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Episode 108



Holden lets Noah have it: for misleading his son, for deceiving the family, and for being so heartless as to leave Carrie all alone. Noah admits that what he did was stupid, but hopes Luke can see his side of things. Holde barks for Noah not to go anywhere near Luke. He snaps that he knew Noah would be trouble for Luke.

Meanwhile, Lily runs into Luke and Jade outside of Java. Lily joins in Jade's crusade to get Luke sober. After an emotional ride home, Luke puts on a tough front in front of the girls and Ethan. Aaron comes by and the two have a heart to heart. Aaron promises that there are plenty of good guys that would want Luke, he just has to open his eyes and ask himself if he wants them or if he wants to continue a relationship with someone who broke his trust.

Jack comes by Carly's and finds her packing some things to take to Carrie at the hospital. Jack chuckles at Sage's drawing that she made for Carrie and upon Carly's inquiry, reveals that the drawing reminded him of the time she frew him a picture after Sam was killed and Jack was in the hospital. Jack suggests Carly bring Carrie one of their photo albums so she can feel close to the kids while they spend the weekend at church camp. Carly likes the idea, but by mistake, picks up the photo album that J.J. saw in Carrie's room. Meanwhile, Jack gets a call from Iris and makes plans to meet her at Metro.

While Henry and Vienna scan through business papers at the makeshift ViCE office (Brad's old office at WOAK), Brad and Katie exchange flirtacious snickers. They don't see Henry and Vienna run out for coffee. Kim comes in and informs them that numbers are down for Oakdale Now. Kim suggests Brad resume his position on the talk show, but Katie tells Kim that he's not interested. Brad surprises her though when he takes Kim's invitation to come back. Katie takes it as a positive sign. Feeding off her enthusiasm, Brad gets down on one knee and asks Katie to marry him. Although she's hesitant at the thought of getting married yet again, Katie finally agrees.

Lyla and Margo are thrilled when they hear from Michael that Lyla's latest tests show that her treatment and extensive therapy is paying off. Michael apologizes to the ladies for the chaos at the opening and hopes they don't think any less of him because of Doris's accusations. He explains that ever since they divorced, his ex-wife has been certain that he has a lover and that's why the marriage ended. After Michael leaves, Lyla scoffs that she wouldn't put it past her ex brother in law to have a hussy or two under his belt. Lyla yawns and heads to bed as Katie calls Margo with good news. Elated, she volunteers to come right over. Katie doesn't know that someone's following her. As Katie enters into her mother's suite and hugs her sister, Doris emerges from the hall and pulls out a gun.

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Okay, Okay, I know you totally hate me for 'disappearing' for a little more than a week, but I do get busy from time to time, :P

That said, I love the ripple effect of the aftermath of the party. There has been some great character interaction and 'dialogue'.

The James/Barbara stuff has been amazing!

:sigh: I feel so bad for Luke, but at least he's got lots of support.

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