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S3 Episode 5



Everyone's got a dirty little secret in Springfield...


Lucy and David's:


Lucy is playing with little Davey.

The doorbell rings.

Lucy walks into the other room and answers it.


Cyrus is standing there, "Hello."

She stares, "What the hell are you doing here?"

He smiles, "I had to do some digging to find out where you were living now. Nice place. Didn't Mel and Alan Michael live here?"

Lucy sighs, "What do you want?"

He looks at her, "I want answers Lucy. You hired me to find Baby Daniel. You cost me my relationship with Harley. I brought him back to you to find out she had moved on. The one silver lining I had was knowing that Marina would be reunited with her son. What the hell happened?"

Lucy shakes her head, "You need to leave right now Cyrus. Just leave town and this time don't come back."

Cyrus shakes his head, "No I want answers! Where is Marina's son?"

Davey runs over to Lucy's leg, "Mommy."

Cyrus stares, "Oh my God."

Lucy gets very nervous.


Museum Apartment:


Sam is typing on his laptop.

Susan walks over, "Hey working on your next story?"

Sam nods, "Yep. You off to work?"

She sighs, "Soon. Lewis is having a big meeting later I have to attend. I just have to find my stuff."

He smiles, "Sit with me for a minute."

She sits down next to him, "Just a minute."

The two start to kiss.

Sam smiles, "Stay home today."

She shakes her head, "I can't always work from home like you can honey. I gotta get to the office."

Sam grins, "Come on. We worked really hard to get this place all to ourselves. Let's take advantage of it."

Susan sighs, "I know. But we have plenty of time for that stuff. We have everything we want."

He nods, "And we are finally seeing less of Stephanie."

Susan moans, "Don't say her name! I don't even want to think about her. I'm so tired of her crap."

Sam sighs, "Come on. I think it's safe to say that Stephanie is probably going to move on now. We have."

Susan isn't so sure.

Police Car:


Rocky is driving.

Stephanie sighs, "It's a slow day."

Rocky laughs, "I think that's a good thing for cops."

She nods, "I know. But is it bad that a part of me really just wants like a robbery or something today?"

He laughs, "What's with you?"

She sighs, "I just have a lot of energy I have to get out. It's all built up right now."

He nods, "Okay well we'll go to the gym when we get off tonight okay. I think that will help."

She shakes her head, "It was just so frustrating seeing Sam with that dirty drug addict whore."

Rocky sighs, "That dirty, drug addict whore is my niece."

Stephanie sighs, "I know and I'm sorry. But she broke up my relationship with Sam and now they get to be happy together and everyone acts like I'm the bad guy in this situation."

Rocky shakes his head, "Well Sam just wasn't the one for you. But you'll find Mr. Right."

Stephanie sighs, "Every guy I date eventually gets bored with me. Remy, Coop, Sam. I'm just done."

Rocky sighs, "Well I seem to push all the guys I love away. Things aren't going so well with me and Chaz."

Stephanie looks at him, "Don't think I didn't see you at the club on New Year's Eve. Kevin was there."

They continue driving as the two partners chat.


Reva Bend:



Reva is sitting in her living room.

Shayne and Marah are there.

Reva hugs Marah, "Oh baby. Oh congratulations. I can't believe you're gonna be a Momma."

Shayne is trying to be positive, "That's really great Marah. I'm happy for you and... Jeffrey?"

Marah nods, "Yes. It's with Jeffrey. I know it's complicated right now but we'll work it out."

Reva smiles, "I know you will honey."

Shayne doesn't want to let on how worried he is.

He knows how unstable his sister has become.

Marah puts Reva's hand on her stomach, "I think it's going to be a girl. I just feel it."

Reva smiles, "Oh that would be so great."

Marah grins, "I can't wait to start shopping for baby clothes and stuff. I'm so excited."

Reva looks at Shayne, "Maybe soon you'll be having a baby."

Shayne nods, "Well, Ava and I still have to set a date."

Marah sighs, "Or not."

Reva looks at her, "Marah!"

Marah takes a deep breathe, "I'm sorry. I am trying to accept Ava. It's just going to take a while. But honestly I have bigger things to worry about then Ava."

Shayne smiles, "Well you don't have to worry. Ava is amazing and I feel like she's the one."

Reva nods, "Well I guess Ava has changed. She's nothing like her parents. Olivia or Edmund."




Ava walks with a doctor.

He looks at her, "I think it's really great you still come here to volunteer for us."

