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Episode 84



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lots of tears in Springfield...........


Remy and Blake walk into their room.
Blake pulls out some pills, "Okay it's time to take your medication."
Remy stares at Blake, "How long are we staying at the Beacon?"
Blake sighs, "Well. I actually need to talk to you about that. I made a few calls and got us another place to stay. It'll be for you me and Clarissa since the boys will be living on Campus."
Remy nods, "So where is it?"
Blake walks over to him, "It's the Carriage House. Remember?"
He sighs, "The house you and Ross lived in together."
She nods, "Yes. I know it's a little weird. But I think it could be really good for us. Maybe change some things around. We can make it our own. You'll see."
Remy shakes his head, "Blake. I need to tell you something. It's very important."
Blake is worried about what Remy is going to say.


Bill walks inside and sees Olivia, "Hey. I thought I'd find you here."
She's looking out at the lake, "Things are so screwed up right now."
Bill nods, "Yes. We're taking the baby home soon."
Olivia turns to him, "Where is home?"
Bill sighs, "Well I was thinking Cross Creek. At least until we move in together."
Olivia shakes her head, "No. I don't think that's gonna be happening."
Bill walks over to her, "Olivia. We still love each other. I know a lot has happened but it wasn't all for nothing was it?"
She cries, "Whenever I see you.... All I hear is the sound of Ava crying. And when you touch me I see her lying in a hospital bed! I can't do this. I can't."
Bill holds her hand, "Olivia we can get through this. It's just going to take some time."
She pulls away, "No! It won't. Because this whole thing just hits me over and over again every single time I look at you."
Bill shakes his head, "It's not over Olivia. Ava is hurt. But she is still alive and she will wake up."
Olivia cries, "Bill..... Ava might not have died. But something else did."
Olivia walks away from him.


Buzz is sitting in the waiting room.
Shayne hands him some coffee, "Have the doctors said anything?"
Buzz shakes his head, "Nope. Every time someone walks by I ask but they just keep walking."
Josh comes in, "Buzz I'm so sorry. Shayne are you okay?"
Shayne hugs him, "It's all my fault Dad. I left him alone. I.... I just wanted to go home early and I left him there!"
Josh shakes his head, "This is not your fault son. You had no idea what could happen. And the police are going to find who did this and bring him to justice."
Shayne nods, "Where's Mom?"
Josh sighs, "Well she's with Dylan right now. There are a lot of problems with Susan."
Buzz stands up, "Oh Susan! I forgot about that! Why can't things be calm for just a minute."
Josh nods, "I guess she might be back with that Guillespie guy. They're on the run. But don't worry about that now."
The doctor finally walks over to talk to everyone.

Cross Creek:

Billy and Reva are talking with Dylan and Lucy.
Dylan paces the floor, "How could this happen? I was so caught up in work I didn't even notice that Susan was in trouble."
Lucy shakes her head, "It's not your fault Dylan."
Dylan sighs, "She seemed fine. We had lunch together all the time. I didn't realize!"
Reva stands up, "Did Harley know? How could she not tell us?"
Lucy sighs, "I don't know. She hasn't been returning anyone's calls. My Dad's trying to get a hold of her."
Billy looks at his son, "So what's the plan? Do you have any idea where Susan could be?"
Dylan sighs, "No. I have no idea at all."
Reva shakes her head, "Why is this family going through this now? The Company is in danger! Marah could go to jail. Shayne's boyfriend was beat half to death! Bill's wife is in a coma. And to top it off Susan is running around with the guy who killed her cousin."
Dylan sits down, "This family is falling apart. But we need to do something to stop it."
Everyone is tense.


Harley and Cyrus break into the room.
A lot of stuff is left behind.
Harley finds a shirt, "This is Susan's! They've been here."
Cyrus looks around, "A few things are missing from the room. That means they're gone."
Harley throws the shirt down, "We just missed them!"
Cyrus punches the wall, "Damn it!!! This can't be happening! They could be anywhere now!"
Harley is listening to her voicemail, "Oh my God!"
Cyrus turns to her, "What is it?"
Harley puts the phone down, "They've done something else."
He sits with her, "What is it?"
She cries, "That was Blake. Apparently her house burned down."
Cyrus is shocked, "Oh my God is she okay?"
Harley nods, "Yeah. But Remy got a look inside. It was Guillespie. Susan and Guillespie tried to kill Remy, Blake and her children?"
Cyrus can't believe what she's saying.

Blake sits with Remy, "What is going on Remy? You scaring me."
He sighs, "Blake. I am so sorry. I wanted to tell you this before but I just had to be sure. But I know this has to be true. And I'm so sorry."
Blake is scared, "Remy! Just tell me what the hell are you talking about? Is it my kids? What is it?"
Remy tells Blake the story, "Okay. You remember at the boys Graduation. You couldn't find me?"
She nods, "Yes."
He sighs, "I had been getting threatening emails. They were from Guillespie. That's why her burned down your house."
Blake is shocked, "Oh my God! Why didn't you report this Remy?"
He looks at her, "I didn't know it was him."
She is confused, "Then who did you think it was?"
Remy holds her hand, "At the Graduation. I saw a man spying on you. He followed us around. I spotted him and chased him down the street. A car pulled up and he got inside and they drove away. But before that I saw his face."
Blake looks at Remy, "Who was it?"
Remy sighs, "Blake.... it was Ross. I saw Ross."
Blake slaps him across the face.


