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Olivia and Natalia walk up the church hand in hand. Olivia stops in place, staring at the monolith in front of her.

Natalia: What's wrong?

Olivia: Nothing. I just need sometime to take this all in. I can't believe that I am actually burying my brother today.

Natalia: (reaches out to comfort her) Oh, honey.

Olivia pushes Natalia away and starts to break down.

Olivia: No, NO! I can't accept it. I can't accept that I am burying by baby brother. I was suppose to go before him. Sam is suppose to live a long, happy, meaningful life. He was the one to go on have kids. He was the one who was to make a difference in the world. WHY NOT ME?!

Natalia pulls out her handkerchief and goes for Olivia's face when again Olivia pushes her away.

Olivia: Could you STOP?!

Natalia: I'm trying to help you.

Olivia: I don't need help. What I need is Sam. Can you bring him back?

Natalia: No...


Olivia storms off into the church leaving Natalia in deep thought and sorrow.


Rick and Ed sit a table eating breakfast and chatting over the current events.

Ed: So glad that Alan dropped those charges.

Rick: I'm surprised if anything. That man normally does not back down to anyone.

Ed: Well there is a first for everything.

Rick: And that is a first.

A waiter comes to their table to pour them another cup of coffee.

Rick: (to waiter) Thanks. (to Ed) But I want to commend you on allowing Olivia to join Sam's funeral with all our family.

Ed: No problem. We all might as well mourn all these people together. They were so loved by many of us.

Rick: True.

Nearby, the elevator door opens and Danny and Michelle step off. Michelle and Ed spot each other and Michelle rushes in her father's arms.

Michelle: (hysterical) Dad, I can't believe it. I just can't. Aunt Meta, Aunt Trudy, Uncle Bruce, Hope, and Uncle Mike. This is a tragedy.

Ed: (consoling her) I know, I know. But we will get through this. (to Danny) Hi Danny.

Danny: Hi Ed and Rick.

Rick: Good to see you Danny.

Danny's phone goes off. He looks at his phone.

Danny: It's my friend Bob from the FCC. He may have an update on what might've caused the crash. Excuse me guys.

Danny walks off and everyone is stricken with doubt and fear of what is to come.



Reva dresses Colin while Jeffrey stands in the mirror adjusting his tie. Shayne is in the adjacent kitchen fixing a cup of coffee. Marah then comes down the stairs, dressed to everyone's surprise.

Reva: Marah, honey, I thought you were going stay home and rest.

Marah: No, Mom. I need to go. I need to go and say goodbye to Sam.

Reva: But Marah--

Marah: No! I'm going and that's FINAL!

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Checked out your series. Just getting into it. I love that the episode is short. It makes it more enitcing to read. Looking forward to you next ep to see were things go.

How did Sam die?

How often do u post episodes?

And how has GL's death affected your series?

Thanks for reading. Guiding Light's death has affected me in that I feel now that I have to continue on with the story, this show that has impacted me to write, legacy. Sam dies (while skiing with Marah in some of her friends) during an avalanche. He buried alive while saving Marah and pushing her to safety. The avalanche manages to push her downhill some more and she survives with just a broken leg. I try to post at least 3 times a week. Keep watching, its moving slow now but story is about to pick up and new characters are about to woven into the canvas and they all have huge impacts on the show.

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