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Episode 85



So many questions in Springfield...........


Remy stares at Blake in shock, "What? What do you mean?"
Blake cries, "I knew Remy. I knew that Ross was alive."
He is in shock, "You've known all along?"
She shakes her head, "No. Ross was in trouble people were coming after him and they were gonna target me and the kids. So.... his death was faked. Along with his assitant who was in danger as well."
Remy sits down, "How long have you known?"
She sighs, "Last year. When Dinah was shot. Ross came to me. To let me know he was alive. I was mad at him for hiding and he was mad at me for creating that website and bringing Griggs to town which led to Dinah being shot. But then we talked and he promised me not to tell anyone. So I didn't. And he told me to move on with my life. And eventually I did."
Remy looks at her, "What? Wait does Dinah know?"
Blake shakes her head, "No she doesn't. She was confused and she had suffered severe brain damage. Can you imagine what that information would do to her."
Remy scoffs, "My God Blake! Dinah doesn't know?"
Blake nods, "And you can't tell her!"
Remy is still in shock.


Buzz, Josh, Shayne, and Marah are waiting outside the room.
Shayne hugs his sister, "Oh! I'm so worried. I mean I have no idea what they are doing to him. He looked so horrible. His face was bruised and he was bleeding."
Marah sighs, "Well we're gonna find the monster who did this. Don't worry sweetheart."
Josh pulls Marah aside, "Hey. I don't want to bother your brother. But I thought you should know Dylan left town earlier today."
Marah nods, "About Susan? I can't believe what's happened to her."
Josh sighs, "Well I hope whatever happens that this family will pull together."
Lucy runs in and hugs Buzz, "Oh Dad! Have they told us anything?"
Buzz sighs, "Nope! I don't know what to do. Frank and Eleni keep calling and I can't tell them anything. Coop and Ashlee called and I don't know what to tell them either! I have no idea where Harley is or Susan. This whole family is just...."
Lucy hugs him again, "I'm here. And you and me and Rocky are going to get through this. We're Coopers right?"
Everyone sits and waits for news.

Aitoro House:

Alan is sitting in the livingroom looking at a picture of Natalia.
He doesn't know what he misses more her or the child her never got to meet.
There is a knock at the door.
He gets up and answers.
He is surprised to see his son, "Phillip? Why are you here?"
Phillip looks inside, "I wanted to stop by. Is Gus home?"
Alan shakes his head, "No. He's not. He's at work. But I don't think you should be here Phillip."
Phillip sighs, "I'm sorry about the baby."
Alan nods, "Thank you. But really it's not a good time right now."
Phillip starts to walk in, "I was just wondering....."
Zach comes walking down the steps, "Hey Granddad is Gus home? I wanted to talk to him about this father/son picnic..."
Zach stares in shock at his father.
Phillip is at a loss for words.
Zach has grown up so much since the last time he saw him.

Police Station:

Marina is going through some cases.
She sees a man walk across the room.
She recognizes him, "You bastard!"
The guy freaks out, "What the hell is your problem?"
She shoves him, "Remember me? From Spring Break?"
He nods, "Oh yeah! We had some fun!"
She slaps him, "You took advantage of me."
He scoffs, "What the hell are you talking about?"
Marina is furious, "You drugged me and had sex with me!"
The guy backs up, "Whoa! Lady I don't know what the hell your talking about. But I didn't sleep with you."
Marina shakes her head, "I woke up without my clothes on!"
He nods, "Yeah you passed out and got food all over your clothes."
She looks at him, "So you just thought you'd get naked too?"
He laughs, "Hey I said I didn't have sex with you. I didn't say I didn't have sex with anyone else."
Marina is very confused.

