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Episode 119



Lisa hangs up the phone and makes her way outside. As she locks up the door to Fashions, Barbara comes by and tells her about going to Bob and Kim's. Lisa asks if Barbara's health is any better and Barbara says that she still has pain, but it's something she's going to have to live with. Barbara smiles when she tells her old friend that the latest tests show that they got 90% of the cancer. The rest of the cancer will most likely go away after some treatment. Barbara assumes Lisa's going to Bob and Kim's for the picnic, but Lisa opts out, claiming she has some stuff to do.

As Lisa heads to her car, Bob comes beside her after picking up some food for the picnic back in Oldtown. Bob asks if she's coming and comically quips that there's going to be fireworks since Susan's coming. Lisa mumbles that she heard Kim and Susan made peace, but she doesn't think that years of ill will can go away with just a handshake. Bob surprisingly agrees with her and tells her that he was surprised too when Kim made peace with Susan. Thnking out loud, he tells Lisa that he hopes this is a sign that Kim's finally coming around and ditching her jealous tendencies when it comes to Susan. As he unlocks his car, he tells Lisa to come out the picnic. Lisa shakes her head and tells Bob that she and Kim shared words the other day and she doesn't think Kim's her biggest fan right now. Bob won't hear anything of it and tells Lisa that she's coming. Lisa smiles and says that she'll try to make an appearance.

As Susan opens the door to Bob and Kim's, an exuberant Kim welcomes her in. Alison and Aaron, Susan claims, are going to stop by after they visit with Emma. Susan mentions how glad she is that Kim's finally put everything to rest and comments how silly it was that they stayed bitter towards each other for so long. Kim bites her toungue and smiles, almost missing Bob come up behind her. Bob asks Kim what she and Lisa shared words about the other day and Kim sugar coats it, saying that they just had a misunderstanding. Bob informs her that he invited Lisa over and hopes it's okay. Kim turns around in just enough time to witness Lisa enter.

On the other side of town, the Snyders all gather around in the kitchen and take turns helping Emma set the table. Holden voices his sadness in Seth, Caleb, Ellie, and Meg not being in town and mentions how scattered they've all become over the years. Emma shrugs and tells Holden that she always sort of knew her children would stray from the nest, but she has hope they'll all be back together soon. Alison and Aaron appear and see Kevin sitting by himself. Alison asks if Luke's coming and Holden turns around to enlighten them that he got roped into babysitting the girls while Lucinda and Lily go to a business meeting. Emma wishes aloud that Lily would have sent the children over, but Holden tells her that Ethan's been cranky all day and Natalie has developed the chicken pox. Alsion pulls Aaron aside and tells him that she has an idea...they can watch the kids while Luke comes to visit with Kevin. Aaron doesn't like the idea of meddling in his little brother's love life. Alison replies that it'll be fine and grabs Aaron by the hand. Aaron asks if she still plans on going to the Hughes picnic and Alison chuckles that she'd rather babysit adorable kids than watch Kim and Susan in all their fakeness.

Will paces in front of the couch as Gwen gets Hallie ready to go the park. Will suggests they go the Hughes picnic. Gwen informs him that she already promised Iris that they'd make time to come watch fireworks with her at the park. Once they arrive, Iris is glad to see them and pulls Gwen aside to tell her about a man she just met in the park. As Iris tells Gwen that the man is single, good looking, and extremely nice, Will gets nudged by a stranger. Will snaps for him to watch where he's going. As he turns he notices a white slip of paper extruding from his pocket. As he reaches down to grab it, he reads the message. "I forgot to disable the cameras", it reads....signed by Stan. Will shudders and fumbles to put the note back in his pocket as Gwen approaches. Shaken, Will puts on a happy facade and suggests they leave Iris with Hallie while they visit at the Hughes. Intent on telling his mother about the latest development with Stan and eager to see what she has to say, Will practically drags Gwen back to the car. Once there, Gwen asks point blank why Will seems so deadset on going to the Hugheses.

Michael slowly stirs his coffee as he watches the fireworks show on TV. A knock comes at the door and he's delighted to see Katie on the other end. Katie, hurried, tells her uncle to get his stuff and come with her and Brad to Emma's for a fireworks show and some good home cooking. Michael gushes that he'd like o, but he sort of promised Kim that he'd make an appearance at her get together. Katie raises her eyebrow and wonders why her boss would want Michael to come by the Hughes house. Michael jokingly asks if that's such a bad thing that he was invited to the house of one of his hospital colleagues. Katie stares him down and tells him that it is when she knows he's lying. She accuses him of having other reasons for going, but before Katie can get to the bottom of things, Brad honks the horn. Katie heads back out as Michael gathers his things and heads to the Hughes house.

Rounding up the kids, Carly hands Jack some allergy medicine for Parker. J.J. asks Carly to come with them, which leads to Sage's incessant whining that she come watch fireworks with them at Aunt Emma's. Carly promises to stop by, but only for a little while. Excusing herself, Carly returns back inside and sees Carrie rushing down the stairs. Carly asks Carrie where the hell she thinks she's going and Carrie retorts that she promised a friend that she'd come by and help with his fireworks. Carly worries that Carrie's too fragile, but Carrie laughingly tells Carly that she should be having fun, too. After all, it's only one day out of the year that America truly embraces their independence. The least she can do is be independent and have some good ole fashioned American fun. Carly smiles and agrees, but hesitates when she sees Carrie acting anxious. Carly asks if she's alright and Carrie hushes her concerns with a hasty "go". After Carly makes her way out, Carrie rushes out the door. As Carrie makes her way through deserted Oldtown, someone waits for her...lurking in the shadows.

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I really liked all the family gatherings for the 4th.

Keep up the good job, Dusty! :D

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