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Reva stands with her hands on her hips frowning at Jeffrey.

Reva: My daughter is not going anywhere. She has every rightto be here. (to Jeffrey) And I cannot believe you would tell her to leave.

Jeffrey: Re—

Reva: I don't wanna hear it.

Olivia: Oh brother, spoken words from the "Great RevaShayne."

Reva: Look Olivia, I know you are in pain but so is Marah.She watched as Sam sacrificed himself to save her.

Olivia: Too bad. I don't want her here.

Reva: No sweetie, that is too bad for you. If she can't behere for Sam, she sure as hell can be here for the Bauers.

Olivia: (slowly starting to seethe) Reva, don't do this. Foronce put your foot down and get her to leave.

Reva: No. (to her family) Come on.

Reva, Josh, Marah, RJ, Colin, Henry, and Shayne brush pastOlivia into the church. Jeffrey struggles with his decision to either side withReva or Olivia. Realizing it, Olivia gestures Jeffrey to follow Reva. Leftstanding in the lobby is Cassie, Olivia, and Natalia.

Olivia: Cassie -- Cassie, please get her to leave. For me.Do it for me.

Cassie: I can't. I just can't agree with you Olivia. I can't.

Cassie heads into the church leaving Olivia to start topout. Natalia takes a grip of her to calm her down.

Natalia: Honey, Olivia, not here. Not today. Sam needs us toforgive and let go.

Olivia: But she killed him. She caused his death. I don'twant her here! Her being here will remind me of what Sam could've been. I wanther gone.

Olivia falls into Natalia's arms crying. Natalia strokes herhair in comfort.



Vanessa, Matt, Nola, and Quint sit in the living roomsipping on tea.

Vanessa: I -- I am just bewildered by this. You guys arereally moving back to Springfield?

Quint: Yep. We've been thinking this for some time. Beingaway from our family -- our true home, is what brought us back.

Vanessa: So glad to hear that. I so missed you, Quinton.

Nola clears her throat while stirring her tea.

Vanessa: And you too, Nola.

Nola: Thank you, Vanessa.

Vanessa and Nola shoot looks at each other as if they weredaggers. Though their feud is long over, the two women still can't resistannoying one another from time to time.

Matt: (awkwardly) So...Quint, have you thought of where youguys were going to stay?

Quint opens his mouth to speak when,

Vanessa: Here of course! Where else would they stay? This isQuinton's home too.

Matt: Vanessa, are you—

Vanessa: Sure? Yes. Very. (reaches across the table andgrabs Quint's hand) I want my brother here. In this house. Where my fatherintended it to be.

Quint smiles at Vanessa's words.

Nola: Well I was hoping we'd move into Company.

Vanessa is taken back by this.

Vanessa: Nola, are you serious? Company?

Nola: What is wrong with Company?

Vanessa: Well -- uh…see -- I

Nola waits for an answer.

Vanessa: Oh come on, Nola. Why would you want to move backthere. The Coopers are there and so many other people.

Nola: And Vanessa?

Vanessa: You are doing this on purpose.

Nola: Am I really?

Vanessa: Yes! You've only been back for ten minutes now andyou are already starting.

Nola: (overlapping) I was just asking a simple question,Vanessa! No need to get angry! What is wrong with us boarding at Company?

Quint belts out a loud whistle ringing throughout the room.Everyone covers their ears.

Quinton: Ladies, enough. If we have to fight over where meand Nola will stay then we'll do it the old diplomatic way.

Vanessa & Nola: How?

Quinton pulls out a quarter.

Quint: Flip a coin.

Vanessa: (chuckles) You must be joking?

Quint: Nope. Nola, call it.

Quinton tosses the coin in the air.

Nola: Heads – no tails. I mean heads. Oh no, tails. Heads.Tails—

Vanessa: Heads.

The coin falls on the table and its heads.

Vanessa: Yes!

Nola: Ugh.

Quint: It's settled. We are staying here.

Vanessa: Goody.

Nola mocks Vanessa saying "goody." Nola is rather irritatedby this revelation.

Vanessa: I'll have Beauregard help you guys get settled inbut we (getting up from the couch) have to head to the church for the funeral. Youguys should come.

Quint: I don't know.

Nola: I wanna go. I wanna say goodbye to Mr. Bauer. Mommawanted me to send my regards so we are going. You know how she felt about theBauers, especially Bert. We should be there.

Quint: Then we will go.

Quint grabs Nola by the hand and follows Vanessa and Mattout.



The church filled with everyone. They all sit in their seatsas Reverend Rutledge approaches the altar and starts to speak.

(play music over entire scene)

Rutledge: This is indeed a sad day for Springfield as wecelebrate the lives of five wonderful people. All having an impact on our livesin some sort of fashion…


Ed is now at the altar.

Ed: What can I say about my brother, Mike. I can say he wasway more levelheaded than I ever hope to be.

Everyone starts to laugh.

Ed: I will miss my brother. We fought over everything. Fromour mother's attention, to toys, to girls. Hell even wives. But through it all,I will always love my brother.

Ed tears up as he glances at his brother's coffin.

Ed: I will always love you, Mike. Tell mom, Maureen, andLeslie I said hello.

Tears stream down Rick's face.


Now it's Rick's turn.

Rick: Aunt Trudy was such a hopeless romantic. And though Idid not get to spend much time with her, the time I did spend with her made meappreciate the relationships I did have and have taken for granted.


Michelle is at the altar, hysterical.

Michelle: No one will ever replace Aunt Meta. That woman –that woman helped shaped me into everything I am now. When she first arrived Iwas so angry because she treated me like a child. It bothered me so much. Butovertime, I grew to love this woman. (smiling through tears) Oh and her belovedBruce. Though they had been divorced long before, the two continued to have agreat relationship. I remember Aunt Meta trying to play off Bruce calling heras if she hated it but she loved every second of it. (losing it again) Oh AuntMeta! I love you. I love you so much. May you join the other angels in Heaven.Kiss my mother for me…


It's Alan Michael turn.

Alan Michael: Even though my mom is presumed dead and herbody is still missing, we want to celebrate her life too.

Caroline (Hope) starts to squirm in her seat in guilt.

Alan Michael: My mom had it bad. She was a drunk and she hada string of bad relationships but ONE thing I can say about her was that shewas a damn good mother… (stifling his tears)…a good one. (looks up to the Heavens)Mom, if you can hear me, rest in peace. You no longer have to worry about me.

Caroline clutches her Bible close to heart as she fightsback her tears.


Finally Olivia approaches the altar. She touches Sam'scasket and then look at Marah.

Reva: (whispering to Josh) Get ready…

Josh nods his head, understanding.

Olivia: My brother -- my brother, Sam -- he, um…he was --(screw it) He would still be alive today if it wasn't for that ungrateful bitchright there!

Everyone in the church gasps as Olivia points at Marah.


And on Marah stunned but guilt-ridden,


P&G/Telenext Productions 2009

All Rights Reserved

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