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S3 Episode 3



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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People try to run from the past in Springfield...


Spaulding Mansion:


Phillip and Harley are walking up the the front door.

Harley sighs, "This place always gives me the creeps."

Phillip nods, "Well if we want to be free of it we need to go in and talk to Beth."

Harley shakes her head, "I bet you 20 bucks there will be more screaming then talking."

Phillip nods, "Beth has changed a lot this past year."

Harley shakes her head, "No. This is the Beth that we saw while you were gone all those years. The crazy woman who married and Alan and made life hell for everyone in town."

He sighs, "It's almost like she's... never mind."

They are let inside.


Phillip sees her sitting in the living room.

He sighs, "Hello Beth."

She stands up, "Of course. You would bring her along for all of this. How are you Harley?"

Harley smirks, "Fine Beth. How about yourself?"

She smiles, "Never better."

Phillip looks around, "Where is everyone?"

She sighs, "Lizzie is at the office with Alan. James went back to school. Penelope is on a play date."

Phillip sighs, "This house is pretty empty now."

She scoffs, "Let's just get down to business Phillip."

The three sit down.




Cyrus Foley walks in.

It's been a long time since he was last in Springfield.

A man walks up to him, "Mr. Foley?"

Cyrus nods, "TJ? Nice to meet you."

TJ grins, "Sorry about meeting here. It's just safe. Cops don't usually hang around. Plus one of my girlfriends works here."

Cyrus laughs, "One of them. Are you Hugh Hefner?"

TJ laughs, "Naw. I just got a lot of ladies who enjoy my company. They all understand. This one's wild."

Cyrus smiles, "That's all nice mate. But let's get to business. You have access to the diamonds I have my eye on. I can get you some very good "products" from Australia."

TJ nods, "I heard it's some good stuff. Let's step back here so we can chat and talk business."

TJ and Cyrus go into the backroom.

A lot of people are back there.

TJ smiles, "These are my associates.

Cyrus looks at all the needles lying around.

TJ sighs, "Hey Babe! Come on I want you to meet someone."

Cyrus looks around, "Your girlfriend coming?"

TJ nods, "Oh yeah. And if you play your cards right. I might let you have some fun with her."

TJ laughs.

His girlfriend comes in wearing her bikini top and g-string.

TJ pulls her on his lap, "Babe I want you to meet someone.

She turns and looks at Cyrus.

Cyrus's mouth drops, "Oh my God."

Marina Cooper stares at her ex boyfriend.



Mallet's House:


Dinah walks up to the house.

A house that was her mothers that was given to her and Mallet as a wedding present.

Dinah knocks on the door.


Mallet opens it, "Hello Dinah."

Dinah sighs, "Can I come in?"

Mallet nods, "Yeah. Anthony is upstairs he'll be down soon."

Dinah walks in, "Well I'm surprised. I expected by now you'd have posters of swimsuit models and beer can pyramids everywhere."

He sighs, "Does it make you feel better about yourself to believe that I'm some unfit parent?"

Dinah just turns away.


Soon Anthony walks down the stairs holding Maureen's hand.

Maureen looks at her, "Hello Sis."

Dinah nods, "Maureen."

Anthony is very attached to her.

Dinah looks at him, "Hey Buddy. You ready to go the Mommy's house?"

Anthony is very quiet.

After looking at Maureen he eventually walks with Dinah.

Maureen sighs, "Sorry he wasn't ready yet. I was gonna drop him off on my way to work."

Dinah nods, "Yeah well I want him now. Belinda will come by after school. So see ya."

Dinah walks out with Anthony.


Springfield High:


Clarissa Marler is walking down the hallway.

The Principal stops her, "Ms. Marler where are you off to?"

Clarissa sighs, "I'm sorry I can't talk now. I really have to get to the bathroom."

He shakes his head, "No you need to explain why you are in the hallway during class."

She sighs, "Okay but you better call the janitor because we're about to have a big mess."

He scoffs, "I'm not going to respond to your threats of urinating on the floor Ms. Marler."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm having lady issues. So I need to..."

The Principal gets uncomfortable, "I uh... Just get out of here Ms. Marler before... just go."

Clarissa goes into the girls restroom.


Belinda Marler-Mallet is sitting on the counter by the sink, "Finally what took you so long?"

Clarissa sighs, "Sorry the principal caught me. Here's my lighter."

Belinda takes it and lights up a cigarette, "You want one?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "No thanks."

Belinda scoffs, "I'm so pissed. My Mom is making me go to her house after school."

Clarissa sighs, "Dinah loves you Belinda. She is just going through a lot right now."

Belinda shakes her head, "You have to say that, she's your sister."

Clarissa sighs, "After everything my mother has done to all of us... believe me I know about bad mothers."

Clarissa sits next to Belinda.


Law Office:


Jeffrey is working.

He hears the door open.

He hollers, "Mel is that you?"


Marah walks in, "Hi Jeffery."

Jeffrey stands up, "Damn it Marah. I thought you gave me your key to the office?"

Marah sighs, "I had a key made. I needed to see you."

