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Episode#300: Surgery




Episode#300: Surgery

-Sami sits in her cell inside the jail, and she continues to think about how she doesn’t belong here….she looks up when she hears a person say “Hey…mom…” and she looks up to see Will!

-At Bo’s house…Megan and Bo are revealed to be lying together! They are both under the covers, and Megan says how this has been the best night of her life, and the first step of her life is complete…she ushers Bo to go to sleep, and thinks to herself how she hates it but she has to leave, to continue on with her plan….

-Valentine’s husband is revealed to be an alive Andre DiMera, the look-a-like cousin of Tony and psycho, who was thought to be killed by Tony in 2006!

-Stefano, at the DiMera Mansion, laughs as he says that Tony must be dead by now!

-Mike looks down at Alexis in shock, and he sees the knife in her back and how much blood is all over her clothes, and he says they need to get this knife out of her fast, and try to stitch up the wounds before they lose her…Jeremy asks if its possible that she’ll live, and Mike nods, but says they have to start now. He rushes Alexis off with nurses at his side…

-Lexie tells Tony and Billie that Peter’s going to have to go into surgery, and as a tear runs down her cheek she says this doesn’t look good….she tells Tony to please call Stefano and everyone down at the DiMera Mansion, because they are going to need to be here…she then takes Peter off to surgery!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Eugenia is silent for a moment after Lucas’s question, and she slowly says yes, she got pregnant while in another country…Lucas asks if she’s married or with someone, and Eugenia laughs and tells him no, her baby’s father was only a brief fling…she says she’s well along, and the baby’s due in a few months!

-Victor tells Justin that with the DiMera’s conquering Alamain, they won’t be able to take it over! Justin tries to say that maybe they can find a way to still make the takeover happen, but Victor shakes his head….however he says that the DiMera’s always fall, and when they do, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces of Alamain! Victor and Justin then leave Victor’s office.

-As Peter is taken to surgery, Tony sighs and tells Billie as they go out into the waiting room that he had better call his family, even if they do despise him. He takes out his phone, and meanwhile, Kate arrives at the hospital! Crystal follows, and Kate asks what she’s doing here, and Crystal tells Kate she wants to see if Peter will survive. They both watch Tony and Billie!

-Sami is shocked to see Will visiting her in jail! She jumps up and happily greets him and asks him what he’s doing here, and he says he just thought he’d come visit her, since he hasn’t seen her in awhile. Sami thanks him for coming and she says she misses him so much, and she wishes he would have come seen her more often while she was free, and Will tells her he has his own stuff to deal with. Sami then tries to lecture him on the Arianna situation, but Will tells her he won’t have this, and he says she has no room to talk, she killed Marlena!

-Bo falls asleep, and Megan takes her wig off, and tries to wipe the makeup off, and comments how she hates having to dress up like Hope…but in the future, she won’t have to. Megan kisses Bo one more time before she heads out, but as she walks out the front door a few minutes later…she opens it to see Kristen!

-Andre tells Valentine that he is back in Salem, and ready to wreak havoc…he says that last time, he tried but didn’t succeed….he says that this time, he’s going to make everyone in Salem pay….and she’s going to stick around to watch and help!

-Alexis is in a hospital room, and Mike prepares to try to take out the knife and stitch up her wounds before she loses too much blood….Alexis is still barely conscious, and she looks up at Mike and manages to ask him to save her….Mike promises Alexis he won’t let her die, before telling the nurses to sedate her! After they do, and Alexis is finally unconscious, Mike begins to work!

-Lexie has Peter on the operating table, and she begins to cry as she promises him that he’s going to be alright, she’ll save him, she has to…Lexie then starts to perform the surgery, with many doctors and nurses beside her!

-Stefano continues to relish in the fact that Crystal’s probably killed Tony, but he suddenly gets a phone call, and is SHOCKED when he hears Tony’s voice on the other side of it! Tony tells him he knows they aren’t on the best terms, but filled him in on what happens, and Stefano is enraged and says he’ll be down at the hospital right away!

-Eugenia tells Lucas that despite some problems with the baby’s father, she’s so happy to have a little bundle of joy on the way. Lucas and Eugenia continue to discuss her pregnancy, and she asks why he’s living in such a large mansion…and he tells her about the situation with Jan, and Eugenia says she’s so sorry, and comforts him before leaving!

-Sami claims to Will that she DIDN’T kill Marlena, but Will begs her to stop lying, saying this is her son she’s talking to! Sami begs him to believe HER, saying that he has to believe her! Will sighs and says he should’ve known she’d never change, and he has bigger things on his mind! Will leaves, and Sami breaksdown crying!

-Kristen asks Megan what the hell she’s doing at Bo’s house, and she sees that she has some smeared make up on her face, and asks her if she pulled anything…Megan simply says no, she was just watching her man…she asks Kristen what she’s doing here, and Kristen replies that her and Bo are friends, she was just coming to visit him…but she’s interrupted when her phone rings, she answers it and then yells “WHAT?! NO!” before saying she’ll be right there, and she says to Megan:

Kristen:Peter’s been shot, he’s at the hospital!

Megan’s eyes widen, and she and Kristen then run off!

-Lexie emotionally operates on Peter, and she tries to get the bullet out, but as she works a doctor says this isn’t looking good….Lexie says he’ll be fine, she can get the bullet out and they can save him….the surgery continues, but soon the doctor tells Lexie that this doesn’t look good, he’s sorry but her brother may not make it!

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So glad to see will visiting his mother.

Andre is Vals hubby, WOW1!!

What is it with Eugenia all of a sudden?

Andre has a vendetta? Interesting. Who is Salem doesn’t have one?

POOR POOR PETER!!! SO mad he is leaving

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