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Episode 179



Everyone is worried in Springfield...


Spaulding Enterprises:


The time has come to begin votes.

Phillip and Alan Michael begin by voting for themselves.


Alan stands up.

Alan Michael scoffs, "Just say your favorite son's name and be done with it."

Alan shakes his head, "Do you really think you can do this Alan Michael?"

Alan Michael nods, "I know I can."

Alan sighs, "I vote for my son. Alan Michael Spaulding."

Many are surprised.


Blake follows Alan's lead, "I vote for Alan Michael Spaulding."


Harley and Lucy are very confused.

Harley stands, "I am making this decision because I feel like this is the right decision. I vote Phillip Spaulding."

Lucy agrees, "My vote also goes to Phillip Spaulding."


Lorelei (Beth) stands, "I vote for my dear husband, Phillip Spaulding. I know he's the perfect man for the job."

The two kiss.


Alan Michael doesn't seem worried, he makes eye contact with Annie.

Olivia notices but doesn't think much of it.


Liz stands up, "Dad I had hoped you would vote for me. But you didn't trust me. Why should I trust you. I vote for Alan Michael Spaulding."

Rafe stands, "I too vote for Alan Michael Spaulding."


Gus stands, "I vote for Phillip Spaulding."

Alexandra stands up, "I have waited a long time to see this young man as CEO again. And I think he will be a fine CEO. I vote along with my son's proxy for my nephew, Alan Michael as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

Cyrus votes along with Alexandra's decision.

Alan Michael is in the lead.

Everyone turns to Mel who is up next.



Lewis Enterprises:


Vanessa is in her office.

Mallet walks in, "Hey Vanessa."

She smiles, "Well hello. This is a nice surprise. At least I hope so, Mr. Chief of police."

He sighs, "It's not police business. It's family business."

Vanessa nods, "Oh how are the kids?"

Mallet smiles, "Oh they are fine. Anthony is getting bigger. Belinda is really enjoying living with us. Maureen is getting ready for college. But I'm sure you knew that."

Vanessa nods, "Maureen has been doing well since she's been living with you."

Mallet nods, "Well she's been great with Anthony. I mean we have really needed someone to be there for him. I'm working and Dinah's...."

Vanessa looks at him, "What about Dinah?"

Mallet sighs, "Well she's still reporting for WSPR and she's now working with Annie Dutton in her Spaulding takeover."

She sighs, "Annie Dutton just brings out the worst in people. I hate that Dinah's friends with her again."

Mallet looks at Vanessa, "I rarely see my wife anymore. She leaves early in the morning. Gets home by the time we're in bed. She barely is spending anytime with me or the kids."

Vanessa is surprised, "I can't believe that. Dinah fought so hard to build her family."

Mallet sighs, "And now she is working to hard to protect us."

Vanessa is worried about her daughter.


Reva Bend:


Roxie walks inside, "I'm home."

Reva turns to her, "Hey. How was your trip?"

Roxie smiles, "It was fine. Hi."

Cassie smiles, "Roxie. It's great to really meet you."

Roxie shakes her hand, "Always nice to meet your little sister for real. You look good."

Reva hugs them, "She looks like us! Like Mama. Oh Mama would be so happy to see all of her girls together."

Roxie looks at them, "Well you two have been crying. Something going on?"

Reva sighs, "Yeah. That's why I wanted you here. Roxie I have some news for you."

Roxie worries, "Oh God. Is Rusty okay? Pop?"

Reva nods, "They are fine. It's me."

Roxie is confused, "You?"

Reva takes her hand, "Honey, I'm sorry to have to say this but... my cancer is back."

Roxie stares in shock, "What?"

Reva nods, "My cancer."

Roxie turns away.

She slowly sits down not saying a word.

Reva knew this would be hard on Roxie after everything with Johnny Bauer.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Mel stands up in front of everyone.

Mel clears her throat.

Annie smiles at her.

