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Ready2Die! Season Finale!!



In an undisclosed Location

Mona and Ashley both are at a loss for words as they realize Sharan and Rufus have escaped.


"This can't be happening. " Mona falls to her knees.

"I can't believe she betrayed me."


"I told you she was playing you."

Mona, wiping a tear from her eye,

"Why don't you get the hell out of here? Our time together has come to an end."


"Mona, I'm sorry,.. I didn't mean too-.."


"I don't want to hear it. My baby has betrayed me. I love her. She told me she would stand by me. It was all lies."


"Mona I am so sorry."

Mona, pulling out a gun as she stands back up,

"I told you to get the hell out! You are on your own. I am taking no prisoners now. You better hope you catch Rufus."


"Will do, Mona thank you for everything and-"

Mona, putting the gun against her Ashley's head,

"You think I'm playing don't you? The game is up. It's time to end all of this. I am sick of everything. I am sick of life. I don't want to live like this no more. It all ends here. Starting with you leaving or I'll shoot you and your son."

Ashley, holding Bryan jr the 1st closer to her, takes heed to Mona's warning, and leaves the undisclosed location. Mona closes the door behind her. She then sits at the table and pulls out a sac of weed from her afro, as Abe comes too and begins to cough.

Abe, barely able to speakblair.jpg

"What is going on?"

Mona, breaking her weed down as memories of being tied up and molested by her "step father" run rampant through her head. Tears begin to fall from her eyes. She wipes her tears not wanting to show Abe her wet pain. She continues to break her weed down so she can smoke it,

"It's time for the big payback. I am sick of this life. I am sick of pain. I am tired of being hurt. I don't even know who I am as a woman thanks to you." She licks up her blunt and lights it up, holding in the smoke, hoping it will ease her pain.


"I-..I'm sorry."

Mona, inhaling and exhaling

"It' too late for all of that Abraham. I don't know my mother, my brothers and now my real father." She continues to smoke as the tears still fall down her face.

"It all ends here Abe. Tonight. I am done with all of this and it's time to close the chapter." She ashes her blunt and walks up to Abe and looks into his eyes. He looks back at her.


"You're going to kill me? Then do it. I deserve to die." He says with tears forming in his eyes as his guilt haunts him on the inside." Just kill me and be done with it. I am ready to die"

Mona, chuckling a little bit

"I can't make it that easy. I wouldn't be Mona if I did." She walks over to her black magic bag of tricks and pulls out a large strap on. She smacks the dildo in Abe's face.


"What the hell is that?"


"It's called a dildo. A strap on. Or I like to call it the golden rule. Do unto others as you would do unto them." Mona pulls out a remote and pushes play on the stereo. The song "The big Payback" by the late James Brown begins to play.

Abe, slowly realizing what is about to happen to him,

"I know I have no right to ask anything of you, but please just kill me now."

Mona, then stuffs Abe's mouth with Rufus's dick that she sees on the ground.

"Suck on that bitch. I am tired of talking. No more games.' She says as she rips her clothes of her body to reveal a G-string that she is wearing. Mona then reaches down in her bag of tricks and pulls out a whip. She cracks the whip and then slaps Abe with it, like a slave on a cotton plantation. Abe hollers out in pain. Mona then wraps the strap on holder around her waist and then takes the dildo and puts it in place. She turns Abe on his stomach, who was laying on his back. Abe begins to holler out for his manhood.


"Don't holler out now. You deserve this." Mona then gets on top of her stepfather and jams the dildo into his ass. Abe screams so hard, he loses his voice. Mona smiles, as she feels some sort of relief, finally doing something to Abe she's vowed to do to him, raping him ,just like he used to rape her. She begins to burst into a flurry of tears and laughter at the same time on

The Season 2 finale of


Episode 100!!!!:Ready to DIE!!!!

