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Monday March 9 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

A very pregnant Jennifer walks into the Brady Pub. She sits at a table. Hope comes, and sits across from her.

Hope: Hey Jen. How are you?

Jennifer: Tired. What about you?

Hope: Good.

Jennifer: Ok, can we stop with the fake talk?

Hope: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: Well, both our marriages are falling apart.

Sami knocks on the door of the DiMera mansion. Valerie answers.

Sami: Oh, great. It’s you.

Valerie: It’s always a pleasure to see you.

Sami looks at her pregnant stomach.

Sami: Imagine you as a mother.

Valerie: Oh shut up, Sami. You’re just upset that your precious brother knocked me up.

Sami: My brother slept with you while he was drunk. What does that tell you?

Valerie: Oh just shut up. Why the hell are you here anyway?

Sami: I’m looking for EJ!

EJ comes down the stairs.

EJ: Hello, Samantha.

Nicole is in Scotty’s apartment. Scotty comes out of his room.

Scotty: Good morning.

He kisses her.

Nicole: Good morning.

Scotty: Where are you going so early?

Nicole: I’m meeting Rebecca for breakfast.

Scotty: Oh, could I join you?

Nicole: Oh, stop. You have Benjamin to watch.

Scotty: Fine. But bring me back some French toast.

Nicole: I will.

She opens the door, just as Julie is about to knock.

Julie: Good, you’re leaving.

Nicole: Always a pleasure to see you.

Anna walks into the Penthouse Grill. She sits at a table with Isabella.

Anna: So, how was your date?

Isabella: I’m starting to think that maybe I’m past the dating thing.

Anna: No! Why do you say that?

Isabella: Maybe because every guy you have set me up with turns out to be a complete loser! They all talk about how the economy sucks, how their ex-wives won’t stop bugging them, and how they never see their kids!

Anna: Sorry. If I knew they were all like that, I wouldn’t have set you up with them.

Isabella: It’s not your fault; you were just trying to help.

Anna: What if I set you up with one more guy?

Isabella: No thanks. I’ve had enough for a while now.

Anna: What if I told you this guy is not going to ruin the date?

Isabella: Who is he?

Hope and Jennifer are sitting at a table in the Brady Pub.

Hope: Jen, your marriage is not falling apart.

Jennifer: Hope, I told you about the situation between Jack and me.

Hope: You guys are going through a rough patch right now. You’re pregnant, and you have had a couple scares. You guys are just going through a rough patch; it’ll pass.

Jennifer: Well, what about you and Bo? How is that going?

Hope: We are getting to a point where we can actually get along for long periods of time.

Jennifer: I really hope that your rough patch passes.

Hope: I don’t know. A part of me wants to go back to him, but they had an affair! They had a child!

Jennifer: Hope, they lost a child that they thought had been dead. They were both in a horrible place, and were the only ones that could comfort each other.

Hope: I know that. And I thought I could try again with him, but I still can’t get over something I did.

Hope has a flashback: Paul and Hope are in Hope’s bed, kissing. They take each other’s clothes off, and start making love.

Jennifer: What is it?

Sami, EJ, and Valerie are in the foyer of the DiMera mansion.

Sami: Why you choose you live in this nut house is beyond me. But whatever.

EJ: Johnny and Alexis will be right down.

Sami: Good. Um, can you pick them up tomorrow from pre-school?

EJ: Sure. You busy?

Sami: Yes, I have to help my sister with something.

EJ: Ok, it’s no problem.

Sami: Ok, I should be here around 7:00 tomorrow to pick them up.

EJ: Sure. Um, Samantha, can I talk to you privately?

Sami looks at Valerie.

Valerie: Fine I’ll leave! I’ll go call Eric.

Sami gives her a nasty look.

Sami: I could just kill her!

EJ: Um, you can do that later.

Sami laughs.

Sami: So what do we have to talk about? Is it the twins?

EJ: No, it’s about you and me.

Nicole sits at a table in the Penthouse Grill. Rebecca sits with her.

Nicole: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey. How are you?

Nicole: I am great. Scotty and I are-

Rebecca: Great, great. I have a problem.

Nicole: What? Oh Lord, is this about Brady?

Rebecca: Of course it is! I need to tell him about our child!

Nicole: I already told you that isn’t such a great idea! I mean come on! You guys dated in high school! Do you think Brady is going to run to you when he finds out you hid a child from him for 17 years?

Rebecca: I did what I thought was best at the time.

Nicole: Look, he is in love with Carrie. Why are you going to ruin his life?

Rebecca: So now it would not be the right thing?

Nicole: Ha! The right thing! The right thing! Are you joking?! I’m sorry, I’m your friend and all, but you hid a child from him for 17 years! I think were a little late for “the right thing”.

Rebecca: I guess your right.

Nicole: Then again, secretes do have a nasty way of coming out.

Rebecca: Are you just going to be against everything I decide?

Nicole: No! I’m just saying.

Rebecca: I am in such a hole!

Nicole: Well, maybe if you did the right thing back then, you wouldn’t be in this hole.

Rebecca: Well, guess what? I didn’t do the right thing! I’m not going to dwell on the past.

Nicole: Good idea, just keep digging this hole deeper for yourself.

Sami and EJ are in the foyer of the DiMera mansion.

Sami: What do you mean?

EJ: I want to know if you would be interested in going out sometime.

Sami: EJ, I really don’t know if we should go there again. I mean, you know your father.

EJ: I will make sure nothing happens to you.

Sami: Did you say that to Carly too?

Valerie brings Johnny and Alexis down the stairs.

Johnny: Mommy!

Sami: Hey guys. Did you have fun?

Alexis: Yes. We drew you a picture!

Sami: Great! I can’t wait to see it!

EJ bends down, and kisses them both.

EJ: Have fun.

He gets back up, and kisses Sami on the cheek.

EJ: Please reconsider it.

Sami: Tomorrow night at 8:00.

EJ smiles, as Sami and the twins leave.

Valerie: What the hell is tomorrow night at 8:00?

EJ laughs.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Stefano sits across from Marleana at a table in Chez Rouge.

Marleana: What can you possibly have to tell me?

Stefano: It’s about John.

Scotty and Julie are in Scotty’s apartment.

Julie: This has gone on for too long! It’s time to dump the gold digger!

Hope and Jennifer are in the Brady Pub.

Jennifer: Hope, did you cheat on Bo, too?


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