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S3 Episode 61



A stormy night in Springfield...


Bauer Home:


Rick and Mel are cooking in the kitchen together.

Mel smiles, "It's great when we can have dinner together. I just wish everyone was here."

Rick nods, "Dad and Michelle have to work. But the kids will be here. Except for Leah is of course."

Mel sighs, "Away at cheer camp. Our kids are growing up way to fast Rick. Don't let Freddie grow up as fast as Jude and Leah did."

The two start setting the table.


Suddenly Robbie comes through the doors with Jude.

Jude is bruised and bleeding.

Robbie is helping him walk in.

Mel stares, "Oh my God."

Rick rushes over, "What happened? Did you get into a fight."

Robbie sighs, "He got into a big fight at CO2."

Mel grabs the first aid kit, "What happened?"

Jude scoffs, "That punk Todd McGregor. He sent a picture to my phone. He's a bastard."

Rick looks at him, "Watch your mouth. Now what could he have possibly sent to your phone that caused a fight."

Jude shakes his head, "You don't wanna know."

Mel walks over, "What is going on?"

Robbie looks at Jude.

Jude grabs his phone and opens the message.

He drops it on the table.

Rick and Mel look down.

The two stare in horror.

Their little Leah is posing nude in the picture.




Stephanie lays in her bed.

She is covered in bruises.

Her father Charles stands in her room.

He sighs, "How are you feeling?"

Stephanie sighs, "Better now that Mom is gone. I love her but she hovers over me too much."

Charles nods, "Well can you blame her? She hasn't talked to you in over a week. She hasn't seen you in person in almost a month. We live in the same town and you become a stranger until we find out that you fell down the stairs at Company."

Stephanie sighs, "I've been busy with work."

He nods, "Well you're brother David says you took time off work. It's bad enough you were suspended after your accident with Sam Spencer. But now this. What is going on Stephanie?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "What are you talking about? You don't know anything about being a cop."

He nods, "But I know you. Stephanie, what are you not telling us about your life now."

She looks at him, "You are being paranoid."

He sighs, "Your injuries were tough but you're going to be fine. However it is obvious many of them occurred before your fall."

She scoffs, "What are you hinting at?"

He looks at her, "If there is some little bastard that is hurting you I need to know about it."

She scoffs, "How dare you? You don't know me at all if you think that's who I am."

Charles sighs, "I'll be back later."

Charles walks out.

Stephanie starts crying.

She hates lying to her father.

A nurse walks in, "Ms. Grant, the guest you requested has arrived."

Stephanie sits up in her bed.




Drew sits in her room.

Her nurse looks at her, "Are you sure that you don't want me to stay around longer?"

Drew sighs, "I told you to leave a long time ago."

The nurse sighs, "I know. Ms. Jacobs you can hire a full time nurse at least while you're adjusting to you're new life style."

Drew nods, "I'm blind there is nothing else to adjust to."

The nurse nods, "You have my number, I'll be back first thing in the morning Ms. Jacobs."

She walks out.

Drew sits in her room.

She starts to get up.

She hits her leg on the desk.

Drew jumps back down.

She gets frightened every time she bumps into something.

Drew kicks the chair across the room.

She starts crying.

There is another knock on the door.

She scoffs, "Go to hell!"


Jesse hollers, "Can I do that after you let me in?"

Drew stands up.

She starts walking very slowly without completely taking her feet off of the ground.

She finally makes her way to the door and opens it.

She sighs, "What do you want?"

Jesse sighs, "To help."

Drew shuts the door in his face.




Marah walks into her dark office.

She jumps at the thunder and lightening.


She sees Annie sitting at the desk.

Marah turns the light on, "What are you doing here?"

Annie sighs, "Just coming to check on you. Have you been doing what I asked of you?"

Marah sighs, "I haven't been monitoring the camera. I have not checked on Ava once. But I can't just-"

Annie shushes her, "Yes you can. I'm going to take care of this Marah. But from now on you never speak of what happened ever again. It will be like this whole thing never happened."

Marah sighs, "I'm so confused."

Annie looks at her, "Of course you are. As far as we know anything could have happened to Ava. We haven't seen her since long before she disappeared. Remember?"

Marah nods."

Annie sighs, "Now what do you have going on tonight?"

Marah sighs, "A few meetings."

Annie grins, "Perfect. You go take care of that. And we will have brunch tomorrow okay?"

Marah hugs Annie.

Marah grabs some files off her desk and walks out.

Annie grabs her phone and calls a number, "It's time.... go get Ava and do the job."

