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Dinah sits at the computer going over stories for WSPR when we hear the door unlock to reveal Shayne entering with baby Henry. Dinah turns around from the computer to greet him with a smile.

Dinah: Hey you. How was the funeral?

Shayne: A mess. Surprised your mother has not called you and told you how Olivia reacted.

Dinah gets up with a look of concern. She takes Henry off his hands and kisses Shayne on the cheek. Meanwhile, Shayne hangs up their coats.

Dinah: About what?

Shayne: The woman lost it. Marah showed up to bid Sam farewell and she called her a bitch and everything else in the book. I feel so bad for Marah and the poor Bauers. Enough about me though, how have you been?

Dinah: Stressing out. Getting ready for our big premiere. Holly has a lot of hope of getting WSPR back on the map with this relaunch.

Shayne: And I agree with Holly. I can only see huge success when it comes to you and Blake in a room having to work together.

Dinah: Yeah, whatever. I still don’t get why she even joined on as an anchor. I mean the woman has no likeability.

Shayne: (jokingly) And the same can be said you as well, Dinah. You’re no Mother Theresa yourself.

Dinah: (laughing) Oh really? (to Henry) You may want to tell your daddy to stop insulting before he becomes the first story on WSPR’s relaunch: “WSPR Anchor assaults her boyfriend.”

Shayne takes Henry back.

Shayne: We’ll see about that. Now I am about to go and lie Henry down.

Shayne gives Dinah a love tap on her bottom.

Dinah: Shayne! In front of Henry.

Shayne shrugs his shoulders, smirking. Dinah laughs while rubbing her bottom.




Holly reads and marks up some of Blake’s stories with a red pen. Blake watches on not so thrilled by all her marks.

Holly: Nope. This is not going to work. Scrap that story.

Holly hands Blake the paper and Blake snatches it.

Blake: What is wrong with it, Mother?

Holly: It does not scream attention grabber. I mean who really cares about the Councilman’s wife wanting to do an interview about her husband’s many affairs.

Blake: It’s good TV. Nothing like a good, controversial affair to jump off ratings.

Holly: I said no. What don’t you get? The “I said,” or the “No.” It’s trash TV.

Blake: And? Mother, that equals ratings!

Holly: Ok. But that is the thing about WSPR, we have become nothing more than another news station reporting and glorifying martial affairs. I don’t want to give Councilman Reed anymore press than what he deserves.

Blake: Ok then what did you have in mind? Let me guess, something dealing with—

Holly: Political issues. If you wrote a story like Dinah did on Councilman Reed wanting to invest in bringing in casinos instead of the water and park restoration then I’d greenlight it. Other than that, who cares about him sexing some clueless broad who is hoping to snag him. The man needs no more negative press when it comes to his personal life.

Blake: Why?

Reginald: (O.C) It’s elementary, babe. Bad publicity equals good publicity nowadays.

Blake and Holly turn around to see the steamy, breathtaking Reginald Wilson standing behind them. Blake, though tries to hide it, is taken back by his good looks. She likes what she sees.

Holly: (hugging him) Reginald! You finally arrived.

Reggie: I told you I’d arrive sooner or later.

Blake: (with attitude) Mother, who is this?

Holly: Reginald Wilson. You and Dinah’s male correspondent.

Blake: Oh…

Reggie: And you must be Chrissy?

Blake: The name is Christina but I prefer Blake. No one called me Chrissy but my father.

Reggie: Until now.

Blake: Excuse us…uh, Reginald.

Reginald: Go ahead.

Blake pulls Holly aside.

Blake: I hate him.

Holly: You just met him.

Blake: So what. He does not fit the vision for WSPR.

Holly: Too bad. I’m the visionary of this show.

Blake: Mother…Mother, I -- I swear I will quit.

Holly: Go ahead, Blake. You ought to know by now that emotional blackmail is not going to work with me. Didn’t when you were a child and isn’t going to now.

Reginald joins them, wrapping his arms around both of them.

Reggie: (to Blake) You’re not intimidated by me, are you?