Mel begins, "I am new to this whole Spaulding family. I never imagined myself being a part of this. But then I met this man. Alan Michael. The most charming man I'd ever met. He has this passion and a sweet side that he doesn't like to show to everyone. But it's one of my favorite things about him," Mel's voice breaks, "And I'm afraid that if he becomes CEO that he'll change. And I'll lose that part of him."

Alan Michael looks at her, "Mel...."

Mel sighs, "I'm so sorry. I vote for Phillip Spaulding's name to be kept on the ballot."

Alan Michael looks at her, "Mel..."

Mel is in tears, "I'm sorry."

Alan Michael looks her in the eyes, "Mel take it back. Take it back Mel."

Annie looks at Dinah, "Now, hurry."

Dinah stands, "I vote for my cousin, Phillip Spaulding."

Olivia reluctantly follows, "I... vote for Phillip Spaulding as well."

Phillip is very surprised.

Annie Dutton grins, "I along with my proxy's vote for Phillip Spaulding. Congratulations."

Wallace stands, "And with that Phillip Spaulding wins with the most..."

Alan Michael stands, "No, no, no, no!!!"

Everyone is worried.

Alan Michael looks at Annie, "You lying, back stabbing, bitch!"

Annie smiles.


Bauer Home:


Michelle is home from the hospital.

She walks in.

Bill and Jesse are sitting at the table.

Michelle is a little worried, "Hey you guys. What's going on?"

Bill looks at her, "Hey Baby. We're just talking about the club and everything."

Michelle worries, "What? Why?"

Bill laughs, "Chill. I was just thinking that since we were busy that we'd hire Jesse as the manager."

Michelle looks at him, "Jesse?"

Jesse nods, "I'm up for the job but I told Bill we had to wait and see how you felt."

Bill looks at her, "So what do you think?"

Michelle sighs, "Uh... Well I just thought you weren't sticking around for that long."

Jesse nods, "Unless someone gives me a reason to stay."

Michelle is confused, "What reason?"

Jesse laughs, "The job remember?"

Michelle nods, "Yeah. Sorry I just had a long day at work."

Bill walks to her, "You okay?"

She nods, "Oh yeah. I'm fine."

Bill sighs, "So are you okay with me hiring Jesse?"

Michelle nods, "Of course. He's our friend."

Bill kisses her, "Great. Hey I gotta go pick up Emma and Leah from the Mall, I'll be back soon okay?"

Bill grabs his keys and leaves.

Michelle is alone with Jesse again.

He smiles at her.




The place is empty.

Coop runs inside, "Stephanie?!?!!"

Coop looks around.

The place is apparently closed.

Coop tries to call her.

He tries but her phone must be turned off.

He throws his phone in frustration.

He turns around and sees her necklace hanging off the key hook.

He grabs it, "Oh God. I just missed her."

Coop goes to the door.


Buzz walks up to him, "Coop."

Coop looks at him, "Dad! Dad where is Stephanie and Rocky?"

Buzz sighs, "I just took them to the bus station."

Coop shakes his head, "No! No, you left already? Take me there I have to go see her."

Buzz sighs, "I'm sorry. But I watched the bus drive off. They are on their way to Chicago."

Coop shakes his head, "No! Why? Why didn't you wait?"

Buzz nods, "We did. Stephanie watched the clock. We waited. But you never showed. I tried to get her to keep waiting but she couldn't do it. I'm sorry son."

Coop is in tears, "I blew it! I really blew it! It wasn't supposed to be like this. I didn't get to say goodbye."

Buzz hugs his son.


Reva Bend:

Reva sits with Roxie.

Cassie hands her water, "You okay?"

Roxie shakes her head, "Yeah I'm sorry. Don't ask me. Reva are you okay honey? You..."

Reva hugs her, "I'm gonna be okay sweetheart. I'm gonna fight this sister. I promise. I'm Reva Shayne."

Roxie wipes a tear, "It's just... memories of Johnny and everything. But I'm stronger now."

Reva smiles, "You're a Shayne woman."

Cassie sits, "But we all have each other now so if any of us feel like we can't go on, we can lean on each other."

Reva hugs her, "I love you Sis. I'm so lucky to have two sisters. And both of my sisters are here with me now."

