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Episode 114



Carrie comes home and finds that Carly brought by a fruit basket from the women at WOAK. Carrie gushes about how thoughtful they are and heads upstairs. Carly stops her and asks for her to sit down on the couch. Carly can see that Carrie's hurting and gives her advice, recalling how she felt when she lost Nora. Carrie thanks her and decides to go out for some shopping, hoping her favorite hobby can ease her anxiety. In Oldtown, she runs into Noah who's there buying Luke something. They barely say two words to one another but Carrie's wounded look speaks volumes to Noah. Later, Noah pays a visit to Cheri's grave and confides that he knows what it's like to grow up without a parent. He wishes now that he had taken more initative to be a part of Carrie's baby's life...his baby's life...instead of doing what he did and persuading her to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Carrie feels someone following her as she heads into Fashions. Jack, emerging after returning a blouse for Emma, senses Carrie's fright and ushers her into the store. Little does he know that just feet away, James has ducked into an alleyway to avoid being seen.

Taking a break from work, Bob fiddles with paperwork in his office. Susan comes by to inform Bob of a problematic nurse being late once again when Kim eases her way into the office. Susan turns to take her leave, but Kim gently clutches her arm and tells Susan to stay. She needs to speak with both of them. Bob warns his wife not to make any claims that she can't support. Kim laughs, informing them both that she's come because she needs to settle something. She continues that for months now, she's been childishly jealous of Susan and Bob working together. With Chris in prison for the actions he took against his father, she felt that Susan's own bitterness towards Chris (for loving and leaving her daughters) would negatively affect Bob. Then, when it was announced that the cancer center would be built, she felt that Bob and Susan working so closely together would result in another affair. However, she finishes, now she's seen that all her hostility towards Susan has done is create a rift in her marriage. With that, Kim extends her hand to Susan. Forcing a smile, she mumbles, "Truce?" Susan and Bob exchange questioning glances before Susan finally takes her enemy's hand and shakes it vigorously. "Truce", she sighs. Kim's lips curl with a slightly devious smile.

Inching her glasses halfway down her nose, Lucinda holds out the latest copy of The Intruder. She examines the special story done on Sherry and her father's devious attempted take over of Worldwide. She thanks Emily and heads out, only to get a call from a concerned Lily. Lily recalls leaving Jade with the kids, but when she came home, Luke was watching them. He didn't say where Jade had gone; he only told her that Jade would tell her herself. Lucinda stops by and sees Lily's in distress. Lily worries that Jade has found her way back to the troublesome life she lived before. Jade comes home and eases Lily's concerns when she informs her that she got a job at Java. Lily doesn't see why since Jade should know that she can count on her aunt for financial support. Jade reasons that she's done having to rely on others; she's learned to live by her own rules and bearing her financial burdens is one of the things she's learned to accept. She explains that she plans on paying rent, but Lily refuses. Before the issue can be drug through the dirt, Luke comes home and asks Jade to accompany him to a concert.

Lyla paces in front of Tom and Margo's sofa. She can hear Sofie and Casey's argument escalating. She had come over to talk with Margo, but when she realized Margo was at work, she called her and asked her to come home so they could talk. Meanwhile, Casey and Sofie stand in Casey's room. As Casey throws a lamp against the wall, he blasts Sofie for having feelings for Gabe and leading himself on for all these months. Sofie cries that she's not guilty of anything except chasing her lifelong dream. Frustrated, she cries out, "Did you really think that I wanted to clean mansions for the rest of my life?" Sofie maintains that the only reason she signed with the modeling agency in Spain is because she wanted to, not because she wants to be closer to Gabe. Casey growls that he should have never introduced them. Sofie comes forward and clings to Casey. Tearfully, she begs Casey to let her do what she wants with her life. That, of all things, will prove to her that he loves her. Casey turns a cold shoulder and tells Sofie to leave. When she doesn't respond, he angrily screams for Sofie to leave. With that, she scurries out the door and hops into the waiting taxi cab. He watches, with anger and sorrow, as the taxi cab pulls out of the driveway. No doubt, he knows, it's taking her to the airport to catch a ride to Spain and out of his life forever.

Margo comes home and finds Lyla sitting restlessly on the couch. She apologizes, citing that a case blew up in her face at the last minute and she ended up having to stay at the station longer. She turns her head and watches as Sofie scurries down the stairs. She calls out for Casey, knowing that Sofie must have just left for Spain. He doesn't come out and Lyla suggests Margo go talk to him. Margo contemplates that she can talk to him later. Lyla breathes in deeply and spills her reason for coming. She wants Margo to head off the train before it wrecks and persuade Katie to end her engagement to Brad. Margo questions that she thought Lyla liked Brad now. Lyla admits that she has eventually warmed up to Brad, but she's worried that Katie's heart will be ripped to shreds by another faulty marriage. Sometimes, Lyla reveals, she worries that Katie only has as many moth-infested wedding dresses as she's had because she's trying to fill a hole that her father left when he died. Somehow, she reasons, Katie thinks that by marrying, she's marrying a man that will (ironically) be that father figure that she's thirsted for for so long. Margo chuckles and grabs her mother's hand. Softly, she whispers that Lyla's concerns are well founded, but she has to let Katie find out the hard truths of love on her own. She reasons that Lyla can't always be there to head off the train. Katie, meanwhile, just has to sit on the train and hope it doesn't run off the tracks. Lyla pats her daughter's hand and mutters that maybe she's right. As Lyla heads out the door, Tom comes in. Wearily, Margo suggests he go talk to his son. Tom agrees but after a failed attempt to pry him from his room, he shrugs to Margo that perhaps Casey needs time to himself.

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Such good stuff!! :D

I like the way the whole 'who is Carrie' storyling is playing out. You've got good control of the character which makes her quite interesting.[and I hate that Noah essentially used her, he's such a jerk]

James sneaking around is fun too. I never know where he is going to pop up next, LoL!

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