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S3 Episode 62



The storm intensifies in Springfield...




Annie is in Marah's office.

She is on her cell phone, "I cannot believe you let her get away! No I don't care! You get her! I don't care how you do it but you get her before she gets away."

Annie hangs up.

She takes a deep breath, "You just made this worse for yourself Ava."

A large crash of lightening and thunder outside the hotel.


Ava is running towards the front.

She gets close to the doors.

Ava pounds on the doors of her hotel screaming.

They are locked and security is no where to be seen.

She goes over to the wall and tries to climb her way to the second floor.

Her feet are bleeding now and her hands are sore.

Ava is shouting at the building but her cries are covered by the thunder and wind.

She gets to the window to one of the halls and tries to push it open.

To Ava's shock the masked man whom she just escaped from is waiting at the top of the window.

He grabs Ava by the arm.

Ava screams as she pulls away and goes falling to the ground.

She hits the ground hard.

Her arm is in intense pain.

She looks up to see the man is gone.

She begins crawling away from the hotel.

Ava gets to her feet and attempts to run.

She goes limping through the storm.

A fearful Ava knows how far it is until she finds another building.




Stephanie lays in her hospital bed.

Susan walks towards her, "So you are basically trying to blackmail me into helping you?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "No! Guillespie is threatening and blackmailing me. He is going to go after you too. We have to stop him and get rid of him before it's too late."

Susan whispers, "Are you trying to hint that you want me to help you kill Guillespie?"

Stephanie scoffs, "No! I'm not a murderer Susan. I just need to get him out of my life."

Susan shakes her head, "I don't know."

Stephanie cries, "Susan! He threw me down the stairs! He has been hitting me and hurting me."

Susan stares, "You're a cop!"

Stephanie nods, "And he'll use that! He's going to make me lose my job! Please you have to help me!"

Susan shushes her, "Will you please calm down?"

Stephanie cries, "I have no one else to go to. I can't go to my family and I know Rocky can't do anything. But you know Guillespie. You were in love with him, you spent years of your life with him."

Susan nods, "Yep."

Stephanie looks at her, "Please."

Susan looks at her, "We have hated each other since we met. We fought over Sam and that led to him almost dying. Now we are getting caught up in this. Do you really think this is a good idea?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "What other choice do I have?"

The two look at each other.


Bauer Home:


Rick and Mel are in the kitchen.

Rick is pacing back and forth.

Mel sits at the counter with her head buried in her hands.

He shakes his head, "What do we do?"

Mel sighs, "I honestly am not sure. I thought we could call the camp and get a hold of Leah but... she'll be leaving soon and even then I'm not sure what to say."

Rick nods, "How about she is grounded? And how about she never sees that Zach again?"

Mel sighs, "Do that and we will basically be pushing them even closer together. They're teenagers."

Rick looks at her, "So we don't punish her?"

Mel looks at him, "Well excuse me Rick, but I think she has already been punished hasn't she?"

He turns away.

She sighs, "She has no cell phone or Internet at camp. She probably has no idea what's going on right now. When she gets home she will find out that all of her peers have seen that picture."

He shakes his head, "Why would she do this?"

Mel sighs, "Come on Rick, when you were a teenager I'm sure kids would have done that if they could have."

Rick sighs, "I thought Leah was different."

Mel nods, "Sometimes we all need to remember that our kids are not exceptions. And sometimes they have to learn things the hard way."

Rick looks at Mel, "I'm going to find out how that picture got sent out. Someone is going to be in trouble for what they did to our daughter."

Rick walks out of the room.

A frustrated Mel wipes tears from her eyes.




Ashlee is unwinding after work.

She walks in and sits at the bar.


Roxie is behind it, "Hey."

Ashlee scoffs, "Sorry I forgot you worked here."

Roxie nods, "Don't be sorry. I'm running this place now. It's quite humbling. Reminds me of my younger days."

Ashlee look at her, "Somehow I have a hard time picturing you serving and working behind a bar."

Roxie laughs, "I'm a Shayne. We were not always known for being classy and sophisticated."

Ashlee grins.

Roxie smiles, "See I got a smile out of you. That must mean that I'm not all bad."

Ashlee looks at her, "Making me smile is not going to make up for all of our past problems."

