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Episode 97



Dusty, Alison, and Aaron all find themselves waiting for a fresh cup of coffee at Java. The three sit and talk for a while. Aaron's thankful when Alison tells him that Susan has informed her she's not pressing charges against him. Emily walks in and asks to speak with Aaron and he reluctantly obliges. Emily apologizes for writing the article on his parents and tells him something so personal should have never been written. Aaron accepts her apology and issues one of his own, even offering to pay for the damage to her offices once he gets a job. Emily smiles that she hopes they can be friends, but surprisingly, Aaron ignores her handshake gesture, telling her that it'll take a while for him to forgive her. Later, Emily and Dusty sit down at The Enquirer offices to discuss business matters and Emily mentions how hostile Aaron seemed. She continues that she doesn't think Aaron's over his anger quite yet.

Sherry comes into work and Noah compliments her on her new hairdo. Both avoid talk of their date gone awry, as Noah thinks that if he confronts her about drugging him, it'll blow his cover. Little does he know that his cover's already blown as Sherry makes a call to a news organization and tells them that Lucinda only gave Noah his job because he's Luke's boyfriend. Later, Lucinda calls Sherry and Noah into her office and announces that they'll be trying to secure the UniverseOne account. Sherry makes some brillinat suggestions and later, Lucinda tells the vice president of Worldwide that she's starting to suspect someone else of being the mole. Meanwhile, Noah confides in Luke that he's worried he might not be able to con Sherry into confessing that she's the mole. Kevin swings by and Luke introduces Noah to his old friend. Immediately, Kevin senses a tension between Noah and Luke and once Noah leaves, calls Luke out on it.

Margo calls Casey into the living room to join her and Tom. Casey knows it's about his fight with Gabe and figures Gabe is pressing charges. Margo stuns Casey when she tells him that he has nothing to fear as far as charges, but he did get in an altercation and his probation might be extended. Casey's fine with it, he says, as long as Gabe and Sofie steer clear of one another. Sofie comes downstairs and tells Casey that it's going to be hard to stay away from her boss. Tom and Margo leave to give the two some alone time. Sofie scolds Casey for fighting and tells him that he should have thought before he punched. Casey barks that what Gabe said to her was inappropriate. In turn, Sofie tells Casey that she can handle her self. Casey snaps back that she obviously doesn't, since her abusive boyfriend Cole had to be chased out of town before she finally let him go. Hurt, Sofie rushes out of the house, leaving Casey contemplating what he just said.

As Will comes down the stairs, Will gets a call from the bookstore. He apologizes for running late and the bookstore manager tells Will that it's fine. They found a replacement for him. She tells Will that it's evident he has family problems right now, citing the PSA that just aired with his mother and Dr. Hughes announcing the grand opening of the cancer ward. Will thanks the manager for understanding. Gwen comes in and asks what's wrong. He's very short with her, which she picks up on. Again, Gwen asks if there's a problem and Will sarcastically says he's going for a walk before slamming the door. Outside, Will watches as Gwen sits down on the couch and contemplates what just happened. Later, at Barbara's, Will learns from his mom that the cancer ward's grand opening is tomorrow night and she needs a date. Will smiles, accepting her invitation. He also tells her about his brief fight with Gwen and Barbara writes that soon, everything is going to turn out for the better and Gwen will see Iris for what she truly is. Meanwhile, Gwen's startled when Sofie knocks on the door in tears.

Brad, Vienna, Henry, and Katie all sit in a booth at Al's. Henry comments how well the current owner has done, remembering that he and Vienna had very trying times with this diner. Vienna gushes about how thrilled she is that ViCE did so well in its first week. Brad and Katie recall details of their trip to Miami as Henry and Vienna listen intently. Michael comes in to order some bagels and notices Katie sitting across the room. He wanders over and tells everyone that he expects to see them at the grand opening tomorrow night. While Vienna and Henry leave to make some calls about advertisers for ViCE, Katie, Brad, and Michael all discuss Lyla's good prognosis. Michael says that he'd love to see Lyla tomorrow night, but Katie informs him that she's out of town visiting Cricket and won't be back in time. She notices her uncle's mellow demeanor and later comments to Brad that she thinks Michael still has feelings for her mom. Brad makes light of the situation, telling her that he happens to like Lyla's daughter. Katie laughs that Margo's a married woman and he replies that he was talking about her.

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