Bill walks over to Olivia, "We can work together Olivia. We can raise the baby."
Olivia turns to him, "I need to talk to you about that."
Bill is confused, "What do you mean?"
Olivia sighs, "I am going after custody. Of my Grandchild."
Bill scoffs, "What you want to take the baby away from me."
She nods, "I will not have that baby raised as a Lewis. And kept away from me. I will raise that child and wait for Ava to wake up. And then we will work out something."
Bill shakes his head, "No. Olivia this baby is mine."
Olivia walks over to him, "That baby is Ava's. And I will not let you marry some other woman. And let her raise Ava's baby. I will raise little Gregory."
Bill is confused, "Gregory?"
She nods, "Yes Gregory Spencer Peralta."
Bill nods, "Okay Olivia. If that's how you want to play it. Go ahead. But don't expect to win."
Olivia smiles, "Oh I'll win Bill. You just wait."
Bill leaves in a fury.

Cyrus shakes his head, "No. It's just..... he wouldn't do that."
Harley stands up, "Cyrus. Your brother murdered Tammy Winslow. My daughter killed Julie Camaletti. I don't think this is beneath them. Now it's even more dangerous. We need to save them."
Cyrus nods, "Can we? Harley they've attacked almost everyone in Springfield. Is it even possible to save them without having them get arrested."
Harley cries, "Then what do we do?"
He looks at her, "You should go take care of your kids. And be with your family. I'll take care of these two."
Harley shakes her head, "No! Susan is my child. And I haven't always been there for her so I will be now. Don't try and cut me out. We're in this together whether we like it or not."
He sighs, "Are you sure? This could get ugly. These two are pretty crazy. They have nothing to lose at this point."
She walks around, "Why are they doing all of this?"
Cyrus looks at her, "I think they are trying to build up a new life. Probably get rich and then live a peacful life somewhere. And we'll never see them again."
She cries, "I just want her safe."
He grabs his coat, "Then we better go. We need to keep looking."
Harley grabs her stuff and the two continue the search.

Cross Creek:
Dylan looks at his family, "I need to go search for Susan myself."
Reva stands up, "Honey. What are you saying?"
Dylan shakes his head, "Don't try to talk me out of it. I made up my mind."
Billy nods, "I understand Son."
Lucy isn't happy, "Dylan. I mean the company. We have so many plans sweetheart."
Dylan walks over and kisses Lucy, "We had fun. But I need to concentrate on my daughter Lucy. I hope you can understand that."
Lucy scoffs, "Are you saying it's over? Just like that?"
Dylan sighs, "I have to work on getting Susan. And I need to go and see Bridget."
Lucy is confused, "Why would you need to see your ex wife?"
Dylan sighs, "Listen. I want to work on things. This whole situation with Susan has really put things into perspective for me. I need to see Bridget and Peter."
Billy hugs his son, "Your a good man Dylan."
Reva cries, "But you haven't been in Springfield long enough."
Dylan hugs her, "Hey Mom. You still have Marah and Shayne. Things will be okay. I promise. But I need to do this."
The family shares a hug.
Lucy storms out.

The doctor talks to everyone, "Now Rocky is going to need surgery. And it's fairly expensive."
Buzz sighs, "Oh God! I mean does he have a good insurance? I don't know if I have that kind of money. I can call my kids maybe they can chip in."
Shayne nods, "I can get some money Buzz."
Josh walks over, "Money is on problem. Just give him the surgery. I'll take care of everything."
Buzz hugs Josh, "Thank you Josh. I don't know how I can tell you."
Josh sighs, "I've been where you were before. I know how scary it must be."
Marah comes in, "Shayne?"
Shayne cries and hugs his sister, "I don't know what to do."
She nods, "It'll be fine. Okay?"
Everyone sits and waits to hear what's next.

Blake shoves Remy, "You have a sick sense of humor."
Remy sighs, "It's true Blake."
She shouts, "Shut up! Now if you just shut up we can pretend like this never happened!"
Remy holds Blake, "It's true! I saw him Blake."
She pulls away, "You shut your mouth! You don't know what you saw! Stop talking about things you don't understand!"
Remy sighs, "That's why I've been so secretive."
She turns to him, "That's why you've been doing this? You've been keeping this from me?!?!"
Remy stands up, "Blake I wanted to tell you Blake. But I didn't know how."
She scoffs, "I don't believe you."
He shakes his head, "Blake! I was afraid! I was afraid of what would happen. If you'd run off with him."
She stares at him, "You don't trust me?"
He looks down, "And I didn't know if Ross was safe. I didn't know Blake!"
Blake cries, "That's why you should have asked me!"
He shouts, "Why?"
She screams, "Because I already new all of this Remy! I knew Ross was alive!"
Remy is in shock.

Blake confesses to Remy!
Mallet questions Vanessa
Everyone waits during Rocky's surgery
Jeffrey has news for Reva
Phillip visits Zach
Marina gets shocking information


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I love the story with Blake and Remy :wub: ! Rocky and Shayne are great too. I like how Josh is going to help out with Rocky's treatment. And the upcoming fight for custody between Olivia and Bill sounds like it's gonna be good. I'm really enjoying your story, Jay. ;);)

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Blake and Remy are a great couple to write for. These scenes were ones that I had been waiting to write and planning for a while.

I really wanted to show the giving side of Josh and what a great father he is. This is going to change a lot for Rocky and Shayne.

Olivia and Bill went from lovers to rivals really quick.

This episode really kicked off the new stories coming up and the transitions.

Episode 85 will be posted Friday. That will be the last episode of the summer. Episode 86 will be posted on Monday and will be the beginning of the new stories that will come. :)

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