Reva Bend:

Reva is cleaing up.
She's getting ready to go to Cedars to check on Shayne and Rocky.
There is a knock at the door.
She answers it, "Oh Jeffrey. Hi."
Jeffrey walks in, "We need to talk."
Reva shakes her head, "It's going to have to wait. I need to check on my kid."
He nods, "That's what this is about Reva."
Reva worries, "Wait. Are you talking about Marah? Is something going on with her case?"
He shakes his head, "No. It's about your other kid."|
She is confused, "Dylan? He left town a few hours ago."
Jeffrey sighs, "It's not Dylan."
She continues, "Shayne? I'm going to see him now."
Jeffrey looks around, "Not Shayne. Are we alone."
Reva realizes, "Is this what I think it is?"
Jeffrey nods, "It's about Jonathan and Sarah."
Reva has been waiting to hear something, "What? What is it? Please tell me everything is okay? Jeffrey what do you know about Jonathan and Sarah?"
Jeffrey sighs, "I have some news. It's very important. But I can only tell you so much Reva."
Reva is worried.

Malah House:

Mallet is still thinking about Dinah.
The doorbell rings.
He answers.
Vanessa walks in, "I got here quickly. What's wrong with Dinah?"
Mallet looks at her, "Nothing is wrong with her."
Vanessa shoves him, "Mallet! I was worried! I have one Grandchild who almost didn't make it and I have another one on the way."
He sighs, "I'm sorry but I have some questions."
Vanessa is confused, "About what?"
He sits down, "Dinah."
She nods, "Yeah. Okay. Well what can I tell you that Dinah can't?"
He sighs, "It's not what she can't tell me. It's what she won't tell me."
Vanessa walks away, "Oh no! No. No. NO! I'm not getting involved Mallet!"
He follows her, "Vanessa! It's important. I'm very worried about Dinah."
Vanessa turns to him, "Mallet. I don't want to cause trouble."
Mallet nods, "I know. But this is your daughter. And I'm worried."
She nods, "Okay. What is going on?"
Mallet pulls out the box, "I found this stuff. It's Dinah's. It's baby stuff."
Vanessa laughs, "Okay so she jumped the gun a little Mallet. It's no big deal."
He shakes his head, "No Vanessa. This is old baby stuff. Before I met Dinah. And it looks like she was ready to use it."
She sighs, "Well she was expecting a baby with Hart."
He nods, "I know. But this blanket was made a couple of years after that. So it couldn't be the same. And it's from Europe."
Vanessa sighs, "Oh yes. Mallet. I know exactly what this is now."
Mallet is eager for what she has to say.


Aitoro House:
Phillip stares at Zach, "Oh my God! Son? Do you remember me?"
Zach nods, "Yeah. Pretty well."
Phillip smiles, "That's great! I've missed you!"
Zach scoffs, "I remember a lot more then James remembers."
Alan sighs, "Now Zach.....'
Zach continues, "I remember you hurting Mom. Driving everyone crazy! Trying to take over the town."
Phillip nods, "I'm so sorry."
Zach is angry, "I remember you picking me, James, and Jude up from school. Telling us we were going on a trip with Emma and Lizzie."
Phillip gets upset, "Zach there is no way for me to..."
Zach is crying, "You took us on the plane. You were gonna take us away from our mothers! Jude's not even your Son!"
Phillip nods, "I'm so sorry Son! I want to make it up to you. I really do."
Zach backs away, "No! Stay away from me. I don't want anything to do with you!"
Alan looks at him, "Zach that is no way to talk to your father!"
Zach shouts, "He's not my fahter anymore! Gus is more of a father then you have ever been."
Zach runs back upstairs.
Phillip slowly walks out. Devestated by what happened.

Police Station:
Marina stares at the guy, "What the hell are you talking about?"
He sighs, "Okay. You flirted. Then this chick came by and told me that you were an undercover detective. So I was gonna call it quits but she wanted to have fun. I guess she must have slipped you something because you were acting crazy after that."
Marina nods, "Yeah? So what happened?"
He scoffs, "I slept with her. But I woke up and that Bitch stole my money. I finally tracked her down to here. Now all I have is a picture of her from my phone. I printed it off."
Marina takes the picture, "Wait this is the girl who drugged me?"
He nods, "Yeah. Why?"
Marina holds onto the paper, "Can I hold onto this copy."
He nods, "Yeah sure."
He walks away.
Marina slams the picture down and cries.
The girl in the picture is her own cousin Susan.