Executive Producer: ML Cooks

Co-Executive Producer: Tara Smith

Written by ML Cooks

Co Head Writer: Durand Saint Hilaire

Consults: Monique Cooks, and Matt P

Meanwhile, What Mona doesn't know, is that Sharan and Rufus have crawled up into a hole up to a 2nd floor it seems from the undisclosed location. Sharan pulls Rufus, whom is unconscious at this point up through the hole of the floor. Sharan looks around and sees what seems to be like some one's basement. She stands up and sees a stair case.

jhg.jpg"Rufus, I'm going to get help. I'll be back." She sheds a tear looking at Rufus, who just got his dick chopped off. mhgfcmhg.jpgShe hurries up the stairs and opens up the door. The house is darkened with a foul odor.

"Smell like death in here" She makes her way around the house to find the front door. She finds it and opens it and steps outside. She realizes she is across the street from the William house. Sharan is stunned that she was so close to the Williams house. She looks back at the house she came out of and she realizes it was Miss Jenkins House, the one Sister Patterson is so protective of. Sharan nearly faints but gets a hold of herself, realizing help is what she needs. She decides not to run over to the Williams house, not knowing what to make of the connection of Sister Paterson, and Miss Jenkins, and being held captive beneath Miss Jenkins basement. She decides to try and find Dondre.

Can I get a witness West coast Baptist Churchdigitaljess001.jpg

Sabryn is sitting in a chair in front of a mirror while Ria, quietly does her hair. Sabryn looks up in Ria's face and can tell she is upset at Jodie's death.


"I really am so sorry for the loss of Jodie. She really seems liked a nice woman."


"Girl you gone make me cry and mess up my make-up."


"It feels kind of strange getting married today."


"You have been waiting for this day for a long time. God has plans for all of us girl. You deserve this. You have a family with Bryan , so it's time to make it official."

Sabryn, smiling

"I guess you're right. Bryan and I have been through so much."


"But you got through it all. I wish I had a love like that."


"You did."


"I know and I messed up. And now he's with some whi-" She catches her self looking in the mirror at Sabryn.


"What's the matter?


"Alexis. Karim is with Alexis now."


"Do you still love Karim?"


"Karim will always hold a place in my heart. But I've moved on. I got my eye on this doctor, girl."

Patti then comes barging in,patti_labelle-1.jpg

"Sorry I am late darlings"

Sabryn's jaw drops as she sees Patti Labelle. Ria rolls her eyes.


"Oh my god, It's Patti Labelle. What are you doing here? You're here for my wedding?"


"My daughter hasn't told you? "

Sabryn, raising an eyebrow

"Daughter?…" She looks at Ria.


"Sabryn, Patti Labelle is my mother ok?"


"This is a joke right?"


"No, darling. Ria is embarrassed of me."

Sabryn, giving Patti a hug,

"I had no idea. I just can't believe this. I am a huge fan. You have a great voice."


"Thank you darling. So this is the big day huh? Tying the knot. Oh, I am so happy for you." She says giving her another hug.


"Ok that's enough, We were busy mother. You can just go out there in the church and let it be known that the great "Patti Patti" is here."


"That's right darling" …Breaking into song.."Say my name"

Sabryn, knowing what that means and joins in on the song,

"Patti Patti…."


"Oh Darling, you got you a nice voice as well."


"That's enough, I was doing her hair."

Patti, looking up at Sabryn's half done hair,

"OOh, honey, I hope not."


"What's the matter? You don't like it?"

Ria, sucking her teeth

"Excuse me?"


"Honey, sit in this chair and Miss Patti will make it better." Patti bumps her daughter out the way to sit Sabryn down.

Ria, shaking her head and is about to say something smart until Sister Patterson barges in by screaming "Halleluiah.!!!!"ilny_4_36.jpg Sabryn, and Patti look at her like she's crazy. Ria, used to Crazy Patterson's outlandish tone is not faded and yawns. Sister Patterson looks at Patti, She slowly walks into the room and over toward Patti Labelle. Sister Patterson sizes up Patti. Patti, realizing what this seemingly psycho woman with a receding hairline is sizing her up and Patti does the same. Sabryn and Ria watch with interest, and wonder what is going to happen between Sister Patterson vs. Patti Labelle.

