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Michelle, Danny, and Ed continue to eat when Danny rejoins.

Michelle: (anxious) What did they say?

Ed: Michelle, give him time.

Danny: You were right, Ed. The FCC the plane had been tampered with.

Michelle: What? Are you kidding me? Someone planned this? Who would do something like this -- target Uncle Mike?

Ed: Sure it had something to do with the investigation on the mob activity in DC. (tosses his napkin on the table in rage) I told him not to get involved. I had a bad feeling from day one.

Rick: But Dad, that was Uncle Mike. You know he always had to do the right thing.

Ed: But it cost him his life.

Danny: Well I can look into it if you want me too. Call some old friends in the mob--

Michelle: OH NO! Hell no. You left that lifestyle behind and I don’t want you going back to it.

Danny: But it’s for the family.

Michelle: So what. I’d rather be left in the dark than you getting back involved with the mob. Let’s just leave it up to the FBI to figure it out.

Ed: She is right, Danny. We don’t need no more bad news no time soon. Let’s see what the FBI will do before we make drastic decisions like that.

Rick: This topic is going to have to take a back seat since we need to heading to church now. (he gets up) You guys go ahead to the car, I am going to pay the bill.

Rick whips out his Visa card and heads to the cashier. Ed, Michelle, and Danny excuse themselves heading to the elevator.



Cassie opens the door to Reva, Josh, Baby Henry, and Shayne. She greets each one of them as they enter inside.

Cassie: Sorry everyone that we are running a little late. RJ refuses to wear the suit I picked for him.

Josh: Maybe I should go and help him?

Cassie: I wouldn’t even bother. RJ is a preteen now, I doubt he’ll even listen.

Reva: We know about that.

They all laugh. Cassie leads them to the couches where they all have a seat.

Cassie: Did anyone want anything to eat? I cooked a nice breakfast this morning.

Reva: I don’t even think I can eat with this funeral.

Cassie takes Henry from Shayne and starts playing with him. A combination of weird faces and bouncing him on her knee.

Cassie: Weird, huh? I just can’t believe that Sam is dead. I just can’t. He was such a sweet boy.

Josh: And I can’t thank him enough for saving Marah.

Cassie: Neither can I. (looking around) Where is Marah?

Reva: She’s not coming. I told her it is best to steer clear from Olivia as long as she can.

Cassie: Reva, come on. I think that Marah should be there. She was friends with Sam, she even dated him at one point. She has every right to be there. And Sam would want her there.

Reva: We know that but it’s what OLIVIA wants. This is more like the Olivia show than anything. And I don’t know how much I can bear of her actions against Marah. Causing her to lose her job in Paris—

Cassie: What!

Reva: So I guess your partner did not tell you? She has Marah fired La Bella. Guess she had friends in the higher ups.

Cassie: Poor Marah.

Shayne: It is. I’m growing sick of her moping around the room like she’s dead.

Cassie: Then maybe Marah should start her own line.

Reva: We tried. She refuses to take money from any of us.

Cassie: Then what can we do?

Reva: I have no clue but we better come up with something quick. I don’t know how much longer I can take of her locking herself up in that room.

Cassie: We’ll figure something out. Is Jeffrey joining us?

Reva: He’s at the church with Olivia and Natalia. She needs him more than anything.

Cassie: Is Ava coming?

Shayne: She’s suppose to.

Cassie: Good, good.

RJ slumps down the stairs and presents himself in front of everyone. He is not too eager about his outfit and slicked back hair.

Reva: RJ, you look so handsome!

RJ: (dully) Thanks, Aunt Reva.

Reva grabs RJ by the arm, drawing him closer to her.

Reva: (pushing his head up) Hold your head up! You’re a Shayne. We never hold our heads down. We have too much spirit for that.

RJ lights up at his aunt’s encouraging words.

Reva: (standing up) Now come on here and let’s go get you something to eat.

Reva starts leads RJ into the kitchen.

Cassie: Thanks, Reva.

Reva: No problem, sis.

Reva & RJ exit into the kitchen.

Josh; That’s RJ for you.

Cassie: Hasn’t changed a bit. (to Shayne) So what have you been up to?

Shayne: Nothing much.

Cassie: Yeah right. I heard that Ed wants to join the staff at Cedars due to your work you did in the Peace Corps. Whoever would’ve thought that Shayne Lewis would be a doctor?

Shayne: (smiling) Who says I was going to take it.

Cassie: You better! You’re smart, a good people’s person, and easy on the eyes. I am sure many women in Springfield would love for you to treat them. And again, this would be good for you to put your Peace Corps work to good use. You didn’t go over there for 3-4 years for nothing. Use those skills for the greater good.

The doorbell rings.

Cassie: Excuse me.

Cassie gets up, holding Henry still, and head to the door.

Cassie: Who is it?

Frank: (O.C.) Frank.

Cassie opens the door to Frank. Frank is impressed at the sight of her holding the baby.

Frank: (playing baby Henry) Well aren’t you lucky to have such a beautiful woman hold you, Grandson. Must be the Cooper gene.

Cassie blushes. She and Frank stare deep, longing into each other eyes.




Olivia directs the ushers on where to place memorabilia of the deceased throughout the church. Natalia and Jeffrey sit in a pew nearby, watching.

Olivia: I don’t want that picture of my brother there, put it over there...

Usher #1 is done as he is told and moves the picture where Olivia points out.

Olivia: (to Usher #2) Don’t put the flower like that! They go like this. (she walks up and arranges some of the flowers)...See what I am saying.

Usher #2: Yes Ms. Spencer.

Olivia: Good. Now do the rest like that.

Jeffrey: Someone is acting like a Nazi today.

Natalia: And you see that I am just going to steer clear from her until the funeral.

Usher #3 walks out the back with candles in his hands, sending Olivia over the edge.

Olivia: (to Usher #3) My God these are not the candles I asked for! These are cheap! (she snatches them from him and tossed them on the floor) I want good wax candles! Not that crap from the dollar store! This is funeral! Not some backwoods family reunion! Can anyone get one thing right?!

Jeffrey: That’s our cue.

Jeffrey and Natalia grab Olivia, leading her to the lobby.

Natalia: Enough, Olivia. These men are doing just fine. They are here to help.

Olivia: No, what they are doing is trying to put on a circus. Without my direction—

Jeffrey: The funeral would still be good. You are over thinking and over working yourself.

Olivia: (breaks free of their grip and turns to them) NO I AM NOT! CAN I JUST THROUGH—

Natalia: Inside voice.

Olivia: (calming down) Can I just through a nice funeral for my brother.

Jeffrey: The thing is that this isn’t just your brother’s funeral. The ceremony is also shared by the Bauers too. You keep forgetting that.

Olivia: …You’re right. I apologize. I’m a wrong as always. (getting emotional) Excuse me for trying to give Sam something nice and special! Excuse—

The door to the church open and wobbling in on her crutches is Marah.

And on Olivia’s utter disbelief,



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