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Episode 70



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It's a day of good and bad surprises in Springfield........

Country Club:

Reva meets Josh for brunch, "Hey Bud."
He smiles, "Hello Reva. Wow. You changed your hair?"
She nods, "Well Red was always my favorite color. I just thought that this was the start of a new beginning for me."
Josh grins, "I really like it Reva."
She sits, "So you wanted to talk about the kids?"
He nods, "Yes. How's Shayne?"
She sighs, "He'd really like to see you."
Josh grins, "Yeah I really miss him. Reva I want to talk to him about this. I want to try and understand why he....."
She stops him, "Why he's bisexual? Joshua don't you think he's asked himself that question enough?"
He nods, "Yeah I guess your right. I just feel like I let him down."
She puts her hand on his, "Oh Bud you're a good father and he knows that. We'll all deal with this and everything will work out fine."
He looks into her eyes, "I'm lucky to have you Reva."
The two smile at each other.


Jeffrey walks out of the room, "She's awake."
Bill jumps up, "What did she say?"
Jeffrey sighs, "Well she said she was getting pains and she collasped."
Olivia runs into the room.
Bill follows.
Ava sees them, "Hey guys. I'm so glad your here. The Doctor said that the baby was going to be alright."
Olivia smiles, "That's great Sweetheart."
Ava holds Bill's hand, "I'm just so lucky to have this guy by my side."
Olivia and Bill look at each other nervously.
Outside Jeffrey sits and wonders why Marah kept the news about Ava from him.

San Cristobal:
Marah walks into a building to meet with some man.
He stands up, "Hello Ms. Peralta. We spoke on the phone."
She gave him a fake name. She nods, "Yes you said you had information about the ball that took place here a little less than 30 years ago?"
He nods, "Yes I do."
She sighs, "Well I hope your ready because I have a lot of questions."
The two sit.


Natalia walks in with Gus, "Where are we?"
He smiles, "We're home!"
She is confused, "Home?"
He laughs, "I bought the house! It's for our family! 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths. It's great Nattie."
She runs over and hugs him, "Oh! Thank you Nicky! It's perfect."
He smiles, "Listen I have to go get some stuff from the Mansion but I'll let you walk around. I'll be back as quick as I can."
She laughs, "Okay."
After he leaves, Natalia walks around.
She heres the door open again, "Back so soon?"
She runs over to see Alan standing at the door.
He grins, Hello Natalia. How's the Baby?"
She gets nervous

Harley's House:

Susan opens the door to see Guillespie, "Oh my God! You have no idea how much I've missed you."
He kisses her and walks in, "I've missed you too. How's life with Mom?"
She laughs, "Oh it's even worse then I ever expected. But hopefully my boyfriend has a plan."
He holds her, "Oh Babe. You know I have a plan. But first things first."
He pulls unbottons her shirt.
She jumps on him and the two have sex on Harley's Couch.

Dog Park:

Ashlee is playing with Moxie.
Liz comes over with Roxy, "Hey Ashlee!"
Ashlee is shocked to her so excited, "Hey Lizzie how have you been?"
Liz smiles, "I'm good. How are you? Have you lost weight?"
Ashlee nods, "Oh yeah. I've been working out."
Liz grins, "You look good."
"Thanks Lizzie. I'm glad to see your doing better."
Liz does a little spin, "I've never been more healthy!"
Roxy and Moxie run off.
Liz goes chasing, "Wait!"
Ashlee goes running but gets dizzy. She falls to the ground.


Natalia walks away, "Alan you should not be here."
He looks at her, "Your showing. That's great. Do you know the sex of the baby yet?"
She shakes her head, "No Gus and I are going to wait."
He grins, "Speaking of which, do you know who the father is?"
She turns away.
He walks over, "I knew you didn't even take the test yet!"
She turns around, "What kind of father would you be?!?! Huh?"
She pushes him.
He grabs her, "You think I'm so bad? Huh? Well I don't care. Do you know what I've given up? I could be going after my company but instead I'm here chasing after you."
She looks at him, "Yes you are. Why?"
He shouts, "Because I love you Natalia!"
She stares in shock.

San Cristobal:
Marah is talking with the man, "So what your saying is you saw the long haired man (who we'll call man J) go into the room with the young girl, girl O."
He nods, "Yes. The two seemed to be pretty drunk."
She is taking notes, "So how long until they came out."
He sits back, "Well first something else happened?"
Marah looks up, "What?"
He sighs, "Well I remember a young man who was a little older than her, go in a few minutes later."
Marah drops her pen, "So another boy came into the room?"
The man nods.