Meanwhile, back underneath Miss Jenkins Basement1164119_151317.jpg

Mona, getting tired and low on energy, and with blood pouring out of Abe's a$$hole decides to stop her strange justice against her step dad. She gets off of him and takes off the strap on. She sit back down at the table and lights up her blunt again. She laughs, watching Abe laying on the bed, unconscious. As Mona smokes, more memories come back to haunt her and she speaks on them.

"Remember the last day we saw one another. It was such a tragedy. You tried to get rid of me. You tired to erase your guilt and hide from the world the true you. A sick child molester." She begins to burst into tears.

"I'm crazy because of what you did to me. Every single day, I have memories of you raping me, night after night! I hate you! I hope you rot in hell. " She wipe more tears.

"You tried to erase me by burning me alive and then when I didn't die then, you buried a hole in the ground and threw me in there. Well look at me now mutha fu(ker Back from the dead, and alive and well. I survived all of that. All of it, just to do the same thing to you. I want you to know how it feels to have your skin melt. It's a fu(king wrap Abe." Mona throw her blunt down, and lets the anger get the better of her. She reaches into her magic bag of tricks and pulls out a can of gasoline and pours it all over Abe.

"Son of a bitch! Sweet revenge. I love it. " Mona grabs Abe's body and drags it outside, through the tunnel that leads up to the ground.

Back at Can I get a witness West Coast Baptist Church

Bryan stands in the mirror fixing his tie as Kiko stands in the back of him, sipping on champagne.


"Congratulations Bryan."


"Thanks man. This has been long in the making. Sabryn and I have gotten over some very rough times but we've made it and I could not be happier." Just then Dre barges in. Kiko and Bryan are both surprised to see how well Dondre cleans up in a suite. Dre is not to thrilled to see his brother.


"You look handsome Dondre. I don't think I've ever seen you in a suite before."


"Well this aint nothing big man. Don't make a big deal out of it alright?"


"You're acting strange. Why are you sweating like that?"


"Nothing is the matter man. Can you leave me the hell alone!?"


"Something is not right with you man. ..Bryan, I just came in here to wish you luck and a congratulations"


"Thanks man it means a lot to me."

Kiko then looks at his older brother one more time before leaving. Once Kiko leaves, Dre breathes a sigh of relief. Bryan, also notices that Dre is acting strange.

"I don't want to keep harping on you but are you sure you ok?"


"Yea man, everything is ok. I just get uncomfortable being in a suite and it's hot as hell in here."


"I guess it's time. You got the rings?"


"Oh sh!t bruh, I pawned them"

Bryan's jaw drops in shock,

"Tell me your joking."

Dre ,smiling

"I am playing man. Sh'mone, lets do this. Let's make you a husband bruh." Bryan takes a deep breath and walks into the church to meet and greet the guest which include, Alexis ,Ladonna, Karim, Kevin, Daniel, Ty, and Jenn.

Mona is driving her car on the highway with Abe in the passenger seat. She pulls up to the area where her bunker once stood. She puts the car in park and then looks over at Abe. He wakes up. His body is going into shock and begins to shiver. He slowly looks around and has a feeling in his soul that this is it. He leans his head back and closes his eyes.

"I know this means nothing to you, but I want you to know I am sorry."