Jeffrey sighs, "I'm going to call your father and he is going to come here and pick you up."

Marah stops him, "Just listen to me Jeffrey."

He looks at her, "I'm sorry Marah. But I'm with Cassie now. Cassie and I tried to stay a part but we love each other. We have always loved each other. I need you to accept that."

Marah sighs, "Jeffrey I can give you something. Something that Cassie can't ever give you."

He sighs, "Marah please. We've been over all of this. I'm sorry about everything that happened. These past few weeks have been insane. But we can't go on pretending."

Marah shakes her head, "I'm not pretending."

He sighs, "Are you taking the medications they gave you?"

Marah looks down, "I can't take them anymore."

Jeffrey sighs, "And why is that Marah?"

She looks at him, "I'm pregnant."

Jeffery's mouth drops.




Roxie is with Reva in her room.

Reva sits up, "Well today is a much better day. This has been a rough week. But I'm starting to feel like Reva."

Roxie smiles, "Good. Because I'm here for you."


Ashlee walks in, "Reva..."

She pauses when she sees Roxie.

Reva smiles, "Ashlee. Look at you. Are you an intern now?"

Ashlee sighs, "Yeah. I uh... I was just coming to let you know that Dr. Chase is on his way but I'm going to check a few things for him before he gets here..."

Reva sits up, "Well good. Because I don't want to wait here any longer than I have to."

Ashlee turns around, "I'll be right back."

Roxie follows her.

She goes out in the hall with her, "Ashlee..."

Ashlee turns to her, "Don't talk to me. I had no idea you would be here with Reva today."

Roxie sighs, "Listen. You hate me, I hate you. But let's try to be professional for Reva's sake."

Ashlee nods, "I intend to be. But I will never forgive you for the horrible things you did to me."

Ashlee walks back into Reva's room.

Roxie can feel all the nurses and doctors glaring at her.


Springfield High:

Belinda and Clarissa are still in the restroom.

Belinda looks at her, "So what happened on New Year's Eve? I totally lost you at the party."

Clarissa looks down, "I was with Mickey."

Belinda smiles, "Shut the hell up!"

Clarissa laughs, "I know!"

Belinda looks at her, "What happened?"

Clairssa smiles, "We slept together."

Belinda jumps, "Ah! Oh my God! I can't believe it! Clarissa Marler you little slut."

Clarissa shoves her, "Shut up. I'm so happy."

Belinda laughs, "I can't believe I was so wasted that I didn't realize you were with Mickey."

Clarissa sighs, "He's so hot. It was really special."

Leah Bauer walks in.

Belinda puts out her cigarette, "Great the little prude is here."

Leah sighs, "Hey Clarissa."

Clarissa smiles, "Hi Leah. Listen..."

Leah sighs, "I won't tell anyone. But as the daughter of a doctor I am gonna tell you-"

Belinda stops her, "Thanks we know. Come Clarissa let's go."

Clarissa waves, "Bye Leah."

The two walk out.

Mallet's House:

Maureen is getting her stuff together.

Mallet looks at her, "I'm sorry about Dinah."

Maureen shakes her head, "She's my sister. She's still upset that I stayed in the house to help out with the kids."

Mallet shakes his head, "Why can't she get past it? If she did then things would be so much easier."

Maureen walks over, "I know. We wouldn't have to hide things from everyone anymore."

Mallet takes her hand, "We have the house to ourselves tonight."

Maureen grins, "Well I might be working late. Marah is not working right now so Mindy is counting on me to run things at the store here. Eventually she might use one of my designs."

Mallet smiles, "That's great."

Maureen looks into Mallet's eyes.

The two kiss.

She smiles, "So much has changed this past year."

He runs his fingers through her hair, "I know. And this year is going to be a good one. I promise."

Maureen kisses him one last time before she leaves.

Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is going over everything in the divorce papers.

Harley stands up, "I think I'm going to go outside and wait."

Phillip sighs, "Harley...'

She shakes her head, "It's fine. I'll be outside."

He turns, "Beth you don't have to be so rude."

She smiles, "I knew you'd defend her like this. It's none of her business how we end our marriage."

He sighs, "For some reason I think you have been waiting for our marriage to end for a long time now."

She sighs, "Just sign the papers Phillip. Let's end this now."

Phillip looks at her, "What happened to you? This past year you have become unrecognizable. You've done things I never thought you would do. You've changed Beth."

She stands up, "Well get used to it. Because I'm no one's victim anymore. No one will walk over me again. Say hello to a whole new Beth."

Phillip sighs, "It's a shame. I liked the old Beth. Loved her even."

She turns away.

Phillip signs the papers, "Happy divorce. Enjoy all of the Spaulding money. I hope it's worth it."

He leaves.

She looks in the mirror, "You did it Lorelei. It may have taken longer than you expected. But you finally got it all. Congratulations."

She laughs to herself.


Cyrus stares in shock.

Marina doesn't look the same at all.

She smirks, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Cyrus takes her hand, "Come on."

TJ stands up, "Where you going? Hey get back here!"

Cyrus takes Marina into another room.