Roxie sighs, "I know. And I can apologize over and over but you won't forgive me until you're ready. I've come to terms with that. Doesn't mean I won't quit trying."

Ashlee nods, "I know."

Roxie sighs, "Well maybe you can give your Mom a chance and let me take you out to lunch this weekend."

Ashlee looks at her, "Sorry but I already have plans with Dalton this weekend."

Roxie looks at her, "Dalton? Amanda Spaulding's son right?"

Ashlee nods, "Yep."

Roxie shakes her head, "I'm not so sure that's a good idea."

Ashlee stares, "Okay."

Roxie looks at her, "No Ashlee... I really think you should cancel your plans with that guy."

Ashlee stares at Roxie.


Spaulding Mansion:


Dalton is sitting in the living room.

Amanda is sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

A maid walks in and does some quick dusting.

Amanda reaches her leg across the couch and slowly rubs Dalton's leg up and down.

Dalton pulls away.

The maid walks out.

Dalton looks at her, "What the hell are you doing?"

She sighs, "Come on. You know it's a little fun when you are risking getting caught."

He shakes his head, "One minute you are telling me that I need to be more careful. Now you are the one putting everything at risk with our situation. What's up?"

She shakes her head, "Nothing. But I think you should sleep in my room tonight."

He scoffs, "Last time you worried about people catching us in bed together. Remember?"

She nods, "Well we can just tell them that you were afraid of the storm outside and wanted to hop into bed with me. Come on, it's fun to be a little dangerous."

He stares, "What has gotten into you?"

She sighs, "You are so grumpy today. Are things not going well between you and Ashton?"

Dalton nods, "It's Ashlee. And now I understand what you're so upset about."

Amanda laughs, "I'd love to hear this."

He nods, "You're jealous of Ashlee."

Amanda laughs at Dalton.




Liz sits in her car.

Baby Clay continues crying in the back seat.

The beach is empty now because of the storm.

Over in the parking lot.


Phillip parks his car.

He got her voicemail and found out where she was.

He comes running down the hill, "Lizzie!"

She looks in the rearview mirror.

She sees her father running towards the car.

Liz locks the doors.

Phillip runs up to the car.

He bangs on the door, "Lizzie what are you doing?"

She cries, "We can't handle this anymore! I need to get Remy back! There is only one thing that I can do."

Phillip shouts, "No!!!"

He tries to pull the door open.

Liz hits the gas.

Her car goes speeding towards the lake.

She hears the water splashing under the car.

She begins to slow down.

Baby Clay is still crying.

Suddenly she hears a light tap on the window.


Liz turns to see Felicia standing outside of the car.

She sighs, "Lizzie please let me in."

Liz unlocks the door for Remy's mother.

Liz looks around and Phillip is no longer in sight.

Felicia gets in the back seat with Baby Clay.

She shuts the door.

Liz looks at her, "What are you doing?"

Felicia looks at her, "I sent your father away. I'm not letting him ruin this for us. We all need Remy don't we?"

Liz stares in shock.

Felicia looks at her, "What are you waiting for? Floor it!"

Liz looks towards the deep water ahead.


Cheer Camp:

All of Springfield high's cheerleaders are boarding the bus.

They just finished their camp and are getting ready to head home.

Ms. Chiles stands in front of the bus, "Okay everyone if you will quiet down, your cell phones will be handed back and you can throw yourselves back into your technology. Thank you for putting all of your energy into camp, I promise it will pay off."

All the girls cheer in excitement.

She starts handing them back.

One of the girls hollers, "Let's see who has the most messages!"

All the girls are talking.


Leah sits with her friend Kristen.

Kristen looks at her, "After camp, you are totally the number one choice for Cheer Captain senior year."

Leah grins, "One more year."

The girls get their cell phones.

They both turn them on instantly.

Leah grins, "I have so much to catch up on!"

Kristen nods, "I wonder what the juicy gossip is now. I bet we'll all spend the entire bus ride talking about it."

Leah looks at her phone, "Wow. I cleared my messages before we left and it's already full."

Kristen looks through the messages on her phone, her jaw drops, "Oh my God... Leah..."

All of the girls on the bus are laughing and staring.

Leah looks at one of the picture messages on her phone.