Mona continues to sit in silence, eyes watering up again. She wipes her cheek and then gets out of the car. She walks around the passenger side and pushes Abe toward the driver's seat. After positioning her step father firmly in the drivers seat she steps back and takes in the scene. Abe, about to meet his maker. Mona is about to deliver her ultimate payback to Abe. Once she lets the scene marinate on her mind, she then walks over toward the car. She reaches in and puts the car in drive. As the car slowly drifts toward the cliff, Mona lights up a match and throws inside the car so it can land on Abe. Abe immediately lights up into a fire. The car makes it to the cliff, going to slow for Mona, she runs over and gives the car a little push. The car finally falls of the cliff and lands 200 feet below, crashing back into earth, bursting in a ball of fire. Mona looking over the cliff, watches with a smile on her face, as the car burns with Abe in it. Mona is so over whelmed with emotion, she falls back onto the ground. She looks up toward the sky,

"Thanks you." She burst into tears as she continues to look up at the heavens.

"Thank you. It's over. It's all over." She stands back up and walks over toward the cliff to get one last look at Abe's fiery death. Being complete, having come full circle, Mona casually walks away, headed back to Pasadena on foot.

Back at the Church

Sister Patterson stops looking at Patti and looks at Ria.



"Say what?"

Sister Patterson

"Miss, Labelle, I do like your music. You should join my gospel choir. If you don't mind, this is my God's house, and he doesn't not like jezebels like this tramp here. You should not surround yourself with such trash any way. It's time go to work." Sister Patterson grabs Ria's arm but Patti then pulls the sister off of Ria.


"Darling, I don't know who you think you are, but if you talk about my daughter like that again, there will be smoke in the city."

Sister Patterson

"Your daughter?"


"Yea you crazy bat, this is my mother. How you like them apples?"

Sister Patterson

"I can see it now. You two got that same big forehead."

Patti gasps


"Girl Please, you have to wear wigs to keep up with that receding hairline."


"Alright stop. This is getting out of control."


"You can say that again. Sorry darling. It's a shame we had to be subject to some crazy woman's charade." Patti heads out of the room.

Sister Patterson

"I don't care who your mother is…" Sabryn pushes Ria out the room and then Sabryn runs out as well and closes the door behind her. She locks the door, locking Sister Patterson in the room.


"Girl you are crazy. Some one need to lock that wild bat up."


"She messing with Miss Patti and Miss Patti doesn't go for that. She ought to be a shamed of her self for acting like that." They walk down the hall, as Sister Patterson bangs on the door

"You dumb devils. How dare you do this to me? I'll get all of yens!"

Miss Jenkins House

Rufus is laying on the basement floor. He can hear some one slowly walking down the stairs with a bright flashlight. Rufus tries to open his eyes to see who it is. The person gasps at seeing Rufus's bloody "nub".

Rufus, whispering

"Help me."

Person responding back,

"How the hell did you get in my house?"


"Please help me, who are you?"

"Miss Jenkins. Mable Madea Jenkins honey. "madea.jpg

Rufus passes out again.

Back at the church

Kiko, who is sitting next to Daniel, notices that he keeps checking his watch.

"Is everything ok?"


"I hope so. Lauren told me she would meet me here. I just thought she would be here by now."


"You try calling her cell phone?"


"No, I mean, she dropped hers last night in the toilet."

Kiko frowns up.


"Don't ask. But she was out getting a new one."


"There probably busy at the cell phone place."


"You're right"

Standing by the minister are Bryan and Dre. Dre notices Daniel looking at his watch repetitively. Dre begins to sweat a little more and tries to avoid making eye contact.

Kiko, watching his brother, knows something is wrong with Dre.

"My brother, sure is acting strange."

Daniel, now looking at Dre

"Why do you say that?"


"Something is way off, I just can feel it."

Meanwhile Karim is sitting in the middle of LaDonna and Alexis. Alexis, who doesn't understand why Karim's secretary is here as well decides to ask him about it.

Alexis-Thorpe-0006.jpg"Can I talk to you?"


"Are you going to keep lying to me?"


"How many times do I have to tell you, it was my TV. And I was in the shower."


"I know what I heard. I heard you arguing with someone and I heard a baby crying. You are hiding something from me. I don't think we have much else to say to one another."

Alexis shakes her head in frustration and feels like she could shoot her self in the foot for dealing with Ashley and her schemes.

