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Episode 180



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Secrets cause problems in Springfield...



A huge event is being hosted by Spaulding Enterprises.


Liz enters with her cousin Rafe.

Liz scoffs, "Look, look at all of them. They all think they're better than us because we're so young."

Rafe nods, "They'll all see. We'll have the last laugh."


Harley walks in.

Gus walks over to her, "I didn't expect to see you here."

She sighs, "I guess I was kinda hoping I'd run into you."

Gus smiles, "You can call me. You don't have to look for me Babe."

She laughs, "I just thought we could catch up on things."

He grins, "I would absolutely love that."


Cyrus walks over, "Harley! Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Harley is uncomfortable.


Across the room Dinah is with Olivia, "We have to make good connections for Annie."

Olivia sighs, "I can't believe what we did to Mel."

Dinah sighs, "Olivia, we did what was best for her. It's best she found out who Alan Michael was now."

Olivia shakes her head, "I'm sorry but I have a feeling Annie is leaving us out of the loop."

Dinah looks at her, "Olivia, don't feel bad. Alan Michael and Mel will be fine."




Mel is sitting out in the waiting room.

Felicia walks out of her office.

Mel stands up, "Mom..."

Felicia looks at her, "I shouldn't be the one talking to him. He's my son in law now."

Mel sighs, "But Mom I just need you to tell me what you think. I had to drag him down here. Is there something wrong with him?"

Felicia sighs, "Okay off the record, I think he may be suffering from a nervous breakdown."

Mel cries, "Oh God! I knew this would happen. I never should have let it go this far. That board meeting was horrible. When we got home he kept screaming and throwing things. Now he's either a zombie or a mad man. I don't know what to do."

Felicia hugs her, "Honey, you need to get him help. I have another doctor coming to talk to him. He agreed to see someone else."

Mel nods, "They told him he can't go back to work until he sees someone. That's the only reason he agrees. There's no way he's going to seriously get help."

Felicia sighs, "Well that's something that you need to think about honey. Because it might be the decision you have to make."

Mel stares at her mother.




Roxie took her "new friend" Ashlee out shopping.

Ashlee looks at dresses, "Wow I have still not gotten used to being able to just go out and pick out whatever clothes I want."

Roxie grins, "Oh well you deserve it. You are such a sweet girl."

Ashlee turns to her, "I'm so grateful to you. I mean you have become such a good friend to me. But I guess I just don't get why. You used to totally hate my guts."

Roxie sighs, "Well I was unfair to you Ashlee. I just saw this annoying woman who was aspiring to be a doctor and hanging around my boyfriend all the time asking him questions. But now I see that you are a fun, interesting young woman that needs to be appreciated."

Ashlee sighs, "I never used to believe that about myself."

Roxie shakes her head, "Didn't your mother ever tell you how about special you were?"

Ashlee sighs, "No. I never felt good enough. I felt like I was the part of her life she was embarrassed about. Always making excuses. Going out to parties and telling people I was home sick. Then when they'd meet me, she always apologized for my appearance. My hair was never right and my makeup never looked good."

Roxie sighs, "I'm sorry honey."

Ashlee wipes a tear then turns to hug Roxie.

Roxie rolls her eyes in her frustration of Ashlee's strong hug.


Lewis Enterprises:


All of the Lewis Men are working late.

Shayne walks in with some files, "Hey how about after this we stop by Towers and get a quick meal?"

Bill shakes his head, "No my forgetful cousin. That place is filled with people from Spaulding Enterprises."

Josh sighs, "Oh that is tonight isn't it?"

Billy laughs, "Well those Spauldings have no idea what's coming to them. Our company is already skyrocketing."

Bill smiles, "Well Dad you know it's never been a secret that Lewis hard work will always trump the Spaulding's money."

Josh nods, "That's what makes this business worth it. Knowing that we built it and we earned everything. And we did it as a family."

Billy smiles, "And one day it's gonna be you two."

Shayne laughs, "Well that's a while away. Because you and my Dad still have a lot to do to get us ready. Especially since Bill has been to busy for the office lately."

The men laugh.

Bill nods, "Well I have a wedding to plan. I'm not used to this. I married Olivia in a jail cell. And I married Ava in Vegas."