Roxie looks at her, "Reva... you don't seem scared at all."

Reva shakes her head, "I don't have time to be scared. I have four children, two grandchildren, Pop, you two, Rusty. I have way to much to live for and no time to sit feeling sorry for myself."

Cassie smiles, "That's the Reva I know!"

Reva stands up, "I'm going to get some movies to watch."

Cassie jumps up, "Oh you have to get our favorite!"

Reva laughs, "Oh! We haven't watched movies together in so long!"

The two go to the shelf.

Roxie feels a little left out but doesn't let it show.

Lewis Enterprises:

Vanessa and Mallet are discussing Dinah.

Vanessa looks at him, "So Dinah is completly burying herself in her work now? Complelty?"

Mallet nods, "Yes. I never thought this would happen but it is."

Vanessa sighs, "Did you talk to her about it?"

Mallet sighs, "I tried Vanessa! Don't you think I tried? Everytime I bring it up she tells me she doesn't have time to talk about it. She never has time for our marriage or our children."

Vanessa looks at him, "I understand Mallet, I do. But she is doing everything she is doing..."

Mallet nods, "For us. I know that. Dinah tells me that she will never let anything hurt me or our children. She wants what's best for all of us but... she goes about it the wrong way."

She sighs, "Mallet I have a feeling your leaving something out."

Mallet turns to her, "Dinah pulled strings to get me promoted as police chief. It was supposed to go to David or Harley."

Vanessa takes off her glasses, "Wow. I mean, I'm not surprised that sounds like Dinah. But just the sound of it... it's obvious that you would never support that."

Mallet scoffs, "Of course not. It's wrong. And I can't let Dinah keep doing this to everyone."

Vanessa looks at him, "What are you going to do?"

Mallet sighs, "I don't know yet. But I'm sorry Vanessa I don't think you're gonna like it."

Mallet leaves.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Alan Michael is furious.

Mel stands up, "I'm sorry honey I..."

He backs away from her, "Don't touch me! You!"

He points at Annie.

She stares at him.

He shouts, "I trusted you! I had a deal with you! And this is what you do?"

Mel looks at Annie in confusion.

Olivia and Dinah are confused as well.

Annie shakes her head, "I have no idea what your talking about. Alan Michael I never made any 'deal' with you."

Alan Michael screams, "You shut up you liar!"

Phillip tries to walk over, "Alan Michael that's enough."

Alan Michael looks at him, "No people are stabbing me in the back! My family, my friends, and the one person I trusted the most."

Mel cries, "Alan Michael please just listen..."

Alan Michael gets in Annie's face, "Tell them the truth!"

Annie shakes her head, "You are insane."

Alan Michael shouts, "You made a deal! Don't play that game with me! You said you'd vote for me and we'd get Phillip out of the race. Tell them that you made a deal!"

Annie sighs, "Get him away from me!"

Alan Michael pounds his fist on the desk, "No! You made a deal and you changed your mind!"

The whole room is shocked by Alan Michael.

Bauer Home:

Michelle is going through the fridge.

Jesse walks over, "So is it to early to ask for a raise?"

She turns to him, "What is that supposed to mean?"

He laughs, "I was just joking Michelle."

She shakes her head, "Well I think we need to quit the joking. We need to be professional. Can you do that?"

He nods, "Of course I can?"

She shakes her head, "You can be professional with me? I'm sorry but I just don't see that."

Jesse laughs, "Don't flatter yourself."

Michelle scoffs, "After what happened the other day?"

He looks at her, "What happened?"

She sighs, "You know."

He shakes his head, "Nothing happened at all."

She sighs, "It doesn't matter. I have to many things to worry about with the wedding to get involved in... other things."

Jesse looks at her, "Other things? Things from the past?"

She looks him in the eyes, "Things that aren't as important to me as Bill and I."

Michelle walks past him to the table.

Jesse can't keep his eyes off of her.


Coop sits on the steps outside.

He's holding the necklace in his hand.

Buzz walks out with two beers.

Coop sighs, "I blew it. Just like I always do."

