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INT. CHURCH – DAY (Picking up where we last left off…)

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Marah: I -- I came to see…

Natalia: (holding Olivia back) Calm down.

Olivia breaks free.

Olivia: YOU expect me to play it cool? SHE KILLED MY BROTHER!

Jeffrey walks up to Marah and tries to guide her out the church.

Jeffrey: Maybe you should leave.

Marah: I think not! (to Olivia) Sam was MY friend. And what happened to him was a tragedy but I am not going to let you continue on blaming me.

Olivia: Marah, I want you to leave! Leave my brother’s funeral.

Marah: Last time I checked, the church was a public place.

Olivia: Not Sam’s funeral!

Marah: Too bad. I also came here for the Bauers too and I know they aren’t going to kick me out so deal with it.

Jeffrey: Marah—

Marah: (frantic) SHUT UP, JEFFREY! Stop trying to tell me what to do. I am staying and it’s final.

Olivia: Are you kidding me? You really are going to disrespect my memory of my brother by you being here?

Marah: That’s the problem, Olivia, it’s not about you. Sam would want—

Olivia interrupts, stepping in Marah’s face point her finger in her face.

Olivia: Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare say what Sam would want. You don’t know what he wants.

Marah: (intensely) Get your finger out my face.

Jeffrey and Natalia pull the women apart.

Jeffrey: Enough! (to Marah) You really should leave.

The main door closes and every turns their attention to Reva, Cassie, Frank, Josh, Shayne, RJ, and Baby Henry.

Reva: My daughter isn’t going anywhere.

On Olivia upset,





Vanessa sits at the desk, digging through the desk drawer frantically. Matt pops in the room watching Vanessa in confusion.

Matt: Vanessa…

Vanessa: (not paying attention) Yes, honey.

Matt: Vanessa, what are you looking for?

Vanessa: My earrings, the ones that Ed gave me that belonged to Maureen. I can’t find them.

Vanessa drops on all fours and starts to search the floor. Matt burst into laughter at the sight of Vanessa on the floor. Vanessa looks up puzzled by this moment.

Vanessa: What is so hilarious to you?

Matt: Nothing -- Nothing at all.

Vanessa: Oh please. What is it?

Matt: To see the great Vanessa Chamberlain on the floor on all fours. I never thought I’d see that.

Vanessa: Matt…

Matt extends his hand out and Vanessa takes it, standing back up.

Vanessa: I have to find those earrings. They mean so much to me.

Matt: Have you retraced your steps?

Vanessa shoots a look at him.

Vanessa: What do you think I have been doing?

Matt laughs.

Matt: Come on, come on. Now where was the last place you had them on?

Vanessa: I had them on sitting at the desk, but I took them off when I was talking to Bridgett on the phone.

Matt: Ok. Then what?

Vanessa: I grabbed them and headed to the terrace because Maureen had called me about the pool getting clogged up.

Matt: Then?

Vanessa: Well I went out there -- Matt! We don’t have time for the guessing game. We have a funeral to get to.

Matt: Then apparently you don’t want to wear those earrings.

Vanessa: (pouting) Matt!

Footsteps are heard down the stairs. Enters Maureen.

Maureen: What is going on?

Matt: Your mom is looking for her earrings.

Maureen tucks back her hair to reveal her ears.

Maureen: You mean these?

Vanessa eyes widen at the sight of the earrings, better yet Maureen’s pierced ears.

Vanessa: Maureen?!

Maureen: What?

Matt: Don’t address your mother like that.

Maureen: Sorry. Let me try again, Ma’am?

Vanessa walks up on Maureen and touches her ears.

Vanessa: Your ears!

Maureen: What about them?

Matt: Maureen, stop being a smart aleck.

Vanessa: Take those earring out now. (hold her hands out) I mean now!

Maureen takes them out and hands them Vanessa.

Maureen: Take a chill pill, Mom.

Vanessa: Excuse me. Young lady, you waltz in here with my earring on but that is not the worst thing, you have pierced ears and you know how I feel about that!

Maureen: Mom, I am the only girl in the seventh grade without them.

Vanessa: I don’t care if you are the only girl on the planet without them. When I mean no, I mean no! (to Matt) Chime in!

Matt is bewildered.

Matt: What -- Umm… Hmm…

Vanessa: Matt!

Maureen: Seems like Dad has not issue with them.

Matt: I did not say that.

Vanessa: Oh you are so grounded, Maureen.

Maureen: What! Mom, no!

Vanessa: Yes.

Maureen: But what about Emma’s party? I still get to go, right?

Vanessa: No. You don’t. The only place you’ll go is from your room straight to school and back for a month.

Maureen: A month?

Matt: (overlapping) A month?

Vanessa: (sternly) A month.

Matt: Vanessa…

Vanessa: Don’t start with me. I said it a month.

Maureen: Fine. Then my punishment can start now when I don’t go to the funeral.

Vanessa: You’re going!

Maureen: No, I’m grounded so I can start now.

Vanessa: Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare throw that back at me. I will tell you when it begins.

Maureen and Vanessa start in a screaming match and Matt watches on shaking his head. The doorbell rings but they continue to scream.

Matt: You two keep on, I’ll get it.

Matt opens the door to reveal Nola and Quint!!!

Matt: Nola! Quint!

Maureen and Vanessa cease arguing and rush to the door along with Matt.

Vanessa: Quinton! Nola!

Vanessa hugs Quint and Nola tightly.

Quint: Good to see you, Vanessa.

Nola: (awkwardly) Yes, Vanessa…good…

On Nola and Quint hesitantly grinning,




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