Blake: (removing his arm) Nope. But I strongly advise that you wear a protective cup to work for now because I am going to hand you your—




Dorrie: Balls. That is all I have to say, Mom. You have big ones to come back here and try another shot at Phillip. Have you even thought about Beth Raines?

India ignores Dorrie as she glances in her compact mirror adding blush to her face.

India: Who cares about Beth? She is no threat to me.

Dorrie: Is that so? Then if that is the case, you’d still be with Phillip now. But newsflash, Mother, YOU AREN’T!!

India: Dorrie, do you have to be such a downer?

Dorrie: I’m not a downer. I’m a realist. I see things for what they are. I am never going to let love -- well in your case, money, blind me.

India puts down the compact and faces off with Dorrie.

India: Money does blind me. It drives me. And love can take a backseat to money. You can’t take love to the bank, Dorrie.

Dorrie: (drops her face into her hands in embarrassment) Mother! Are you serious?

India: Could you for once, just once listen to what I have to tell you?

India hands Dorrie the book, HOW TO BE A SOCIAL CLIMBER.

India: Just read this and you’ll get it.

Dorrie takes the book as she rolls down the window. She then proceeds with tossing the book out the window.

India: Dorrie!!

Dorrie: Mom, I am not reading that book again! It’s stupid.

India: You need that. I mean how can you land a rich man without having your manual, your mantra to guide you?

Dorrie: I have a walking, eating, and breathing manual sitting beside me. If I wanna learn from the best, I got you.

India: (flattered) Why thank you.

The car comes to a screeching halt, flinging both of them forward. Dorrie and India scream.

Dorrie: Mom -- Mom are you ok?

India removes her hair from her face.

India: Yes, yes I am. (knocks on the window) Hey! Driver, what just happened there? Do you know who I am? I am India Von Halkein!

The Driver lets down the window and looks into the back.

Driver: And clearly you’re broke. You’re credit card was just denied. My boss, just called and told me to put you two out.

India: What?!

Dorrie: Dear God, that is a sign. A sign I tell you! God is telling us to not head to Springfield.

INDIA: DORRIE, SHUT UP!!! (calmly, to driver) Now listen, Sir, there must be a mistake.

Driver: Afraid not. Now get out.

India: No. This is a mistake! A mistake I tell you! I refuse to get out!

The Driver gets out and makes his way towards the back. India locks the door to prevent him from getting in.

Dorrie: What are you doing?

The Driver beats on the door.

Driver: Open this door!

India: (to driver) No!

Dorrie: Mom, this enough. Let him in.

Dorrie goes to unlock the door when India grabs her by the arm.

India: Don’t you even think about!!!!

Seeing the fire in India’s eyes causes Dorrie to sit back and shut up. India reaches forwards in the front seat and grabs the keys from the ignition.

The Driver comes back to the front of the car only to spot India locking his door as well.

Driver: Hey! You crazy lady, let me in!

India dangles the keys at him like a lion tamer dangling meat to a lion.

India: Come and get them.

The Driver eyes the top of the car where the sun roof is open. India’s eyes meet at the sun roof also. They glance at each other for a second and then back at the sun roof. All of a sudden, the Driver dives on top of the car as India slides from the backseat into the driver seat. She starts the car and drives off, tossing the driver off the car.

Dorrie is flung back by her mother speeding.


India: Taking care of business, baby. Taking care of business. Now put your seatbelt on. Mother hasn’t driven a car since 1986.

Dorrie: WHAT?!!!

The car speeds off down the road.


Coming up in the 2nd half:

· Dorrie and India reunite with the uneager Spauldings.

· Alan makes India an offer that starts a war for ownership in Spaulding.

· India is arrested but Alan comes to her rescue.

· Beth shares her worries about India’s return with Caroline (Hope), who learns about Alan’s past with India.

· Cyrus hides Grady in Mel’s basement unbeknownst.

· Mel wants to consummate her relationship with Cyrus.

· Leah comes face to face with a creature (Grady) in the basement, who she takes a liking too.


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