Annie hangs up the phone.


Police Station:


Alan is sitting in his cell reading.

Natalia is outside of the cell in a chair.

She smiles, "You know AJ loves when I tell stories about you. He always is asking about you."

Alan sighs, "I wish I had got to spend more time with him."

Natalia nods, "Well me too. But I feel like he still knows you. Storytelling is a powerful device."

Alan sighs, "You finally come back to town and I'm in the hospital. Now you're staying and I'm in jail, awaiting my sentence to prison. Doesn't sound like we'll have much free time."

She nods, "But I'm here with you."

He looks at her, "Yes you are. Why? You have two sons. You have a talk show. You still come by to see me."

She grins, "You're worth it. You're still my husband Alan."

Alan shakes his head, "I don't deserve it. I have been a terrible husband to you."

She sighs, "You don't give up when things get difficult."

Alan looks at the dark ceiling, "Have you ever seen the film Citizen Kane?"

She nods, "Everyone has."

Alan sighs, "I remember seeing it when it first came out. I was young. I kept thinking how horrible it would be to have a life like that. Now it feels like that's life I have lived. I pushed all of my loved ones away, I forced my power on this town, I turned into a monster. And now I am destined to lose everything."

Natalia leans over and reaches her hand through the bars.

She holds Alan's hand.




Liz is on her way to her meeting with a therapist.

Baby Clay is in the back seat.

Liz hasn't drove a car in a long time.

Suddenly she hears a voice next to her.

She sees the image of Remy next to her.

He sighs, "Got over me this fast huh?"

She shakes her head, "You're not there. You're dead. You died two months ago. You're not there."

She looks and he is still there.

He sighs, "Offensive much? You act like I'm haunting you or something. I thought you loved me."

She shouts, "You're not Remy."

He looks at her, "Liz... I love you."

She has tears in her eyes, "I love you too."

He sighs, "I miss you."

She cries, "I know I miss you too. Nothing is the same without you. Nothing is good without you. It's like..."

He nods, "There is no life without me?"

She cries, "Yes."

Remy nods, "Because we belong together. Everyone wanted to keep us from being together."

She nods, "And they got their wish."

He shakes his head, "We can have the last laugh. We can have our happy ending Liz."

Liz looks at him.

Remy nods.

Liz looks at Baby Clay in the back seat.

Liz swerves off the road.

Car horns honk behind her.



Jesse keeps knocking on Drew's door.

She shouts, "Go away!"

He sighs, "Why can't you let me in?"

She sighs, "I don't want pity!"

He talks through the door, "It's not. Please let me in Drew. Please?"

Drew opens the door.

She lets him in.

He walks past her, "So who is staying here with you while you adjust to this whole thing?"

She scoffs, "Nobody. And stop using the word 'adjust'."

He turns to her, "What? What about a nurse? What about Max? I thought he was back in town?"

She sighs, "He couldn't stay for long. He wanted me to come back with him so I told him I was going to get a full time nurse here so he would leave me alone without feeling guilty."

Jesse nods, "Why don't you have a full time nurse?"

She sighs, "I don't need one."

He sits down in a chair, "Why is that?"

She nods, "I'm fine on my own."

He looks at her, "You've been standing in that same spot since I came in the door Drew."

She scoffs, "Whatever."

He nods, "Come sit by me. I'm at the table."

She nods, "I know."

Drew starts walking towards him.

She bumps into a chair.

She hits her toe really hard on the desk.

Finally Drew stops when she gets lost and starts feeling around.

She starts banging her hands on the desk.

Jesse jumps up, "I'm here. I'm here."

She sobs, "It's not fair!"

He sighs, "I know."

Jesse holds Drew while she cries.

Bauer Home:

Rick and Mel turn away from the image on the phone.

Rick looks at the boys, "Where the hell did your friend get this?"

Jude scoffs, "I don't know! And he's not my friend! That's why he sent it to me!"

Rick nods, "Well after I get done with him he is not going to be able to send messages ever again!"

Mel sighs, "Rick just sit down."

He scoffs, "How are you not freaking out? Someone takes a picture of our daughter naked and you-"

Mel shakes her head, "Don't be a fool Rick. She is holding her cell phone and pointing it towards the mirror. Leah took that picture herself."

Rick shakes his head, "Why?"

Robbie sighs, "Maybe it was sexting."

Rick looks at him, "What the hell is that?"

Robbie sighs, "People send naked pictures to each other instead of actually having sex. It's like phone sex to the next level."