Marina laughs, "I'm not a prostitute Cyrus!"

He shakes his head, "What the hell happened to you?"

She sighs, "Don't give me this speech okay? I've heard it enough from everyone else in Springfield."

Cyrus is confused, "Marina you were a detective for the Springfield Police Department. Now you're a stripper, you're doing drugs, hooking up with losers like TJ. What the hell?"

She sighs, "A lot has changed Cyrus."

Cyrus shakes his head, "What about your son?"

Marina backs away, "Don't bring him up to me! Don't you dare! My son is dead and I don't want to talk about him!"

Cyrus is in shock, "What?"

Marina walks away, "Just leave me alone."

Cyrus doesn't want to get anymore involved.

But he knows where he has to go next.

He needs answers.


Ashlee walks out of Reva's room.

Roxie sighs, "How is everything?"

Ashlee walks away, "You can wait for Dr. Chase to get here Ms. Shayne. I have to go."

Roxie takes her arm, "Ashlee don't walk away from me."

Rick walks over, "Roxie get your hands off of her."

Roxie lets go.

Ashlee quickly walks away.

Rick looks at her in disgust.

Roxie sighs, "It's not what it looks like. I was just trying to get some answers about my sister.

Rick walks away.

Roxie follows him, "Rick come on."

Rick looks at her, "Leave me alone Roxie. I don't want to talk to you, be around you, I don't even want to look at you. Just stay the hell away from me. Okay?"

Rick leaves.

A frustrated Roxie just stares.

She pulls herself together.

Roxie goes into Reva's room to check on her.

Law Office:

Jeffrey sits at his desk.

Marah looks at him, "We're having a baby Jeffrey."

He nods, "I heard you."

She sighs, "I know this is pretty shocking."

He looks at her, "Why should I believe you?"

Marah sighs, "I took a bunch of pregnancy tests. I'm scheduling an appointment with a doctor to get it confirmed. But I am pregnant Jeffrey. It wasn't that long ago that we were together."

Jeffrey looks down, "Oh God."

Marah sighs, "It could be worse."

Jeffery looks at her, "So you're going to keep it?"

Marah nods, "Of course. You know how much I wanted children. You know how much I wanted children with you."

Jeffrey sighs, "Marah..."

She smiles, "Cassie can't have children anymore. This is your last chance to have a baby Jeffrey. A child of your very own. I'm so happy for you, I'm so happy for us."

Jeffrey sighs, "This can't be happening."

Marah grins, "It's a miracle."

Jeffrey feels completly trapped and shocked.


Jeffrey goes to tell Cassie

Marah informs her father

Reva gets her results

Clarissa and Belinda argue with their Moms

Liz berates her family


Recommended Comments

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Another good episode.

Cyrus is an evil doer now? ANd Marina is still stripping? Interesting

Marah and Jeff have a much stronger stroyline in play now. Can't wait to see how this pregancy plays out.

Roxie did have a plan fo Ashlee, I was looking fwd to that story. Wonder what happend

And Loreliegh was working with G. I was dying to see where that was going. But I see she is still here, a year later.

It's getting real good Jay. Your pacing is very nice and smooth. Sorry it took me so long to read ur series. Just have not been myself.

Glad your back

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  • Members

So first off let me say that I'm happy that I can now get my GL fix through you. FTL has a GL feel from when it used to be good back in the day. Very 90's esque, yet still updated. Especially with the casting.

I never really saw the Phillip and Harley pairing or Beth trying to break them up. I always pictured Harley with Gus and Phillip with Olivia. (I started watching in 2002-2003). However, I'm happy to see Lauralei back in the picture. I liked when DK almost brought her back but it was just a quickly "oh psyched you out, it's really Beth!"

Loved when Cyrus found Marina. Why didn't Marina just lie to him and tell him that she was going undercover? Maybe he would've believed her. I like seeing Marina's life going in a spiral.

Maureen is a little vamp. That's her sister's man in my eyes.

Am I the only one who feels bad for Roxie? Even though she does bad things, she still seems redeemable to me.

My guess is that Clarissa's preggers and Leah's going to find out about it.

Marah's just out of her mind. But then again, that's what love can do a person. Jeffery's in major trouble. Why is it that he so reminds me of Nick from B&B?

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  • Members


Cyrus is going back to old ways.

Oh yes the Marah/Jeff/Cassie story has big stuff and we'll see a lot of them.


Yes I agree about Lorelei. I really wanted her back but they didn't do it.

But Phillip and Harley sort of needed each other right now. Will they stay together? That's a good question. It could go either way at this point.

A part of Marina wants people to see that she's changed. She likes to throw it in people's faces a bit.

Yep I myself love Mallet and Dinah. But right now Mallet and Maureen have bonded through raising the kids while Dinah focused on her career. Dinah will find out about them and when she does... we know Dinah ;)

Hmm guess we'll see about Clarissa. But yes we will see more of the teens.

LOL! Wasn't Bradley Cole up for the role of Nick on B&B? And yeah Marah's love for Jeffrey has certaintly brought out a dark side in her.

Thans Amanda!

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