Everyone sits outside.
Rick walks out, "Okay everyone. He's doing well. The surgery went well. Everything looks promising."
Lucy smiles, "Oh great! When can we see him?"
Shayne nods, "How about now?"
Rick nods, "Yes. He can only get two visitors and rules are they must be family."
Lucy nods, "You go Daddy."
Buzz stands up, "I'll go. And Shayne. He is family."
Rick smiles, "Okay. Come on."
The two walk in.
Buzz can hardly recognize Rocky.
His face is swolen.
Shayne walks over and kisses him, "We're gonna find the monster who did this to you and we are going to make him pay!"
Buzz puts his arm around Shayne and the two thank God that Rocky is still with them.

Reva Bend:
Reva listens to Jeffrey, "Okay what's the news?"
He sighs, "Okay. I pulled some strings with my contacts in the witness protection program."
She nods, "Okay so what does this mean?"
He smiles, "Jonathan and Sarah are now in the program. Along with the new woman in his life."
Reva hugs him, "Oh thank you Jeffrey!"
He nods, "Well since there wasn't a trial this thing isn't completley okay with everyone. But I have contacts."
She smiles, "So what does this mean for them?"
He goes on, "Now they can start a new life somewhere else. They seemed happy and they should be there now."
Reva grins, "You saw them? How were they?"
He smiles, "They were good Reva. I wanted to tell you sooner but I had to wait."
She wipes away her tears, "It's fine. When can I visit them? Where are they?"
He sighs, "Reva I can't tell you."
She scoffs, "You have too."
He shakes his head, "No. I can't tell you because I don't know. I made sure that I was kept out of the relocation process. I didn't want to be able to tell you. We need to keep them safe. I still didn't tell Marah."
Reva cries, "Oh Jeffrey! Thank you! I just miss my baby!"
Reva cries in her ex boyfriends arms.

Remy stares at Blake, "No this is just too much!"
She cries, "Too much? Was it too much when you were lying to me for months?"
He sighs, "I was afraid!"
She screams, "Afraid of what Remy?!?!"
He shouts, "That you would get your heart broken or that it wasn't true!
She shakes her head, "Is that all?"
He sighs, "No. I was afraid. That you would find him and.... forget all about me."
She slaps him, "How dare you! You son of a bitch! You don't trust me at all! You don't trust what we have?"
He cries, "Blake I'm so sorry! I wanted to believe it but I was scared. You and Ross have such history!"
She knocks over a lamp, "I know that! But I chose you Remy! I wanted to be with you Remy! I fell head over heals in love with you Remy!!!!"
He walks over to her, "I'm so sorry!"
She walks away, "It wasn't enough. And nothing is enough now."
He is confused, "What are you saying?"
She cries, "I need to time to think about this. Just..... just please go! Please!"
Blake sits down crying.
Remy tries to comfort her, "Blake I can help you..."
She pushes him, "Go away! Please? Please Remy? Not now! Go!"
Remy walks out of the room heart broken.

Malah House:
Mallet looks at Vanessa, "What? What is it about?"
Vanessa explains, "Okay. After Dinah left Springfield after she shot Hart. I got a call from her. She was pregnant. And in a lot of trouble. So Matt and I left town to find her. She was in big trouble. By the time we found her she said it was to late. She had miscarried."
Mallet is in shock, "Wow. I had no idea."
She goes on, "After that we helped her get out of her trouble but she didn't trust us. She eventually went back on the run and ended up in a Turkish prison. And you know the story after that."
He nods, "Yes. Thank you Vanessa. That explains a lot."
Vanessa sighs, "Yes well..... I have to get going. Need to check on Bill."
Mallet walks her out.
Later he goes back to the box and pulls out the picture.
He looks at the baby girl.
Did Dinah lie to Vanessa? Did she have the baby in Europe?

Bill's baby comes home
Blake moves in to the carriage house
Remy visits Cassandra
Jeffrey has news for Gus
Mel has an idea for Alan Michael
Mindy gets a mysterious gift


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Philip's back! :)

I'm catching up today on FTL, Jay. I like every single story you've told in this episode. The Dinah Baby thing is a very good twist....

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