Country Club:
Reva pulls her hand from Josh, "You don't 'have' me Bud."
He smiles, "I didn't mean it like that."
She looks at him, "Good! Because you will never have me."
He holds her hand, "Reva I just wish we could maybe consider."
She stands up, "No! Have you forgot what happened! You left me Bud! For my own sister! While I was dying of Breast Cancer!!!"
He stands up, "Reva I'm so sorry if I could go back in time and change it I would."
Reva is shocked but still runs out of the room.

Bill sits with Ava, "I was so worried about you and the baby."
She grins, "Oh Bill. It's so sweet that you were worried but everything is fine. We are both fine. I love you Bill."
Bill kisses Ava.
Olivia clears her throat, "You know I should call Emma. She's been worried."
Ava nods, "Thanks Mom."
Olivia steps out after sharing a passionate stare with Bill.
Out in the hallway Ashlee is rushed into the hospital.
Coop comes running in, "Oh my God Ashlee! Lizzie called me! What happened?"
She isn't talking she closes her eyes.
They roll her away.
Doris comes running in, "Ashlee!!! Coop what happened?"
Coop is in tears, "I don't know! Lizzie called and said Ashlee collasped over at the Dog Park."
Doris is worried, "She looks sick. She skinny, pale, what's going on?"
Coop looks at Doris, "Doris, your daughter is bulimic."
Doris shakes her head.

Harley's House:
Susan and Guillespie get dressed.
He stands up, "I have a plan."
She smiles, "Yeah. What is it?"
He grins, "I'm tired of life in Springfield. So... we're gonna hit the road again."
She sighs, "Thank you! I can't wait! I'm gonna pack!"
He slows her down, "Wait! I need to take care of a few things first. But what we need to do is wait. I'm gonna get some money together. I can still hit up a few people. Now you be good little girl. Okay?"
Susan nods.
The two kiss again.

Natalia stares at Alan, "Why are you do you keep doing this?"
He shakes his head, "Doing what?"
She shivers, "You know exactly what your doing?"
He nods, "I'll stop when you do."
She leans in and before either know it the two are in an intense kiss.

Marah discovers something BIG!
Natalia and Alan might be caught
Lucy and Dylan get a surprising offer
Ashlee gets bad news
Bill feels guilty
Sam and Stephanie get to know each other


Recommended Comments

  • Members

What a great episode. It featured al most all my favorite stories and characters. Poor Ashlee, that girl is going threw it.

I see you swicthed up the pictures, very nice.

I wonder ig G is just playing Susan, I wonder if he is just stringing her along.

It was also good to finally see some of Josh' feelings about his son. I hope we see more.

Great Epiode Jay!

Oh and I see Ava has amnesia, or shes faking

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  • Members

Hopefully I've told you this before but I love the format of your site. It's so captivating and it really, truly is the Guiding Light that fans would come to know as their own.

Shayne's bi-sexual??? Very nice story plot that GL should explore if they decide to bring Shayne back into the picture. Maybe this is the issue that will bring Reva and Josh back into each other's lives. You really captured the friendship aspect vs. their past with each other.

I've never been a fan of Ava so Marah digging up dirt on her makes me root for Marah even more. Expose the bitch! The only thing I like about her is that she's Olivia daughter.

Looking good is an issue that plagues America today and it's obviously plaguing Springfield. Ashlee should be stronger than that and I hope that Coop, Lizzie, or even big bad Dorris can help her see it.

Last but not least is a hot triangle on SONBC: Gus/Nat/Alan. This torrid romance is worth reading but I have to root for Alan because I've always wanted Gus to be with Harley. Garley was my number one couple to watch...at least they used to be! Sigh.

Very nice episode Jay. Can't wait to read more. You should seriously submit this to Guiding Light for a possible job offering. A lot of writers start out shadowing their favorite shows and become staffers.

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  • Members

Thanks ML!

Ashlee's life is really tough but things always get worse before they get better.

Guillespie and Susan's relationship is very twisted. They both don't know exactly what it is.

We'll get some good Shayne and Josh scenes soon! I'll admit that I kind of dropped the ball with Shayne and Rocky. But I think that's because of the big SL coming up for them.

Thanks Matt!

Yep Shayne is Bisexual. I thought that was a topic that never got touched on that much. Which can and will lead to interesting SL's. One of the main reasons was because I didn't want to harm his past with Marina.

The only thing I liked about Ava is that she was Olivia's daughter as well. So I think you'll like where this is going. And hope you enjoy the feud between Reva's and Olivia's daughters! It's just getting heated up.

Ashlee's about to get her wake up call.

I'm glad you are enjoying the Alan/Natalia/Gus Triangle. It was a Quad for a while with Harley. But she has been busy chasing Susan.

I've always wanted to write for GL. I started writing back last fall and just kind of took over the current SL's and characters. Though now there has been a lot of damage done. Especially with poor Gus and Harley!!!

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