Ava nods, "Well you know you guys all helped me out so well. I feel like this is how I should give back."

He nods, "Yes isn't this how you met your fiance Shayne Lewis?"

She nods, "Yes indeed."

The Doctor walks her to a room, "I'm sure he'll be happy to see you again."

Ava walks into the room and shuts the door.

She turns, "You're holding up well."


Alan Michael stands, "Where the hell have you been?"

She sighs, "I've been busy. I have to run things at the Beacon, I'm still working at Lewis, and I have a wedding to plan."

Alan Michael nods, "Well I don't want you thinking that just because you're out there that you can forget our deal."

She sighs, "I remember."

He looks at her, "Well maybe I need to remind you. I am going to help you find your son and get him back from Olivia and Bill. As long as you can help me take down Annie Dutton and the rest of the Lewis Clan."

Ava nods, "I'm engaged to Shayne Lewis. Everything is working out exactly the way we planned."

Alan Michael grabs her arm, "Somehow I doubt that. I think that you are starting to fall for this loser Shayne."

Ava shoves him, "He's not a loser. He's a good guy which you wouldn't know anything about."

Alan Michael smirks, "I guess I'm right."

He stares as Ava gets nervous.


Aitoro House:


Drew come downstairs.

Gus is sitting on the couch.

Drew reveals her sexy outfit she put on, "Hey."

He looks over, "Wow."

She smiles, "I thought you'd like it. I wanted to surprise you with it. What do you think?"

Gus walks over to her and kisses her.

Drew leads him over to the couch.

Gus takes off his shirt.

Drew starts kissing his chest.

She starts to open his jeans when they hear a car pull up.

Drew scoffs, "Please tell me it's no one."

Gus looks outside, "Oh crap, yeah we need to stop."

Drew shakes her head, "It's to late Baby."

Gus pulls away, "No my daughter is here. Harley is dropping off Angela outside."

She shakes her head, "No you don't have her today."

He sighs, "I forgot to tell you. Harley has to go somewhere tonight so I'm getting her."

Gus gets himself dressed.

Drew slowly goes upstairs to change.

The selfish part of her wishes Gus's didn't come with such baggage.


Museum Apartment:

Sam and Susan sit on the couch.

Susan gets up, "I'm not trying to sound like a baby. But the things Stephanie said to me. They just get under my skin. I mean I know I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but I am trying to move on."

Sam nods, "I know and you have."

She shakes her head, "But people still see me as Susan the druggie, Susan the criminal, Susan the slut."

He shakes his head, "Not everyone. I don't. Your mother and you have a much better relationship now."

Susan sighs, "But I'm still not comfortable around Gus. I can't even look at my Aunt Cassie without feeling guilty about Tammy. And everyone else that Guillespie and I hurt."

Sam nods, "Well you have not seen that loser in years. And you have come so far."

She looks at him, "But can you honestly say that I will be able to really move on from my past without someone jumping up so that they can rub my nose in all of it?"

Sam sighs, "There will always be haters. But look at my niece Ava, her life is going great now. And your Aunt Cassie. This town is able to forgive people if they can forgive themselves."

Susan grins, "You always know just the right thing to say."

Susan gets back on the couch and kisses Sam.

Police Car:

Rocky and Stephanie park.

Rocky sighs, "Okay so I ran into Kevin."

Stephanie nods, "Was it awkward?"

He nods, "Yes. I mean we can't even really talk. Because still no one really knows that we were ever together. I don't think Kevin ever even came out to anyone."

Stephanie sighs, "But you said you were so in love with him once. I mean you told me."

Rocky sits back, "Well they warned me that partners tend to share everything with each other."

Stephanie nods, "I've certainly told you a lot."

Rocky sighs, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about getting back together with Kevin."

She looks at him, "Well whatever you decide just make sure you choose someone who really loves you. That's what I need to do. I need to find someone who can love me for who I am. Someone who's not going to just think I'm cute and then dump me when they find someone they like better."

He nods, "You will."

She shakes her head, "I don't know. It seems like guys like the good girls like me. But they always have a desire to go after the wild chicks. No matter how bad they are for them."

Rocky and Stephanie have grown very close as friends through their job.

Aitoro House:

Gus is with Angela in the kitchen.

He is fixing her a snack.

Drew walks downstairs in a more appropriate outfit.

Angela waves, "Hi."

Drew smiles, "Hi Angela. How are you?"

She grins, "Good."

