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Episode 113



After a successful first day back at Oakdale Now, Brad suggests he and Katie go out to celebrate. The two arrive arm in arm at Mona Lisa and are stunned to see Lyla and Margo there as well. Margo shrugs that she thought Lyla needed some good old fashioned fun and brought her to karaoke night at Mona Lisa. After Margo practically shoves Lyla on stage, she sings a heartwrenching rendition of the classic "Save The Last Dance for Me". While Lyla sings, Margo urges Katie and Brad to break the news to Lyla about their engagement. Margo reasons that Brad has grown in Lyla's eyes and she'll happily welcome the good news. Brad takes the celebration too far, though, and drags Katie on stage to sing a very drunken rendition of the Sonny & Cher song "I Got You Babe". As everyone clears out for the night, Katie tells her mother that Brad proposed and she accepted. Lyla doesn't take the news well at all and on the way out, delivers a fall-inducing shove to Brad as he staggers outside. Katie's hurt by her mother's actions and vows to get married even if her mother doesn't approve.

Lily comes downstairs and finds Jade watching TV with the girls. She announces to Jade that she's going out for a bit and won't be in until tonight. Jade lets her go, but after she's left, remembers that her first day working at Java is today. Nervously, she rings for Holden, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. It seems she's at a loss until Kevin arrives in search of Luke. Desperate, Jade begs Kevin to babysit and vows to make it up to him. Luke comes home from his summer class at Oakdale U and is shocked to find Kevin babysitting his siblings. Luke pulls him outside and Kevin explains how Jade forgot it was her first day of work when she promised to watch the kids for Lily. Kevin mentions that he heard about Noah and Carrie, but Luke cuts him off. He thanks Kevin for babysitting but assures him that he can handle it from here. And with that, he scurries Kevin out the door. Later, Kevin runs into Jade who thanks him for sitting with the kids. Kevin asks how Luke is taking the break-up. Jade wonders aloud why Kevin seems to be so worried about Luke now as opposed to last summer when Kevin was doing the exact opposite. Kevin gushes how he owes his life to Luke and he just wants to make sure his friend is happy.

Bob meets with Michael and Susan to deliver the good news that the cancer center has been more successful than ever imagined. He thanks both of them for their devotion and vaguely mentions that he hopes they're all professional enough to not let anything get in the way of their work. As Bob returns to his office, Lisa catches him in the hallway. She scolds Bob for not doing anything to ease Kim's suspicions about him having feelings for Susan again. Bob tells Lisa that for Kim to believe that, it not only shows her lack of faith in him, but it also shows that old habits die hard. He's always going to live with the guilt of his one night with Susan, but Kim has been making it her duty for years to remind him of that night. He tells Lisa that he only wants what's best for Susan...as a colleague and a friend. Lisa advises Bob to tell Kim everything he just told her, but Bob groans that he has and all he hears is the slamming of doors. Lisa coolly vows to make sure Kim knows that Bob only has eyes for Kim, not Susan. Later, Kim meets with Lisa at the Lakeview and Lisa informs her friend that Bob claims he only wants what's best for Susan. It seems she's been crushing on Michael and Bob fears it might jeopardize the progress the cancer center is making. Kim scolds herself for falling back into the old "Bob likes Susan" mindset again and vows that she knows the perfect way to make it up to Bob.

Will mopes around Barbara's suite, recollecting the chaotic events of last night. Just as he thought he was going to prove to Gwen that her mother's never changed, Iris proved him wrong. Now, Stan is in prison and according to Will's friend (who's a guard), Stan keeps asking for him. Barbara reasons that the only way to retreat from his plan is to cut ties with Stan totally. Without Stan to reveal Will's connection the fake robbery, he's in the clear. Later, Iris comes by Will and Gwen's and promises to make it brief. She explains to Will that she set up Stan so he could see once and for all that she's a different woman now than the pushy, controlling schemer she used to be. She hopes that now, Will can see her as a devoted, loving mother-in-law. Will apologizes (shocking Gwen) to Iris that he underestimated her. Hallie wakes up from her nap and Will urges Iris to go get her granddaugher. While Iris soothes Hallie's cries, Gwen comments that she never thought she could be as proud of Will as she is right now. She voices her happiness that she found such an honest, trusting husband and promises to never say such cruel things like she did the other night ever again. Meanwhile, Stan persuades Will's friend the guard to send Will a note... As Stan hands the guard the note, it reads..."I forgot to disable the cameras. Woopsy!"


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