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Episode 118



When Lily returns from talking with Jade, Holden is more than eager to find out what his wife's niece is up to. Lily assures him that Mr. Taylor is just trying to get in touch with Jade out of worry and informs Holden that she advised Jade to return her adoptiv father's calls. Holden can't help but think that something fishy is going on, but Lily promises him that Jade has changed.

Katie returns to WOAK to work late on a story for Oakdale Now when she runs into Kim. Kim congratulates her on the good news and snickers that Brad told her all about it. Katie thanks Kim, who tells her that if she needs anything at all, just let her know. While Kim heads off to the hospital to check on Casey, Brad corners Katie in her office. Giggling, he pushes her up against the wall and starts to playfull nibble at her neck. Katie pushes him off and sternly tells him to cut it out, people are still here. Brad takes it down a notch and breaks the news to Katie that Henry and Vienna are looking to move to Paris. Katie's devastated by the news and concludes that she'll talk with Henry and Vienna about it tomorrow at the Snyder farm. Brad's unaware that Emma has invited them all to her place for a 4th of July dinner, but once Katie tells him, he takes it as the perfect chance to spread news of their engagement.

As Lucinda furiously hangs up the phone on a former colleague, Paul and Rosanna enter. Paul chuckles that Lucinda still hasn't lost her touch. Lucinda asks if James has done something with Barbara, but Paul tells her that James seems to have vanished after telling himself and Rosanna that he has information about Cabot. Lucinda seems very empathetic and tells Paul that she'll do anything she can to help. Paul asks if she minds contacting her friend with the adoption agency (the one not tied to James) and see if she can locate Cabot. Lucinda agrees and after making some calls, she tells them that Cabot has been moved into a new home with some close friends of his adoptive parents. Rosanna doesn't buy it and asks Lucinda if she can have the number. As they walk out, Paul assures Rosanna that all is fine. Perhaps, he suggests, this is all just another mind game of his father's. Rosanna keeps up her happy facade and echoes that he's right...there's nothing to worry about. Later, after Paul has left, Rosanna makes a phone call and schedules a flight to Canada.

Susan comes home and hollers for Emily. When there's no answer, she guesses that Emily's working late at the paper. Just then, Emily comes home and dashes upstairs, hoping to avoid her mother. Susan tells her to cut it out. For the past two weeks, Emily's been ignoring her like a teenager. Emily barks that she'll continue ignoring her mother until she sees that Dusty is past the whole retraction incident. She informs Susan that she and Dusty have made progress, but she can't even savor the happiness because her mother keeps telling her not to get her hopes up. Susan calmly replies that she's just looking out for Emily. She knows how easily Emily invests her heart into something and she's date to see Emily get her heart broken again. Seeing the conversation going nowhere, Susan tells her that Kim has invited them all to the Hughes barbecue. Emily recalls going a few years ago with Chris and comments that she's happier working at the paper on a holiday than being watched by judging eyes. Susan tells her she can bring Dusty if she'd like. Emily questions it all, recalling that Susan and Kim despise each other. Susan tells her that Kim buried the hatchet with her and she sees Kim's invitation as further proof that she's ready to move on and forget the past. Emily smirks doubtfully.

Carly comes down after putting Sage to sleep and is startled by a kock at the door. It's Jack, coming to return an ill Parker. As Parker rushes to the bathroom, Carly gathers his bags from Jack. Jack shrugs that a bug's been going around school. Sensing the akward air, Jack starts to leave until he notices Carrie coming down the stairs. Point blank, he asks her if she's been followed anymore since the other day. As Carrie runs her finger across her neck trying to stop Jack from telling, Carly whirls around and hysterically asks why Carrie never told her she was being followed. Carrie tells her that it was nothing. She thought she was being followed, but it was probably Carrie's imagination. Carly throws up the fact that James is back in town and worries to Jack that Carrie could be easy prey to him. Carrie assures Carly that she's fine and runs back upstairs. Jack takes advantage of the silence and invites Carly to come with him to Emma's. Carly tries to turn him down, but Jack admits that he already told the kids he's take them. Carly scolds Jack for telling them such a thing without consulting her first, but eventually tells Jack the kids can go, but she's not. Meanwhile, in her room, Carrie makes a cryptic phone call and demands that the person leave her alone. Before hanging up, she overhears Jack and Carly's conversation about going to Emma's. She turns around and tells the person on the other end of the call that she'll meet them tomorrow while Jack and Carly go to Emma's. Frustrated, she hangs up and cuddles up with a baby blue blanket.


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