Jude shoves him, "Dude shut up! Leah wouldn't do that!"

Rick stares, "Who is this Todd guy? Does Leah know him? Why would she send him this?"

Robbie shakes his head, "Todd isn't the only one who has it. Everyone is talking about it. The picture is being sent around."

Mel covers her mouth, "Oh my God."

Rick stares, "So you're saying that right now half of Springfield is looking at naked pictures of my daughter?"

Mel has tears in her eyes.

Rick looks at her, "What is happening to our family?"

The two stare at each other.

Police Station:

Natalia takes Alan's hand.

Alan looks at her, "I don't deserve you."

She shakes her head, "Doesn't matter. You don't get to choose who you fall in love with."

Alan smiles, "Lucky for me."

She grins, "I love you Alan. And I told you before I don't care what anyone else thinks about us."

He looks at her, "What is the media saying now?

She sighs, "Nothing new. That I'm a gold digger. That you're a manipulator. That we both just love the attention."

He looks at her, "What do you think it is?"

She sighs, "When I look at you I see a man who loves people with all of his heart. He has a hard time expressing it. But when he loves you he makes you feel important. I know people always say it's a death sentence to be hated by Alan Spaulding. But it's amazing to be loved by him."

Alan has tears in his eyes, "I want you to tell our son that. When I'm gone and all he has left are the horror stories he hears about me. He will hear what a horrible monster I was. But I want you to make sure he knows I had a good side too."

Natalia wipes her tears, "Believe me Alan, he knows."

Alan and Natalia hold hands through the bars.



Stephanie sits up in her bed.

Susan Lemay walks in.

Stephanie sighs, "I'm sorry I didn't know who else to go to."

Susan looks at her.

Stephanie looks very weak, frightened, and injured.

Susan sighs, "Did he do this to you?"

Stephanie nods and starts crying.

Susan stays in the doorway, "Well I'm.... I'm confused as to why you needed me to come down."

Stephanie sighs, "I need your help with all of this. I need you're help getting him away from me."

Susan shakes her head, "No. That is what the police are for. I can't get caught up in this."

Stephanie sighs, "I can't. He is blackmailing me! He has so many things he can frame me with."

Susan nods, "I'm sure he does. That's how he operates. He wants you to be completely dependent on him."

Stephanie cries, "That's why he threw me down the stairs. He saw me talking to you."

Susan starts to walk towards her, "Why can't you tell your family?

Stephanie shakes her head, "I can't! They can't know! I need someone who knows Guillespie."

Susan looks down.

Stephanie sighs, "He's going to come after you too. You know he is. I know you hate me but we need to work together."

Susan looks at her face, "What do you want to do?"

Stephanie cries, "I want to get rid of Guillespie!"


The man Annie hired is unlocking Ava's room.

He opens the door.


Ava is unconscious on the floor.

He walks towards her.

She isn't moving.

He figures it'll be that much easier to move her.

He unlocks her chains.

The storm causes the power to go out.

He feels her jump up and kick him.

She runs off.

Ava is very weak but she is running.

She keeps hitting walls in the dark.

She has no idea where she is.

Ava stops when she sees a window up high on the wall.

She runs over and climbs up to it.

Ava pulls herself through the window.

She takes off on foot.

Inside the generator kicks on.

The man is on the phone with Annie, "She got away.... I know! I know! I'll find her!"

Outside Ava runs she stops and looks around.

Ava turns and stares in shock as she realizes she has been in her hotel this whole time.



Liz's car comes roaring down the hill towards the beach.

She stops on the sand.

Liz stares out to the lake.

Baby Clay is crying.

She looks at the image of Remy, "What do I do?"

He nods, "I love you Liz. If you are really willing to do this then do it. There is no going back after this."

She looks out at the lake.

She turns back and Remy is gone.

Liz pulls her cell phone out and calls her father.

She gets his voicemail, "Daddy... I wanted to say that I love you. But I can't make it to my meeting and tell Nana I won't be coming home tonight. Clay and I are not able to get through our days now that Remy is gone. Just don't be mad when you find out. Be happy. It's time for Clay and I to be reunited... with Remy."

Liz hangs up her phone.

She gently pushes her foot on the gas.

Her car starts going towards the lake.

She looks in her rearview mirror.

Baby Clay is starting to fall asleep again in his seat.


Liz drives her car into the lake

Ava's escape has a tragic end!

Leah gets humiliated

Dalton questions Amanda

Roxie warns Ashlee

Susan and Stephanie make a deal


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