Buzz shakes his head, "You really think so?"

Coop nods, "I couldn't trust Lizzie, I tried to control Ava, I couldn't accept changes in Ashlee, now I'm repeating it all with Stephanie. I never learn from my mistakes."

Buzz sits by him, "You will. But that doesn't make you feel better believe me."

Coop sighs, "Well what am I supposed to do?"

Buzz looks at him, "Maybe Stephanie was right. Maybe you and her need to take a break. To see if your love is strong."

Coop is confused, "What should I do?"

Buzz sighs, "I don't know son. Take a vacation. Take a road trip. Let her do her thing while you do yours."

Coop shakes his head, "I can't run away from my problems Dad."

Buzz laughs, "No you can't. Believe me I know that never works out quite right. But you can take a trip. Just clear your head. Sometimes a break from Springfield makes you appreciate it more."

Coop sighs, "There is this convention for aspiring writers. It's in some library out of state though."

Buzz nods, "Well you should go. Come on, Stephanie isn't in Springfield. You have time before school starts. Go."

Coop hugs his father.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Everyone is watching Alan Michael's breakdown.

Security walks in, "Mr. Spaulding settle down."

Alan Michael shouts, "No! This CEO is a liar! A monster!"

Alan walks over, "Son calm down."

Alan Michael turns to him, "You're in on this aren't you? Your vote that whole things was just a bluff. You knew I wasn't gonna win. You knew your favorite golden boy Phillip was gonna win."

Phillip sighs, "Alan Michael, please try to relax."

Alan Michael points his finger at Phillip, "Don't you dare talk to me. Don't you dare."

Mel tries to hugs Alan Michael, "Baby let's go talk."

He pulls away, "Get your hands off of me."

He wipes his suit where her hands touched him.

Mel is in tears, "I love you. I just knew this would happen. I shouldn't have let it go this far."

Alan Michael is in tears, "You never believed in me! You never believed I was good enough."

Gus walks over, "Come on brother. Let's go outside."

Alan Michael shoves Gus into the wall, "Get off of me!"

Security grabs him, "Come on! Come on!"

They drag him out.

Alan Michael shouts, "I'll get you for this Annie! I'll get you I swear to God you'll pay!"

Mel is sobbing.

Olivia walks over to her, "Mel I'm-"

Mel pulls away and runs after her husband.

Liz and Alexandra are both crying.

Wallace stands, "I'm sorry for that everyone. We will reschedule our next meeting. Where we will we finally choose our next CEO between Annie Dutton, Alan Spaulding, and Phillip Spaulding."


Alan plots with Blake

Rafe has a shocking revelation!

Marah helps Michelle design her dress

The Lewis men talk about life and women

Roxie is scheming Ashlee

Mel asks her mother for help


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SO glad Roxie is still on and i lover her pic. I hope you switch Coop's pic back?

I so loved the first Spualding scene. I am voting for Alan Micheal and I loved how Liz voted for her uncle

So what is Roxie up to? What has that cluck been up to?

Poor Alan Micheal. And Shame on Mel. Are they a couple? If so he he needs to dump her.

Jesse and Michelle will now be working together. That's going to be a hot triangle.

Loved the 2nd Reva Bend scene. We are really getting into Roxie's inner emotions I love it

I loved Alan M's meltdown. I feel so bad for him. I could really feel his pain and I can't wait to see if he will seek revenge. I so love this CEO plot. SO much is involved. DAMN everyone who hurt him. GENIUS WRITING. The hottest plot in the blogs right now!!!

I CANT WAIT FOR THE BATTLE to play out Annie, Alan, and Phil. Love it

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Roxie has a big story coming up.

Coop will have a new pic when he comes home.

Mel and AM are newlyweds. But they've been having problems since they got back from their honeymoon.

Bill/Michelle/Jesse are going to get so hott! We'll see a lot more of them.

Oh yes Roxie has been very closed. She doesn't want to come off as a crazy person but there is so much more to her.

AM has a lot coming up and he will seek revenge. He's a Spaulding.

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