Her eyes widen.

The naked photo she sent to Zach has been sent around.

She looks around.

All of the girls are staring, laughing and whispering.

Leah's stomach drops as the bus takes off.

Leah is fighting tears as she anticipates the long bus ride home.


Ashlee is still at the bar with Roxie.

Ashlee scoffs, "Wow. I really thought you were trying to change and now here you are trying to control me."

Roxie sighs, "I'm not! I'm just warning you about Dalton. I don't know what is going on but you need to stay away from him. Please trust me on this one Ashlee."

Ashlee shakes her head, "No. I already have an over protective mother. I don't need another."

Roxie sighs, "I know. But this isn't just some guy. He is connected to the Spauldings."

Ashlee nods, "So?"

Roxie looks at her, "Do you want to end up like Remy Boudreau? That family is dangerous. You don't want to get tied in."

Ashlee sighs, "You think I don't know that? Doris was married to Alan Spaulding! I shot Alan Spaulding. I know how mean and cruel that family can be. Probably better than you do."

Roxie sighs, "Then why get involved?"

Ashlee sighs, "I like Dalton."

Roxie shakes her head, "But look at you. You are becoming a doctor. You found your biological parents. You may not care for me but I know you adore Johnny and the Bauers."

Ashlee nods, "I do."

Roxie sighs, "You have so much going for you Ashlee. And believe it or not I'm happy for you. I don't want to see you lose it."

Ashlee looks at her, "I won't. Now can I order my drink? Or do I have to go somewhere else?"

Roxie worries about Ashlee.

Spaulding Mansion:

Amanda gets off the couch.

She is still laughing, "The idea that I could be jealous of a little twit like what's-her-name."

He nods, "You know her name is Ashlee. And if you weren't so jealous then why don't you like her?"

Amanda turns to him, "She's annoying! You know she is. She's like a fly, and I am shopping for a fly swatter."

Dalton scoffs, "You are something else. Ever since I came back you act like I'm the most disgusting fool you ever met. Now you see me having fun with Ashlee and you have to jump in and ruin it."

Amanda shakes her head, "Don't pull that with me. Ashlee is not your type. She's young, innocent, and naive. There is no way you could be attracted to her and me at the same time."

He looks at her, "Who says I'm still attracted to you?"

She walks towards him, "Don't try to deny it Dalton."

He looks away.

She rubs up against him, "You know I'm the best you ever had. And there is no way in hell that some little aspiring doctor is going to be able to compete with me."

Dalton shoves her away.

Amanda walks after him.

He turns, "Get off my case!"

She scoffs, "You're in my family's home."

He nods, "Oh yeah? Well how about I tell your family that I'm not really your son?"

Amanda stares at him.

He nods, "I thought so. Now you leave me alone or I will blow you out of the water. You got it?"

Dalton walks out of the room.

Amanda is left furious.


Liz stares out at the lake.

Felicia is in the back seat with Baby Clay.

Felicia buckles in.

Liz looks at her, "What are you doing?"

Felicia sighs, "I knew something was going to happen today. I could feel it. Then I saw your Dad racing here. I put it all together. You're feeling what I'm feeling. You miss Remy."

Liz cries, "It's more than that! I need him."

Felicia nods, "I know. So do I. I'm coming with you."

Liz looks at her, "You're a therapist. I know reverse psychology! Don't mess with my head."

Felicia shakes her head, "You don't want to do it do you Liz? You want me to stop you. But I'm not going to. Just hit the gas Liz. Drive all three of us in the lake. Let the car sink."

Liz slowly puts her foot on the gas.

The car keeps going deeper.

Felicia sits perfectly still.

Liz cries, "Stop!"

Felicia sighs, "I'm not doing anything."

Baby Clay is crying now.

Liz throws her face onto the wheel.

Felicia looks at her, "You think Remy wants this?"

Liz shakes her head.

Felicia looks at her, "What other choice do you have? You get out now they'll throw you in Ravenwood. Mother's like you drown their children too. Just like this."

Liz is sobbing.

Felicia sighs, "I'll give you one more option. You stop, get out, and come stay at my house. You and Clay can stay in Remy's old room. What do you say Liz?"

Liz is crying and slowly nods her head in agreement.

