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S3 Episode 4



Very interesting parent/child relationships in Springfield...


Spaulding Mansion:


Lorelei looks in the mirror.

She smiles, "Well Lorelei you did it. But it looks like you're gonna be Beth from now on. Beth Spaulding. I like it. I am Beth Spaulding."

Lorelei has lost her accent now and found joy in her designer clothes and expensive jewelry.

She enjoys her new classy lifestyle.


Alan walks in, "What are you so happy about?"

Liz follows.

She smiles, "Oh Alan. It's official. Phillip and I are divorced. We just have to file the papers."

Liz shakes her head, "Wow Mom. You sure are very happy about your marriage failing."

Alan looks at her, "That's enough Elizabeth. Now your father gave up on his marriage because he was once again tangled in the disgusting mess that is Harley Cooper."

Lorelei grins, "Well he is giving up a lot to be with her. I sure hope she's worth it."

Liz shakes her head, "Look at you two. It wasn't that long ago that you both believed love was more important than money."

Alan sighs, "Don't be so dramatic Elizabeth."

Liz scoffs, "No! Mom you were so in love with Daddy once. And Granddad... what about Natalia and the baby? Have you forgotten all about them?"

Alan gets angry, "That is enough!"

Alan is getting frustrated with his Granddaughter.

The Spauldings have been trying to hide how empty their beautiful mansion has become.


Chamberlain Mansion:


Belinda walks inside.

Dinah walks over, "Belinda! How are you honey?"

Belinda sighs, "Hey Mom. Where's Anthony?"

Dinah grins, "He's upstairs playing in his room. I think he really likes the new toys I bought him. Don't worry you have some new stuff in your room as well."

Belinda nods, "Thanks."

Dinah smiles, "So tell me about your day. How was school? Did anything interesting happen?"

Belinda walks away, "I'm going upstairs."

Dinah follows her, "Belinda what's wrong?"

Belinda turns to her, "Mom! Stop pushing me. You can make me stay here but you can't make everything okay."

Dinah sighs, "I know things have been rough. But I think we need to work on our relationship."

Belinda shakes her head, "Just leave me alone. Go do something else. Why don't you go to work? That's where you belong right?"

Belinda walks to her room.


Carriage House:


Blake is sitting on her couch.

She has a lot of new ideas for her show.

The door opens.


Clarissa walks in.

Blake stands up, "Sweetheart."

Clarissa looks at her, "I didn't think you'd be home yet."

Blake smiles, "Well I am. Hey why don't we go out to lunch? I'm starving. My treat."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I had lunch at school."

Blake laughs, "That's right."

Clarissa heads to her room.

Blake follows her, "Honey. I think we should talk about our fight we had. I'm sorry I got so angry."

Clarissa sighs, "I was out to late. I'm sorry. We're done with it."

Blake shakes her head, "I'm just worried. I mean I feel like you never tell me anything anymore. We used to be able to talk about anything and everything. But now..."

Clarissa sighs, "You know what? Maybe after everything that's happened, it's a little hard for me to trust you."

Clarissa goes into her room and shuts the door.




Jeffrey is in the kitchen.

Cassie walks in, "Hey I got your message."

Jeffrey sighs, "Let's talk."

She looks at him, "What is so important that I had to leave work for? Wait is this one of those things where you surprise me with love making? Because RJ might be home soon."

Jeffrey shakes his head, "No I wish it were. I have to tell you something Cassie."

She sits down, "You're scaring me now."

He nods, "Well it's serious."

Cassie is worried, "Is it RJ or Will? Reva?"

Jeffrey sighs, "It's Marah."

Cassie nods, "Well whatever it is we'll get through this. Is Marah okay? Did she hurt herself?"

He sighs, "Not exactly."

She is confused, "What's going on?"

Jeffrey looks at her, "She came to see me today. She had to tell me something big."

Cassie stares, "What could Marah possibly have to tell you?"

Jeffrey sighs, "She's pregnant Cassie. Marah is pregnant with my child."

Cassie stares in shock.


Lewis Enterprises:


Josh and Annie are in the office working.


Marah walks in, "Hey guys."