Billy laughs, "Well this time we'll have time to plan your bachelor party!"

The guys all share a laugh.




Michelle is over at Marah's.

Marah is designing her wedding dress.

Marah smiles, "I'm so excited! I mean not only is my best friend getting married. But you're getting married to my cousin! This is going to be beautiful!"

Michelle grins, "Well with you designing my dress I know I'm gonna look beautiful."

Marah smiles, "Are you nervous?"

Michelle shakes her head, "No. No way. It's Bill. I've known him my whole life. He's been my best friend since I was a kid. I don't get nervous over Bill."

Marah laughs, "Geez Michelle, you act like you guys are just friends."

Michelle quickly shakes her head, "No, no, no. I just mean that I'm comfortable with him, my family loves him, my kids adore him, it all just makes sense."

Marah smiles, "That's good. Love has never made sense for me."

Michelle sighs, "It didn't used to for me. Danny and I seemed like total opposites. And there were a million reasons for us not to be together. But there was one reason to be together. Love."

Marah grins, "That's like me and Jeffrey. Also how I felt about Tony. Tony was my first love. You never forget your first love."

Michelle shakes her head, "Nope."

Marah turns to Michelle, "So who was your first love?"

Michelle's mind immediately goes to Jesse.


Harley walks over with Cyrus.

Harley looks at him, "That was rude."

He is confused, "What?"

She scoffs, "Don't say 'what'. You saw that I was about to talk with Gus and you got between us."

Cyrus shakes his head, "Why should I worry about Gus you two aren't together."

Harley looks at him, "And neither are we."

Cyrus hates hearing her say that.

Across the room Olivia approaches Gus, "Hey."

He turns to her, "Hi."

She sighs, "I see you were talking with Harley."

Gus nods, "Yeah I was just catching up or about too."

Olivia looks at him, "Will I ever get an answer from you?"

Gus sighs, "I just need more time. I need to think about things."

She shakes her head, "You need to think about Harley. I can't be your rebound."

Gus shakes his head, "It's not that. I have other things."

Olivia looks at him, "Is there someone else? Besides me and Harley?"

Just then the elevator doors open and Susan walks in.

She's dressed down and obviously not aware that there was an event going on.

Gus gets nervous seeing Harley, Olivia and Susan all in the same room.


Across the room Alan is talking with some people.

Rafe walks over, "Hey Granddad."

Alan turns, "Raphael. How are you? I hope I can count on your vote."

Rafe scoffs, "I couldn't count on yours for Liz. You clearly doubted me."

Alan nods, "Of course you two are just kids. You'll understand when your older."

Rafe scoffs, "Oh I'll get it when I'm older? You hear that everyone?"

Rafe gets up on the bar.

All eyes are now on Rafe.



Roxie sits waiting for Ashlee.

She's clearly impatient.

Ashlee walks out, "What do you think?"

Roxie throws on a fake smile, "Oh my God! Honey you look just beautiful. Stunning."

Ashlee grins, "Really?"

Roxie nods, "Oh yeah. I love the dress you picked out. I think I have one like this."

She nods, "Yeah I love that dress on you. So I wanted to see how this looked on me."

Roxie grins, "Well I am flattered. It looks better on you."

Ashlee shakes her head, "I wouldn't say better. But I think I look like you a little."

Roxie nods, "Oh yeah I see it."

Ashlee turns to her, "You are just so great Roxie. I think I'm gonna ask them to hold this dress for me."

Roxie shakes her head, "Why not buy it?"

Ashlee sighs, "I can't afford it right now."

Roxie shakes her head, "Nonsense. It's my gift to you."

Ashlee sighs, "I couldn't-"

Roxie stops her, "I won't take no for an answer."

An excited Ashlee goes to change.

Roxie scoffs, "What a disgusting basket case. She wishes she looked like me. Oh Doris. You were a horrible parent. It's sad people like you get children. Ashlee always suffered because of you. So I guess she should be used to what's about to come to her."

Roxie has an evil grin on her face.


Michelle is sitting with Marah.

Michelle gets up, "My first love? I can't remember I guess."

Marah looks at her, "We just said you never forget your first love."

