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Episode 178



Shocking decisions are made in Springfield...


Spaulding Enterprises:


Phillip and Lorelei (Beth) walk in.

She turns to him, "Today is going to be a good day for you."

Phillip sighs, "Can I count on your vote?"

She laughs, "Are you still mad about me voting for Alan?"

He sighs, "I'm confused."


Alan walks in, "Well son, I hope you aren't a little jealous of me."

Phillip turns to him, "Never have been and never will be. Have you decided who your voting for?"

Alan grins, "I guess we'll just wait and see."


Alexandra walks in, "Well I for one am not looking forward to this. Phillip and his brother going against each other."


Alan Michael and Mel enter the room.

Alan Michael grins, "Today is the day we've waited years for. Everyone has to choose between Phillip and Alan Michael. The Golden Boy and The Prodigal Son. Who will it be? Well don't worry I've got some votes on my side that you'll be surprised to see."


Annie, Dinah, and Olivia walk in.

Mel walks over to them, "Hey you guys."

Annie smiles, "Hey Mel. Are you okay? You look bothered."

Mel shakes her head, "I'm fine. My stomachs a little upset but I'm fine."

Dinah sighs, "Mel can we talk for a minute? Just us 4?"

Mel nods, "Okay."

They walk Mel into the hall.




Susan is walking down the hallway.

She goes to her door and opens it.

Marina is sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table.

She jumps.

Susan looks at her, "Are you okay?"

Marina cleans up the table, "I'm fine. I'm just plain fine."

Susan walks towards her, "Is something going on? Because your acting like a kid who got into the candy dish."

Marina stands up, "I'm fine."

Marina's clearly nervous about something.

Susan sighs, "I know we haven't been getting a long but I'm sorry. I thought we could go out."

Marina shakes her head, "I feel like staying in. But you can go out. I'm not going to stand in your way."

Susan looks at her, "Marina what is going on?"

Marina puts her hand on her face, "Nothing I'm just tired."

Susan stares, "Why?"

Marina wipes her nose, "I think I have a cold."

Susan watches and Marina keeps rubbing her nose.

Susan grabs the purse from Marina's hand.

She looks into it, "Oh my God. That's why you were cleaning up. You were doing lines in my room?"

Marina stares at her cousin.


Reva Bend:


Cassie knocks on Reva's door.

Reva opens it, "Sis! I'm so glad you could make it."

Cassie smiles, "Of course. I'm so happy to spend more time with you. We have a lot of catching up to do."

Reva nods, "Yes we do. Come on in."

Cassie walks in, "I'm sure by now you know that Marah is living in the farmhouse."

Reva sighs, "Yeah she said Lizzie sold it to her."

Cassie pauses, "Uh... yeah that's what I heard too."

Reva looks at her, "It must be difficult for you."

Cassie shakes her head, "No. That house belongs to RJ. As long as he is there then I'm happy."

Reva takes her hand, "We need to talk sweetheart."

Cassie looks at her, "Is something wrong Reva."

Reva nods, "Yes it is."

Cassie sighs, "Oh God. I just... just tell me."

Reva leads her to the couch, "Let's sit."

Cassie is worried, "Reva you are really scaring me, please just come out and say it."

Reva sighs, "Cassie, my cancer has come back."

Cassie stares at Reva in shock.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Mel is with Annie, Dinah, and Olivia in the hall.

Mel is nervous, "I just don't know what to do. This whole Spaulding thing has really changed Alan Michael."

Dinah hugs her, "I'm sorry honey. I'm sorry."

Olivia sighs, "I'm not trying to upset you, but you know if he wins then it's just gonna get worse."

Mel sighs, "I can't stop him from winning."

Annie looks at her, "You can. Phillip will lead in the votes, he just needs a nudge from you to get in the lead."

Mel turns to her, "You want me to help Phillip beat Alan Michael? I can't do that."

Annie sighs, "We'll do the same."

Mel shakes her head, "He'll be so angry if I go behind his back."

Annie sighs, "I'll never tell him that we discussed this. Listen, we women have control of everything. That's the only way we are gonna keep the Spauldings in check."

Mel turns to her, "Promise you won't tell Alan Michael that I was working with you."

Annie sighs, "I promise."

Mel nods, "I need to think about this."

Mel walks back into the room.

The three ladies follow.




Buzz is making food for Stephanie and Rocky.

Rocky smiles, "Thanks for all of this Dad."

Buzz grins, "Well of course. You two are future cops, I need to keep you on my good side."

Stephanie smiles, "I'm glad someone is happy."

Buzz sighs, "Coop will come around."

Stephanie shakes her head, "I really don't know. He doesn't want me doing this but I have to follow my heart."

Rocky nods, "I know what you mean. Shayne tried to keep me from becoming a cop and that is one of the reasons why we couldn't stay together."

Stephanie sighs, "But you said you guys are done for good."

Rocky nods, "Well yeah but it's more complicated than what you and Coop are going through."