Annie smiles, "Hi sweetheart. You okay?"

Marah nods, "Yes. I'm more than okay."

Josh grins, "Well I'm glad to hear it. Did you go to work today?"

Marah shakes her head, "No I didn't. I might not be able to work a lot for a while."

Josh sighs, "Well you take your time Darlin'. No one is rushing you to get back to work."

Marah nods, "I might take a maternity leave."

Josh is confused, "What?"

Marah smiles, "I'm pregnant."

Josh and Annie stare for a moment.

Marah just grins.

Annie walks over, "Congratulations honey! I'm so happy for you that's great news for you."

Marah hugs her.

Josh stands up, "Is this... Jeffrey's?"

Marah nods, "Yes. I already told him. He is talking to Cassie right now I believe."

Josh walks over, "Marah are you sure?"

Marah smiles, "Of course. Jeffrey and I are going to be parents."

Josh and Annie look at each other.




Reva sits in her bed.

All of her pictures of her children are with her.

Her picture of Jonathan and Sarah is pretty old.

It's been so long since she's seen them.

But the rest of her family has been there for her so much.


Noah walks in, "Hello."

She grins, "Finally."

He sits down, "Well let's go over your results."

Reva sighs, "Noah I just can't.... I can't go through another year of this. Tell me I'm getting better. Tell me we got the answers we wanted."

Noah smiles, "Well Reva I'm happy to say the last treatments have been going really well. Things are looking really good at this point. It'll be a few more weeks before we can confirm anything though."

Reva stares, "Are you saying...."

Noah shakes his head, "No. I'm not saying anything yet. But knowing how strong you are... I think we might be seeing you a lot less at this hospital and more around Springfield before the snow melts."

An emotional Reva hugs him.

The news she has been waiting for.


Chamberlain Mansion:

Dinah sits at the dinner table.

Belinda and Anthony join her.

Dinah smiles, "I hope you both are hungry."

Dinah knows she should be more comfortable with her own children.

Dinah clears her throat, "You know I was thinking of planning a vacation sometime soon. Just the three of us."

Belinda shakes her head, "We have school."

Dinah nods, "I know. I just mean like maybe on Spring Break. We could go out of town."

Belinda shakes her head, "No."

Dinah sighs, "Well think about it sweetie."

Belinda is texting through dinner.

Dinah looks at her, "Who are you messaging?"

Belinda sighs, "Clarissa."

Dinah smiles, "Oh tell her I said hi."

Belinda stares at Dinah.

After a few awkward moments Belinda finally goes back upstairs.

Dinah begins to wonder if she'll ever get through to her.

Carriage House:

Blake is knocking on Clarissa's door.

Clarissa shouts, "Go away!"

Blake gets angry, "Clarissa open this door right now."

Clarissa opens the door, "What?"

Blake sighs, "Honey I know you're upset about everything that we have gone through."

Clarissa nods, "Yeah!"

Blake nods, "And you have a right to be-"

Clarissa gets angry, "You're damn right I do. You lied to us! You kept secrets from us. Then you humiliated our whole family. At this point I don't know what to believe in anymore."

Blake looks at her, "Look I know I've messed up. I've messed up a lot. But I can't take it back."

Clarissa nods, "Exactly. So you know why I don't want to talk to you. Why Jason and Kevin don't visit as much now. Why Dinah can't stand you. Why this whole town hates you!"

Clarissa slams the door in Blake's face.

As much as Blake wants to punish Clarissa she can't.

Blake feels like she let everyone down.

Spaulding Mansion:

Liz is getting very upset.

Alan walks over to her, "Elizabeth, I thought by now you would understand that I'm doing what is best for you. I am putting my family first. Family always comes first."

Liz laughs, "Family? Where are they? You won't allow Aunt Alex in the house, Alan Michael is gone. Daddy and Gus want nothing to do with you. And don't even get me started on the people who you chased out of our lives. You want to control all of us."

Alan looks at her, "Elizabeth that is enough! You remember our deal. I could make things a lot worse for you and... him. Now I suggest you stick with the plans we made."

