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Reva storms in carrying Colin with Jeffrey slumping in behind her. He gently closes the door when Reva snaps back around facing him.

Reva: How dare you!

Jeff: Reva—

Reva: You have the nerve to side with Olivia over my daughter. You have lost your mind.

Jeff: I am on no one’s side but I do think Marah should not have been there. It was tacky.

Reva: Tacky?! (giggles to mask her anger) Tacky? No what is tacky was the little number she did on Marah.

Reva gently lays Colin in his bassinette.

Jeff: She is mourning.

Reva: And Marah is not?

Jeffrey reaches out to Reva as she blows him off, storming off into the kitchen.

Reva: That bitch! Oh she better ready because I am coming for her. Full speed ahead.

Jeff: This is ridiculous.

Reva: Whatever.

Reva crosses back in the living room and opens the door to the coat closet. She reaches up and pulls down a blanket and pillow.

Reva: There you go.

Jeff: What? Reva…

Reva: You are sleeping there tonight or better yet if you don’t like that, call Olivia and get a room at the Beacon. I don’t care.

Reva picks Colin up and heads up stairs leaving Jeffrey at a loss for words.




The Spaulding family sits in the table conversing and eating.

Alex: Such a nice funeral.

Beth: Until Olivia ruined it as always.

Alan: I found it to be quite entertaining. For once the spotlight was not on the Bauers. Olivia stole it from them with that great speech.

Alan laughs to himself.

Beth: Alan, you’re sick.

Alan: So what. You didn’t seem to care when you were married to me.

James: Hey! Don’t you even go there.

Lizzie: I agree. Granddad, you should be ashamed. What Olivia did was cruel. Poor Marah.

Alan: Oh who cares about Marah Lewis?

Bill: I would. She happens to be my cousin.

Alan: Who got bashed in every sense…

Caroline: (O.C) Mr. Spaulding!

Alan turns around to Caroline who is not so pleased by crude words.

Caroline: I thought you swore you were going to change for once?

Alex: (whispering to Beth) And how many women has he sworn that too.

Beth nods.

Alan: Caroline, this has nothing to do with you. Stay in your lane. You’re my assistant, not my consciousness.

Lizzie: I don’t know, I kind of like Caroline keeping you check.

Caroline: Thank you, Mrs. Lewis. (to Alan) You should be gracious on a day like this.

Alan: Oh come on, Caroline. You have to admit Olivia’s speech was great.

Caroline: I think not. And I am sure the Bauers or Alan Michael did not appreciate it. (looking around) Where is Alan Michael?

Beth: And Phillip?




Alan Michael and Phillip stand in silence, looking out beyond, yearning.

Phillip: Sorry, bro. Sorry about the funeral.

Alan Michael: Whatever. You should not be sorry. It should be Olivia.

Phillip: Yeah but she is the mother of my precious Emma. I feel like I have too.

A-M: You don’t.

Phillip: No but I do. (beat) So what are you thinking about?

A-M: My mom. My life, what am I going to do with it now.

Phillip: There is always a position for you at Spauldings.

A-M: Hell no. I never wanna work there again. Spaulding Enterprises has cost me so much. I don’t want to touch anything involved with it with a six foot pole.

Phillip: Come on, bro. (pats A-M on the back) It’s not that bad.

A-M: I doubt that. Anything consisting of dad is bad news.




Cyrus pulls up in his car and put it into park. He gets out and walks for awhile until he reaches a dumpster. Suddenly, Grady jumps out scaring Cyrus.

Grady: Hello, Cyrus.

Cyrus: (breathing heavily) Dammit, Grady. Don’t do that. And what have I told you about calling me. You’re supposed to be in hiding.

Grady: What do you think me hiding behind this dumpster is?

Cyrus: Grady… Hiding behind a dumpster is not what I mean. Like an abandoned building, something.

Grady: I’m not hiding in some rat infested, rundown building. Not gonna happen, mate.

Cyrus: Grady, I am trying to keep you safe. These people think you are dead and I am trying to keep it that way until the plan come through.

Grady: Well we need to move now. I want Phillip to pay for what he has done to me.

Grady parts his hair to show Cyrus the gruesome scar on his head.

Cyrus: He will pay. Oh he will pay…




A magazine named HOW TO CLIMB THE SOCIAL LADDER is being held over the face of some woman. Sitting next to her is another woman with a book held to her face named HOW TO GAIN YOUR EX-HUSBAND BACK. The two books are lowered down to reveal mother and daughter duo, India and Dorrie.

Dorrie: Mother, why are we going back to dullsville which is known as Springfield?

India: You know why. For me to get back with Phillip—

Dorrie: Which will never happen.

India looks at her daughter letting her know to watch her mouth.

India: And for you to snag a rich man yourself.

Dorrie: In Springfield? (chortles) Mother, come on! If I am trying to find a rich man send me somewhere I know I have a chance like: Dubai or New York City, LA or Paris. Not Springfield.

India: Oh honey, there are so many rich men in Springfield. Trust me.

Dorrie: Whatever. I vowed never to come back here again. The only good thing I got out of being here was you.

India: (tearful) Oh baby girl… (shakes it off) But no. We have to. We have to find rich men. Ever since Ramon Santiago, my ex husband—

Dorrie: Mother, I know. He stripped us of all our fortunes, blah , blah, blah. Then Alan gave you the job, which now you were fired from due to recession.

India pops Dorrie on the head.

India: Stop being a smart aleck.

INTERCOM: Ladies, we are now landing in Springfield, Illinois.

India: (girlish tone) Ooo goody! Springfield, Spaulding men, here I come!

Dorrie: (rolling eyes) Oh God…



*India and Dorrie*

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