Michelle sighs, "Well I didn't really know what true love was before I met Danny."

Marah sighs, "I know who it was. I shouldn't have even asked."

Michelle looks at her, "You do?"

Marah nods, "Bill. You just told me that you've known him since you were kids. It makes sense."

Michelle nods, "Oh... yep."

Marah smiles, "I think it's perfect. I mean your first love is the man that you are gonna spend the rest of your life with."

Michelle nods, "Yeah..."

Marah gets up, "I mean think about it. This guy who you first fell in love with is gonna be the last guy you fall in love with. How beautiful is that? It's amazing. Your first love."

Michelle shakes her head, "Hey, let's not forget about the dress. Let's see what you got so far."

Marah hands Michelle some of her sketches.

Michelle tries to focus but her stomach is in knots.


Rafe looks at the party, "Everyone I need to say something. I think everyone here needs to listen-"

Gus walks over, "That's enough."

Rafe shakes his head, "Dad I got something important to say."

Gus drags him down, "Knock it off Rafe. If this is how you're gonna act, all immature, then leave."

Rafe scoffs, "I'm immature? How can you of all people say that?"

Gus is confused, "What?"

Rafe smiles, "I see how it is."

Rafe heads for the elevator.

Gus doesn't stop him.

Cyrus sits at the bar alone now.

Susan walks over, "You okay?"

Cyrus shakes his head, "Your Mom won't even talk to me."

Susan rubs his back, "I'm sorry. I hope she comes around."

Cyrus nods, "You seem to be doing well. You look clean."

She nods, "I am. Thanks to you."

Cyrus grins, "I'm happy. And I think when my brother is released, maybe you would be good for him. You've sure been loyal. You haven't even been with a guy since he went away."

Susan feels some guilt now.

Across the room Alan sits at a table.


Blake sits next to him, "Hello Alan."

He grins, "Blake I was hoping you'd show up."

She sighs, "Well I think we need to talk. I've been doing my part, voting your way. When am I gonna see some payback. When are you going to help me keep Liz away from Remy?"

Alan smiles at Blake.

Lewis Enterprises:

All the guys are still giving Bill a hard time.

Bill looks at them, "Hey lets not focus on me. What about your love lives? Huh? What about that?"

Billy laughs, "Well things are going just fine with me and your mother thank you. I've never been happier."

Bill looks at Josh, "How about you Uncle Josh? You and Reva back together yet?"

Josh laughs, "No. That's not happening."

Shayne sighs, "You're not still hanging out with Annie are you?"

Josh sighs, "Annie and I are just friends now. Which is very nice. I'm glad to see she's come a long way."

Bill then turns to Shayne but pauses.

Shayne sighs, "You can ask me."

Bill smiles, "So Shayne... any person in your life?"

Shayne laughs, "No person. I haven't been with someone since I broke up with Rocky. I'm just taking some time to pull myself together. I still have some mixed feelings on how it all ended."

Bill nods, "I know what you mean. Ava's locked up in Ravenwood. To think a year ago she was my wife and we were planning our son's future together. It's hard to believe."

Josh looks at them, "Well maybe if you guys would come to church with me more often then you would be able to find other ways to channel your guilt. Plenty of charity work you can do."

Bill laughs, "Well once we get this work done then I'll get to that."

Shayne really is feeling like he needs to find a way to give back.


Mel sits down.

Felicia sits with her.

Mel turns to her mother, "So what your saying is that I might have to force my husband into getting psychological help? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that."

Felicia sighs, "Don't doubt yourself Melissande. You were able to get your husband down here."

Mel nods, "And that was exhausting. How am I supposed to make him do this stuff?"

Felicia sighs, "If this doctor can confirm a few things then you will be able to help get Alan Michael help whether he agrees to it or not."

Mel shakes her head, "Like he's a crazy person?"

Felicia scoffs, "Melissande you know better than to use terms like that. This is serious."

She cries, "You don't think I know this is serious? My husband is losing his mind! He's falling a part and there is not a damn thing I can do to stop it! I know this is serious."

Felicia hugs her, "I'm sorry Baby. You don't deserve this."