Stephanie sighs, "All I want is to follow my passion and this is it. I just wish Coop could see that."

Buzz looks at her, "Coop is very deep, and very loving. He will see it. I promise you."

Buzz goes back in the kitchen.

Stephanie hopes he's right.




Coop walks into the bar.

Shayne waves at him, "Hey man."

Coop walks over, "Hey Shayne, how have you been man?"

Shayne grins, "I'm okay. It's good to see you."

Coop nods, "You too."

Shayne turns to him, "How's Marina?"

Coop sighs, "I wish I could say she was doing better but it doesn't seem like it."

Shayne sighs, "And Rocky?"

Coop turns to him, "He is heading to the police academy today. Along with my girlfriend or ex."

Shayne turns to him, "Stephanie? She's going?"

Coop nods, "Yep. She thinks it's her dream. And I asked her if she would choose it over me and she did."

Shayne looks at him, "That sounds familiar. I did that with your brother, and now look at me. I'm in a bar all alone."

Coop sighs, "Didn't it make you angry? That he could just go do something like that even if you begged him not to?"

Shayne nods, "Oh yeah. But he gave it up for me. And he ended up resenting me. And it was one of the reasons we aren't together."

Coop sighs, "Do you think you two will ever patch things up?"

Shayne shakes his head, "No. Rocky has changed, so have I. We could have changed together and grown but I wouldn't allow him to be free and now we've grown a part."

Coop begins to think about things.


Spaulding Enterprises:

Eventually everyone is seated.

Wallace enters, "Today we will be narrowing down our 3rd candidate for the position of CEO. It will be a vote between Phillip Granville Spaulding and Alan Michael Spaulding."

Phillip stands up, "Hello everyone. I know that I don't have the best track record these past few years. I did some pretty bad things, and I wasn't in the right state of mind. But I have changed, I've grown past all of that and I am now ready to help get this company back to the success it used to be and I hope I am given that chance."

Alan Michael scoffs, "A chance to run off with the children again? A chance to have another nervous breakdown?"

Phillip nods, "Thank you for being sympathetic. Yes I wasn't able to handle it at one point in my life. And I regret many of my actions. But I would never try to take this on again unless I was 100% sure that I could do it successfully. And with Beth by my side, I can take on the whole world. I promise."


Harley raises her hand, "May I speak? I just want to say that as the mother of one of Phillip's children, I do think he has changed since then. Phillip has proven to me that he can be a good person again. This is the Phillip I used to know. The Phillip I loved once. To prove my trust I am lifting the restraining order against him for Zach."

Harley sits down.

Phillip smiles at her, "Thank you Harley."

Olivia scoffs, "Not everyone can forget who you are Phillip."

Annie turns to her, "Olivia..."

Olivia sighs, "I'm sorry but I'm not like Harley. You can bet that I'm keeping my restraining order against you."

Annie is getting Olivia to calm down.

Phillip sits.

The room is still very tense.

Reva Bend:

Cassie and Reva sit in her living room.

Cassie is in tears, "Oh Reva I am so sorry. I can't believe this is happening again."

Reva nods, "I know sweetheart. But you have nothing to be sorry about."

Cassie sighs, "Oh God! You saw me and Josh talking at the barbecue! That must have been so hard."

Reva shakes her head, "I'm past all of that Cassie. I have forgiven you both now."

Cassie looks at her, "I'm going to help you through this. The way I should have last time."

Reva nods, "Well I'm doing good so far. I start chemo soon."

Cassie nods, "Well if you have to shave your head then let me know, I'll come over and I'll shave your head and you'll shave mine."

Reva laughs, "Cassie..."

Cassie nods, "I will. I swear. Me, Harley and Blake made a deal like that a long time ago. Of course I'd do it for you."

Reva smiles, "We're gonna be two hot bald chicks!"

The two sisters laugh.

Cassie smiles, "I love you Reva."

Reva grins, "I am so happy to have my little sister back."

The two hug.


Marina backs away from Susan.

Susan is furious, "I can't believe you would bring this here. You are so ignorant."

Marina scoffs, "Wow you have become incredibly lame."

Susan shakes her head, "Oh no. Oh wait your right. I'm such a loser. But you your so cool."

Marina shakes her head, "I'm not doing it to be cool. It helps me take my mind off things."

Susan grabs her, "How many times do I have to tell you? Drugs, and partying aren't going to help you get past this. No matter what Danny is still dead and your baby is still dead."

Marina shoves her, "Shut up! You shut the hell up!"

Susan takes the bag, "I'm getting rid of this."

Marina tries to stop her, "No!"

Susan takes it and throws it down the toilet.

Marina is grabbing her trying to stop her.

Susan shoves her, "Get off of me."

Marina smacks Susan across the face, "You stupid bitch!"

Susan shakes her head, "You need to get out of my face right now Marina. Or I'm gonna do something that I will regret."

Marina grabs he purse, "I am out of here."

Marina slams the door when she leaves.

