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Episode 116



Margo and Tom pace the hospital waiting for word on Casey. Bob emerges and tells them that Casey will be fine. He took a combination of sleeping pills and alcohol, which is never good. Bob tells them how lucky Casey is just as Alison and Aaron arrives. He continues and says that they had to pump Casey's stomach. Tom asks if they can see their son and Bob agrees, but only if they promise to keep the lecture to a minimum. After all, Casey's still pretty groggy. Inside the room, Casey sheds tears when he sees his mom. He reaches out to embrace her and she's more than happy to oblige. Casey mumbles that he's an idiot but Margo hushes him just as Lyla and Katie arrive.

Alison and Aaron wait for their time to go in and see Casey. Lisa asks Aaron how her grandson is doing and Aaron admits that he's with Tom and Margo now. As Lisa sneaks into the room, Aaron tells Alison how scared she was tonight. Alison admits that she always pictured herself as a normal every day girl. When she got hooked on meth, during her rare sober time, she would imagine herself much like Casey was tonight. She knew that if she didn't quit, she was going to be labeled as "that doctor's daughter from Oakdale who o.d.'d". Aaron hugs her and tells her that all that is in the past now.

After Katie has her time with her nephew, Lyla steps in. Lightly, she knocks on the door and Casey motions her in. He apologizes, saying that he's very sleepy. Lyla chuckles and tells Casey that he's alright. Casey reveals that all the drinking and all the sleeping pills were meant to deal with a deeper problem...Sofie. He never imagined that yet another girl who he had invested so much of his heart in would just leave him cold and dry. Lyla smiles and admits that what Casey's going through right now is normal. Every day, people dare to take a plunge and fall in love. However, not many make it. All through childhood, parents look to shield their child from any sort of pain. Sometimes, it carries into adulthood and parents try and shield their children from heartbreak, but the reality is: Only you can be the one to determine if that love is real, if it'll last. Through trial and error, you just have to ride out that relationship for a while and see if your love is strong enough to last. She admits that she hasn't been a very good example of her analogy lately, recalling when she got mad at Katie's engagement news. However, she realizes now that the only way that Katie's ever going to learn, the only way that Casey's ever going to learn if a love is meant to be or not, is if you ride it to the very end. Lyla notices Casey's sleeping and pats him on the hand. Just as she turns around, she comes face to face with Katie. Tears in her eyes, Katie mutters that she heard everything and hugs her mom.

Henry scoots around the office quickly, jotting down signatures and calling out orders. Brad peeps in and asks to speak with him. Henry breathlessly mumbles to make it quick. He and Vienna, he insists, are meeting with potential investors for ViCE Cometics in a bit. Brad sits down and openly applauds Henry and Vienna for turning his office at WOAK into a makeshift office for ViCE. Henry throws his finger up, adding to the discussion that he forgot to mention that Vienna's found them a new office somewhere and they'll be clearing out Brad's desk this evening so he can quit having to use Katie's office. Brad shrugs that he's not worried about it and smiles at a picture of himself, Vienna, and Henry. Seeing how busy Henry is, Brad vows to stop by some other time, but Henry stops him. As he takes Brad by the shoulder, he admits that he's been meaning to talk to Katie about this. Gulping, Henry reveals that the office that Vienna found is in Paris....and he and Vienna are debating a permanent move there so they can keep better watch over everything ViCE-related. Brad asks why they can't just stay in Oakdale and Henry sighs that unfortunately, Oakdale isn't a very big town. Besides, he's always dreamed of living in France. Brad pats him on the back, deciding to shelve his news of engagement for the time being. As he gets up to leave, Henry asks his friend to help him break the news to Katie. Brad agrees.

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Nice Hughes family scene. No lectures, just two parents happy to see that their son is okay. I'm getting sick of Tom and Margo lecturing Casey all the time. Show the boy some love.

Henry and Vienna are leaving? Can't say I'll miss them. :P

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