Mel shakes her head, "When I left Rick I felt so much stronger. I felt like I could take on the world. Now I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me."

Mel cries in her mother's arms.


Alan looks at Blake, "Right now you have nothing to worry about Liz is caught up in the business."

Blake nods, "But now that's she's lost she will have more time to get closer to Remy."

Alan smiles, "Don't you worry Blake. I have a good plan. Just stick with me and you'll have Remy Boudreau all to yourself."

Blake smiles at Alan.

Across the room Gus pulls Susan aside, "Why are you hear?"

She sighs, "I didn't know this was going on."

Gus looks at her, "It's just awkward."

Susan sighs, "Gus we ended our thing. What are we supposed to do never see each other again?"

Gus shushes her, "Let's go out to the balcony and talk."

The two step outside.

Rafe walks back into the building just and sees them leave.

He smiles, "Perfect."

Liz walks over, "I got your text. They set the projector up. But I don't get why? It's to late for presentations."

Rafe shakes his head, "Not this one. I call it hypocrisy."

He hands her a DVD and she goes to put it in.

Rafe stands on the bar, "Everyone! May I have your attention please? I have something you need to hear."

Harley walks over, "Rafe you need to get down."

Rafe grins, "No. Everyone needs to understand. You see Liz and I have been treated like a joke. Because we're so young and don't get what it is to run a company. Bull! We were honest. We confessed our past. Liz confessed her past with her ex husband. I brought up my time in juvie. But how many of you still have secrets. I got one for you. A video I found at the Bauer Cabin."

The projector starts.

It shows Gus and Susan during their withdrawal when they were locked in the cabin.

They are making out.

Rafe grins, "Look at them! Did they share this with you all? Olivia did you know?"

Olivia can't believe her eyes.

Cyrus turns to Olivia, they didn't have any idea that happened that night.

Harley's stares in complete shock and disbelief.

The love of her life and her daughter.

Just then Susan and Gus walk in unaware of why all eyes are on them.


Gus and Susan try to explain themselves!

Bill and Shayne discuss family and the future

Edmund visits Ava

Roxie further manipulates Ashlee

Alexandra has words for Mel

The CEO candidates prepare


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  • Members

Yummy, this keeps getting more and more interesting.

Jay, do you know if something is the matter with the blog? This has been posted since July 28 and it finally showed up today (09-09-09).

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  • Members

There have been problems with dates/episodes/posting etc. I'm trying to get it worked out. I'm still getting used to the chagnes on the boards.

I expect to have everything worked out by the end of the week.

Glad you enjoyed FTL!!!!

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  • Members

Oo Gus and Harley a couple now?

Shame on you Mel. I will never forgive u for this. You know how bad ur hubby wanted this. I know if I were in his show, it woulde be over between us

What is Roxie up to with Ashlee?

Do u ever think ur cast is too big?

I really love how solid these families are on ur blog and how well defined the roles are and Lewis vs Spualding. It's like on Dynasty or Dallas. I love it

O I c, harley is still with Cyrus? But I know she longs for Gus. I do too.

Oh my what evilness does Roxie have for Ashlee. I like both characters I hope She dont hurt Ashlee This is almost too much for me

Remy and liz? Now thats hot. Blake and Alan working together so she can get with remy? Wow/ Why so?

SHUT THE [!@#$%^&*] UP GUS AND SUSAN? OMG I AM STUNNED!!!! AND NOW EVERYONE KNOWS. I was going to quit reading for the evening but I may have to come back to see what happens. GREAT EPISODE JAY!!! U r on fire

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  • Members

Gus and Harley are very close to reuniting... or were.

Mel made a huge mistake. She went about everything the wrong way. Mel and AM have a lot of growing to do. And unfortunately they probably can't do it together.

Oh yeah the cast is big. But this is the time of year when it gets very big right before many exits take place.

Oh yes Lewis vs. Spauldings will probably never end.

Roxie knows what she is doing to Ashlee is wrong but she is justifying it in her head.

Alan approached Blake with the idea. But part of it is Blake really wanting to get in touch with her bad girl side again.

OH YES!!! Finally everyone knows about Gus and Susan. All I can say is pay close attention. This is one of those moments that sends all the characters in different directions.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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