to casually stroll into the bar, pretending her appearing there very much alive, was nothing out of the ordinary.

"It's a single hospital room in a secluded clinic, perfect vacation spot, all the rage for people seeking boredom. Also being in a two year coma thanks to food poisoning, that'll get ya real well rested" - Dixie

Dixie said shyly as she approached the bar, only to grip it tightly for support when she began feeling lightheaded, as the shocked, piercing stares from everyone in the room began taking their toll on her.

That voice.

It froze Tad to the spot. He tried to will himself not to turn and look toward it. As he turned, catching sight of the precious blue eyes that he'd seen a million times, his drink slipped from his hand, the glass crashing to the floor.

"Dixie...?" - Tad.

"T...Tad?Y..Yes?"" - Dixie.

Thankfully that was all Tad needed to hear at the moment, because Dixie knew she was too exhausted to have to explain herself right then and there, and was relieved to be able to let her guard down and collapse into the secure arms of the love of her life.


At Pine Valley Hospital, Dixie is in her hospital room sleeping hearing the door open, Dixie stirred and her eyes fluttered open, before focusing on a man standing at the door. Who she prayed she wasn't dreaming up.

"T...Taad? I..is it you?" - Dixie.

"Yes it is Dixie, this ain't no dream sweat heart. It's me for real" - Tad.

He walked over and gave her a kiss on the forehead and the lips too. Then Tad takes a seat next to her.

"It's so good to see you again my love. The red hair on you is colorful and beautiful. You've changed since the last time...I saw you" - Tad.

"I..it's..g..good to see you too. Real...real good.You..you've changed too." - Dixie.

Reaching up she gently ran her hand through his thick sexy head of hair.

"Must have..been stressed, huh? You got all gray hairs now..." - Dixie

"You can say that again Dixie. But you do know everyone is gonna ask us questions and all. Like Ricky Ricardo used to say, we got a lot of explaining to do but all the guys and gals will understand" - Tad.

"Mmm, I know people are gonna be confused and curious but...they'll get over it. Stranger things have happened in Pine Valley. - Dixie

Tad gets in bed with Dixie and the two cuddle and snuggle, not leaving each other but holding each other tightly.

"I..I love you so much. Just..promise me we, won't lose eachother again. Ever again" - Dixie.

"Never again Dixie, we won't leave each other at all. We love each other too much and im ready to start over fresh and brand new. There are going to be ups and downs but in the end, we'll stand united and strong as ever.Nothing can stop us" - Tad.

"Right...nothing." - Dixie.

Smiling confidently, Dixie sat up a bit just to give him a real kiss on the lips, before exhaustion sank in. Curling back up using his chest as a pillow, she reached for his hand and linked his fingers with her's.

"Mmmm, together forever."

The two kissed and drifited off to sleep, the best in years


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Great to see the Fan-Fic back!! I thought you had given up. LOL.

Dixie's back....not much of a fan of her, but I like how you wrote it in and I'm interested in reading what the heck happened and how she edned up getting de-pancaked LOL. Loved her reunion with Tad!

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  • Members

Thanks and I never gave up, it was just college.

And as for Tad and Dixie, I got some big plans for them including others.

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