Gus smiles, "It's just going to be Angela for now. Zach is off at school and Jude is with Rick."

Drew nods, "Well that makes sense."

Drew still doesn't quite understand why Zach and Jude still spend so much time at Gus's house.

He's not their biological father.

And he's not even with their Mom anymore.

Gus looks at Drew, "Hey I'm going to run out later and get some fast food for us."

Drew sighs, "I thought we were going to have sushi?"

He nods, "Angela doesn't eat sushi."

Drew nods, "And I don't eat fast food. But that's okay."

Drew walks off to her bedroom.

Reva Bend:

Reva is sitting with Marah and Shayne.

Marah smiles, "I'm going to buy a baby book soon. And I want to start looking up names."

Reva grins, "Slow down. You have plenty of time."

Marah nods, "I really want a name from the family. We got my name from Grandma Martha and Grandma Sarah."

Reva laughs, "Do you even know Jeffrey's mother's name?"

Marah shakes her head, "Jeffrey never talked about his family with me? Did he with you?"

There's somewhat of an awkward pause.

Reva smiles, "Don't be uncomfortable. Jeffrey and I broke up years ago. He was a great guy for me and we had so much fun together. But I always had a feeling he belonged with someone else."

Marah smiles, "Oh Mom."

Shayne looks at his Mom.

He can tell that she wasn't referring to Marah.

Reva sighs, "What a year to look forward too. Marah is about to have a baby. Shayne is getting married. You two both give me so much to look forward to. So much to live for."

Shayne takes his Mom's hand, "You have a lot more to live for."

She touches his face, "I know Baby."

Marah and Shayne hugs their mother.


Ava turns away from Alan Michael.

He smiles, "Of course. I should have known that you would fall for that Lewis charm again. Just like you did with Bill."

Ava shakes her head, "It's not like that."

He nods, "Good. Because you remember how that ended. Bill and Olivia left the country with Emma and Baby HB. You and Phillip don't get to see your children anymore because of their selfishness. My cousin Michelle was left heart broken. They hurt a lot of people."

Ava sighs, "I don't think that was their plan. They were trying to get away from your family."

He scoffs, "Are you defending them now?"

She shakes her head, "No. All I want is to get my son back home to me. I need him back."

Alan Michael nods, "Good. I just don't want to see you falling for another one of these 'Prince Charming's."

Ava shakes her head, "Nope. I went through that with Sandy, Coop and Bill. I'm not going through it with Shayne."

He laughs, "Am I the only one of your ex boyfriends that you don't consider a good guy."

She looks at him, "What do you think?"

Alan Michael sighs, "Annie Dutton cost me a lot. My marriage and life with Mel is all ruined. And the Lewises have always been in my family's way. But you are the key to helping me get my revenge."

Alan Michael looks deep into Ava's eyes.

Lucy and David's:

Lucy puts little Davey back in his room.

Cyrus is in the house now.

She looks at him, "Get out!"

Cyrus is in shock, "I recognized that face. I can't believe this! Lucy that is Daniel."

Lucy shakes her head, "You don't know what you're talking about."

Cyrus nods, "That's Daniel! I brought him back to you in Springfield! Then I left town. I thought you were going to give him back to Marina. What the hell is wrong with you?"

Lucy sighs, "It's not what you think. We were going to. But Marina is very messed up now. She is in no condition to be someone's mother."

Cyrus shouts, "But she is! She is Daniel's mother! Daniel is the last child of Danny Santos. Doesn't his family deserve to know that?"

She shakes her head, "Yeah let's just tell him that his family was involved in the mob that's great."

Cyrus stares at her, "Isn't David a cop? How can he believe this is okay?"

Lucy sighs, "I told you. We have to do what is best for Davey."

Cyrus scoffs, "Daniel. That is Daniel Santos Cooper. The little boy Aubrey took from Marina."

Lucy shakes her head, "No."

He goes to the door, "I'll give you a week or two to make your decision. Then I go to Marina and I tell her everything."

Lucy shouts, "Cyrus no!"

Cyrus walks out the door.


He passes David on the way out.

David walks in, "Cyrus Foley? What was he doing here?"

Lucy has tears in her eyes.

David sighs, "It's over isn't it?"

Lucy stares at her husband in fear.


Lucy and David fear the worst

Marah confronts Cassie

Dinah and Drew chat

Alan Michael questions Ava

Coop has a surprise waiting!

Gus spends quality time with Angela


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