DASH.jpgLadonna gives Alexis a low key smile, she's smiling because she is happy that her sexy boss and his girlfriend are having yet another problem.

0000034379_20061020195038.jpgTy, sitting by himself wonders where Jenn is. Santino then walks in and comes over toward him, grabbing a seat.

"Seems like you have been gone forever."


"Sorry boss. Something came up." He has a flashback of sleeping with h is boss's woman.


"Things have changed. I need you to take care of this now."


"You got it boss. What do you need?"

Ty leans in towards his henchman's ear and whispers a few things in his ear.

In the front of the church, Karl is outside smoking a cigarette. He sees Jenn running up toward the entrance. He steps in her way, stopping her.

0b202f20.jpg"In a hurry?"


"I am actually Karl now if you will excuse me"


"Why are you late? You had to clean your self up I suppose?"


"What the hell are you talking about?"


"I know what you did."


"You know nothing you jerk. Just stop trying to cause trouble." She tries to brush aside him but then he whips out a photo he took of Jenn and Santino and their 69. Jenn's face turns red.



"Slut." He laughs. "I knew you were sleeping with that Latin boy. Now I have proof." He laughs in her face.

Back inside, Kiko gets up to go to the men's room.

Ty looks at Santino and nods his head, giving him the signal it's time. Santino gets up and follows Kiko. Once Kiko is inside the men's room, Santino comes up behind with a gun.

"Don't say a fu(kin word word pretty boy. Just walk out of this church peacefully. You got that?"


"Whatever you say man." Santino jams the gun into Kiko's back and escorts him out of the church.

Ty gets a text on his phone that reads "Done". He smiles as he looks at Dre.

"Check mate" Ty says aloud.

The wedding FINALLY begins as the cue music for the bride to walks down the aisle plays. Everyone stands up and looks toward the back of the church. The media all takes snap shots of Sabryn's gorgeous self designed wedding dress. Bryan and Sabryn make eye contact and smile at each other. Sabryn slowly begins to walk down the aisle.

Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg


"This is a sick joke right?"


"I kid you not. Your baby is alive. He didn't die."


"How do you know this?"


"Because I helped planned all of this out."


"Plan, help, who are you working with ?"


"Ashley. Ashley has your baby. She took him from you and is passing him off as her own." Natalia is stunned.

Back at the Church.

The minister is speaking,

"If there is anyone who feel this young couple should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." Bryan gets a little nervous. Then suddenly, the back doors opens and Ashley barges in with Bryan Jr the 1st.

"I do!!!"

Everyone looks at Ashley in complete disbelief. Bryan nearly pisses his pants looking at Ashley and

Sabryn is fired up with shock and anger, knowing her wedding day is now ruined. Just before any one else can react, Sharan barges in. Kevin is speech less


"Help me!"

genuwine1.jpgKevin slowly walks over to her.

Then Daniel gets a call on his cell phone.

"Oh my God know!" He hangs up the phone

"Lauren has been shot! I have to go." He leaves the church. As he is about to leave he is stopped as Mona walks in with a machine gun.

"Aint no one going no mutha fu(king place." Everyone in the church continues to look on in shock. The citizens of Pasadena are about to finally and officially meet Mona.


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OMG! So great! Okay I loved all of it. The end was great! My favorite was when Mona ran in at the end. That last scene was great! I'll post more comments later. :) Great job.

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I thought that the Ash and Mona break up scene was very bittersweet but the Mona raping Abe was sick, disgusting, and quite revolting. That's just who Mona is though. I think she took it a little too far. Just like Ash did to Rufus (both were gross!)

The Patti Labelle vs. Sister Pat would be a great rival and it was funny to see Madea in the picture.

Natalia should have wound up and slapped the crap out of Dr. Diego for doing what he did. If she gets her baby back, then he better look out, hell hath no fury like an SONOP vixen scorned.

The ending was great because I've been saying it from day one that someone should shoot Lauren!

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