Susan punches the wall with frustration.


Shayne and Coop are playing pool.

Shayne looks at him, "So... do you love Stephanie?"

Coop nods, "Yeah. Yeah I do."

Shayne sighs, "Have you ever been in love before?"

Coop nods, "Sure. I mean my first love was Lizzie Spaulding."

Shayne has a little laugh, "Sorry."

Coop shakes his head, "But she was to complicated. Then Ava and I were in love but things got complicated with her too eventually. I really thought Ashlee was the one but we grew a part."

Shayne nods, "Yep. Marina was my first love. Sometimes I think if I hadn't left town we would be married now. But then Rocky, I thought he was the one. But it turns out I was nothing but a stepping stone for him to get to the real.... I'm sorry. He's your brother."

Coop nods, "Yeah. Touchy subject. But pool helps take our minds off it."

Shayne nods, "Oh yeah. Plus I've been volunteering at church and stuff. It's really nice."

Coop sighs, "Yeah I'll have to look into that."

Shayne is waiting for Coop to go.

Shayne sighs, "Dude! What are you waiting for?"

Coop looks at the table, "Oh yeah sorry."

Shayne takes the stick away, "I mean why are you still here? Go find her before it's too late."

Coop nods, "Your right. Thanks Shayne!"

Shayne smiles, "Go!"

Coop runs out of the place.


Stephanie sits with Rocky and Buzz.

She keeps looking at the clock.

Rocky notices it too, "Wow we should probably get going before we miss our bus."

Buzz notices Stephanie's upset.

He looks at Rocky, "Will you go start the car and I'll meet you out there? I'm gonna close up."

Rocky takes the keys, "Sure thing Dad."

Buzz looks at her, "I'm sorry."

She wipes a tear, "I got my hopes up. He told me he couldn't support this. But a small part of me was hoping he'd run in here and kiss me goodbye and let me know everything was gonna be okay."

Buzz sighs, "Well he is my son so that wouldn't be to suprirsing. I thought he would too."

Stephanie sighs, "Rocky is waiting."

Buzz looks at her, "You sure you don't wanna wait?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "No. I need to rip the Band-Aid off quick. Coop isn't going to accept me becoming a cop. So I need to let him go and try and move on."

Buzz pats her on the back, "I'm sorry."

Rocky honks the horn.

Buzz and Stephanie head out.

Stephanie is wearing a necklace Coop bought her.

She takes it off and hangs it on the key hook behind the counter.

They head to the bus station.

Spaulding Enterprises:

It's now time for Alan Michael's speech.

Alan Michael stands up, "Hello everyone. I was CEO several years ago. I ran the company with great success. Spaulding was on it's way up again. But due to personal issues going on at the time I had to step down as CEO and leave Springfield."

Alan sighs, "And how do we know you won't do it again son?"

Alan Michael is furious as Alan knows it wasn't his son's choice to leave back then.

Alan Michael continues, "I have grown a lot. I am more than ready to take back my job as CEO. I have a family now with Mel and Leah. I've never been this happy in my whole life. And I promise to all of you parents that I won't forget my nieces and nephews. Zach, James, Emma, Sarah, Penelope, Angela, will all be taken care of."

Phillip sighs, "Well let's see. If I can't be forgiven, can you? Let's ask your ex wives. Harley, Blake, Lucy. What do you all think?"


Lucy sighs, "Alan Michael... I don't know who you are anymore. But then again I've changed too. I want to believe that your a good person but as we all know you have your mother's Bauer heart but your father's Spaulding blood. It's a dangerous combination."

Alan Michael sighs, "I'm sorry you feel that way Lucy. But our marriage has nothing to do with me as a CEO. I am more than capable of taking this company back and doing well with it. So please vote me as CEO."

Alan Michael sits.

Wallace stand, "Now the voting will begin."


Things turn ugly at the meeting!!!

Roxie visits her sisters

Michelle comes home to find Jesse with Bill

Coop tries to find Stephanie

Mallet has news for Vanessa


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OH MY Mariana smoking crack!> She's a basehead!?

Can Annie really be trusted? Is she a good girl or bad girl this time?

O Wow Shanye and Rocky are done? That is too damn bad!

Why does Olivia have a restraining order on Philip?

So nice that Reva and Cassie made amenz. Esp during her cancer..again?

My my how have the roles reversed. Susan is the do right person now? After all the trouble she's caused. But I do like the crack head storyline

The battle between two brothers. Nice build up

And I love the shorter ep. Thanks

I can't belive how many I am behind Damn where did they all come from?

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Thanks for reading!!

Susan is still a bad girl but right now Marina is really messed up. So Susan has to be the smart one. It's gonna be a while before she realizes that Marina's problems are making Susan smarter.

Annie is kind of a mixture. Still a bad girl but not a nut case.

Never say never in Springfield. Shayne and Rocky are still young.

Olivia got a restraining order on him a year ago for Emma. Never forgave him for kidnapping her and doesn't trust him.

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