She scoffs, "What choice do I have? You are above the law. I could try to run out those doors and I would be dragged right back. Call the police and you'd pay them to leave. And even if I did escape I know you'd just go after the people I love."

Lorelei steps in, "Alan... why don't you just put her in the room and she can relax."

Liz shakes her head, "I can't believe you allow him to treat me like this Mom. Why?"

She sighs, "Honey we just want what is best for the family. Believe me, we do this because we love you. I hope you can see that."

Alan walks Liz down the hall, "Now don't you want to go into the bedroom?"

Liz nods, "Of course I do."

Alan walks her over and unlocks the door, "Now don't try another one of your stunts Elizabeth."

Liz walks inside.

Alan locks the door behind her.

Liz walks inside and smiles, "You always make me feel better."

She walks over to the crib in the center of the room.

A small black baby lies in there.

She picks up the baby, "Mommy's here."


Noah is going over Reva's tests results.

Reva smiles, "Well that all sounds good right? I mean this is what we've been hoping for."

Noah nods, "Yes. You have come so far. It took a lot longer but it looks like we're about to win this battle."

Reva sighs, "Just these last couple of weeks I've been so sick I thought maybe I was near death's door."

He shakes his head, "No. Remember I told you it would seem to get worse before it got better. I can't promise anything-"

She nods, "Well you're a doctor."

He sighs, "But I think our hard work is about to pay off."

Reva wipes a tear, "I am so... This is good news. I've hated this. I hate not being the strong one in my family. I feel like everyone is always keeping things from me to make me feel better."

Noah sighs, "They just want you to be okay."

She nods, "I know that. And I appreciate it. But I know this has been a rough year for some of them. And I feel like there is something that I need to know about."

Noah nods, "Well when they find out..."

She shakes her head, "No. I can't give them false hope. I can't tell them until I am 100 percent sure. We've had so many false hopes this year and a half. I just need to be sure before I get them excited."

Noah puts his hand on Reva's.

Lewis Enterprises:

Marah walks over to her father.

She looks at him, "Daddy. I know this probably scares you. But I have had a revelation. I know that I have to be mature and stable for this child's sake. I want what's best for my child."

Josh smiles, "I'm glad to hear you say that."

She hugs him, "Congratulations Grandpa."

He laughs, "My first Grandchild. I have to say I'm not sure if I'm ready for that."

Marah nods, "Well Mom has 2 grandchildren already so she should be ready when I tell her."

Josh nods, "Oh you haven't told her yet?"

Marah shakes her head, "I'm waiting for the right moment. I think it will make her very happy."

He smiles, "I think so too."

Annie grins, "Well thank you for sharing it with us Marah."

Marah hugs Annie again, "You're welcome. But now I have to get to an appointment."

Josh smiles, "Okay let us know how it goes Darlin'."

She nods, "I will. Bye."

Marah leaves.

Annie sits with Josh, "Wow I didn't see that coming."

Josh shakes his head, "After everything that happened... I just hope that my little girl is ready for all of this."

They are both worried about Marah.


Cassie and Jeffrey sit at the table.

Jeffrey looks at her, "Cassie..."

She sighs, "So... Marah is pregnant. And you are the father of her baby? Am I hearing that right?"

Jeffrey nods, "Yes."

She looks down, "When did you guys um..."

He sighs, "Shortly before everything fell a part. I felt so guilty about my feelings for you. But after that I realized I loved you. But apparently... we conceived a child."

Cassie nods, "Marah must be pretty happy. She always wanted to remind me that I couldn't have children anymore."

He looks at her, "Don't let Marah upset you."

She looks at him, "You're going to have a baby."

He nods, "Yes. But with Marah's mental state... I'm just worried about how everything is going to go."

Cassie sighs, "Jeffrey, Marah is going to use this child to hold onto you. You are going to be tied to her now."

He nods, "I know. This is the worst timing."

Cassie sits back, "I guess the question is now: what does this mean for you and I?"

Jeffrey and Cassie stare at each other.


Reva spends time with her kids

Ava visits a patient

Cyrus confronts Lucy!

Drew and Gus are interrupted

Stephanie and Rocky discuss their lives

Susan and Sam try to move forward


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