Liz slowly backs the car up but has difficulty do to the water.

She stops the car and gets out.

She begins sobbing uncontrollably.

Felicia gets out and hands her Clay.

Liz cries in Felicia's arms.

Phillip comes racing over to them.


Susan sits with Stephanie.

Stephanie holds a small mirror up.

She is looking at her face.

Susan sighs, "You think you can do this?"

Stephanie nods, "I have to. I can't handle anymore bruises. He isn't going to stop."

Susan sighs, "He's not going to be a jerk the whole time. He will cry and beg you to forgive him. He will throw himself at your feet and do everything he can to get you back."

Stephanie nods, "I know."

Susan takes a deep breath, "It's hard to hate him. Almost as hard as it is to love him. I don't know why. He killed my cousin. He made my life hell. But for the longest time I thought he was the love of my life. I dropped out of college to go on a crime spree with him. I almost through my life away for him. Then he took the rap for our crimes. I don't know. I don't think about it much now."

Stephanie nods, "He made me feel like the most beautiful angel he had ever met. When I was with Remy he was still getting over Blake. Coop... he loved me but got over me almost instantly. Sam was.... I'm not even going to get into that right now."

Susan nods, "Good idea."

Stephanie cries, "I thought maybe I had found the person.... it doesn't matter. I'm done with Guillespie."

Susan nods, "I think Springfield is done with Guillespie."

Stephanie looks at her, "Does that mean you'll really help me?"

Susan nods, "He needs to pay for all of it."

Stephanie nods, "Yes."

Susan reaches her hand out, "We do this. Then we are done. We cut ourselves out of each other's lives. Agreed?"

Stephanie shakes her hand, "Agreed."

The two stare at each other.


Ava is running through the storm.

She is in a lot of pain now.

She keeps running and screaming.

Ava grows tired and realizes her only safe bet is to run back towards the hotel.

She won't make it anywhere else in her condition.

She turns and tries to hurry back.

Ava feels her heart beating intensely.

Her lungs are in pain now.

She is very tired.

Ava begins to fall.

Suddenly she sees her own face looking back at her.

She picks up a flier reporting her missing.

Ava stares and realize Shayne is behind this.

Shayne still loves her.

Ava suddenly finds the energy to run.

She is running back towards the Beacon.

The storm is getting worse.

Ava keeps running but trips.

She falls on her face.

Her weak arms can't help her up.

Suddenly she hears footsteps.

She looks up to see the man standing above her.

He is now holding a large knife.

She kicks at him.

He struggles with her.

He keeps throwing the knife towards her.

She is kicking and screaming.

All Ava can think about is her son and Shayne.

Ava is literally fighting for her life.

The man grabs her.

Ava fights to keep the knife from stabbing her.

She is screaming through the thunder.

The thunder begins to quiet down.

Ava's screams are now gone.

The man picks up Ava's body.

He walks away with it.

The rain begins to wash her blood off the grass.


Marah worries about Ava

Susan and Stephanie confront Guillespie

Clarissa's parents upset her

Jesse helps Drew

The Bauers look for answers

One person in Springfield will finally meet their end!!!!


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  • Members

I loved the episode including the scenes between The Spauldings and the Bauers.

Also, sometime check out my fan-fic, All My Children - The Future and give me some posted comments and feedback.

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  • Members

Well thanks :)

And I looked at your blog earlier. It looks really good so I am going to start catching up on episodes soon. :)

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  • Members

OMG this episode was the best episode I've ever read. It was so action packed from beginning to end! Way to go.

I loved the scene with Annie that it made me youtube some good 'ole Annie Dutton vids. Back when the show was golden and not all about slow paced family crap.

I like Ash's relationship with Roxie because of Cady McClain. If it was anyone else I probably wouldn't have been interested. Roxie has good intentions that are overshadowed by her past.

Good for Lizzie for coming to her senses.

Stupid Leah had it coming.

And Poor Ava. That was like watching a horror movie. Good job!

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  • Members

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

I had so much fun writing for Annie. Such a complex character.

Yeah I think CM as Roxie makes the story so much more.

I had so much fun writing Ava's scene. The kind of scene I don't get to write much.

The next episode gets pretty intense too.

Thanks for reading :)

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