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Episode 107



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Rosanna finally catches up to Paul at Barbara's door. They're relieved to see Barbara's fine and she asks what all the commotion is. Rosanna tells her that Paul pulled a gun on James, but when he said he had information about Cabot, he dashed out the door. Barbara scolds Paul for being so reckless and tells him that he should know better than anyone that James Stenbeck doesn't just go away because you want him to. Even in death, he still finds a way to resurface. Jack comes by and learns that James broke in earlier. Jack makes a few calls and makes arrangements for Barbara to spend the night somewhere else. Barbara refuses, saying that she's not going to live in fear. She's going to fight James like the cancer that's inside of her.

Jade brings Luke a muffin and a bottled water in hopes of getting him to sober up. Luke can't believe that his cousin's back in town. Before he can ask about her, Jade asks Luke what happened with Noah. Luke cries that he's been noticing Noah drifting away for some time, but he never thought that his boyfriend would get a girl pregnant and then lie about it. Jade tells Luke that he should confront Noah and then maybe he'll have some peace as to why Noah did all of this. Luke tells her that nothing in this world can excuse a liar and a cheater. Jade looks at her cousin and asks if he thinks that about her. She cheated and she lied the last time she was in Oakdale, but the only reason her family was so forgiving was because they knew what all she had been through. Perhaps, she suggests, talking to Noah will let Luke see what led him to have sex with Carrie.

Carly goes to the hospital in an attempt to cheer up Carrie. She brings the kids along and warns them that Carrie's in a very fragile state. Carrie's excited to see the kids and takes special time to thank Carly for everything she's done. Carly calls her on her goodbye speech and Carly asks why Carrie should leave Oakdale. She has everything she could ever want here...people that love her for who she is. While a nurse directs the kids to the soda machine, Carrie explains that she can't have everyone in Oakdale staring at her. Carly smiles, reminding Carrie that she has no one to answer to but herself. Carrie decides to stay in Oakdale, but stresses that she doesn't know how she'll handle Luke being mad at her. Carly tells her that what Carrie and Noah did was wrong, but Noah gave her no reason to think he was with someone. What they did was before Carrie ever knew Luke.

Working in the flower beds per Emma's command, Alison and Aaron playfully fiddle with the dirt. Aaron claims that he had a blast the other night until James showed up. Alison fears that James's return could jeopardize her family. Aaron scoffs that James has been known to pick on the Snyders and hopes that this time, it's just a family visit. He remembers hearing that James came to check on Barbara, so perhaps he has no other dastardly deeds in mind. Alison asks if Aaron's heard anything from Caleb and he replies that his dad is gone on a business trip but is still toying with the idea of returning to Oakdale. Emma comes outside with some lemonade and tells them about Luke and Noah. Aaron comments that he doesn't think Luke will be lonely long; he has an admirer he doesn't even know he has.

Emily catches up on some stories at The Enquirer offices. Dusty comes in with a load of paper work and tells her that she has until this weekend to do it all. Emily laughs, promising she'll have it done in an hour with work going as slow as it is. Dusty asks if Emily's written about the cancer center opening and she eyeballs him, reminding him that he asked to write it. Dusty grins that he changed his mind. He asks what Emily has planned after work and invites her to come see a movie with him. Emily asks if it's a date and Dusty terms it as an "after business hours meeting with popcorn".

As he walks through the Oakdale square, Noah glances at a flyer for the cancer center opening. He yanks it down and crumbles it up, remembering the fallout after the night's festivities. He never imagined that his night with Carrie would come back to bite him in the butt. Lucinda emerges from Fashions and asks to speak with him. The two st on a bench and Lucinda sternly advises that Noah has alot of explaining to do. But first, she wants to thank him for his help at Worldwide. Without his help, they never would have been able to handle the mole crisis. Lucinda informs Noah that the vice president of WorldOne and his daughter Sherry are being investigated for fraud so they shouldn't be a problem anymore. Noah asks if Lucinda's mad at him for getting Carrie pregnant. Lucinda explains that she's not mad that he got a girl pregnant; that's his own drunken mistake. But as she continues, she explains that she is upset that Noah did it while he was still with Luke. He should have known Luke would find out and he should have never trampled over Luke's heart like he's done. Perhaps an apology is necessary, she calls out as she leaves Noah behind. Noah turns quickly and finds Holden standing right behind him. He sighs.

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Good for Babs! LOL at the thought of James as a "cancer"...it's so true.

And the Carly/Carrie friendship reminds me of the good old days on ATWT, when everyone had a friend.

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