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Episode 96



Emily spins around in her chair as she awaits an important conference call. Susan enters and immediately, Emily throws up her guard. Susan tells Emily that Aaron was the one who vandalized her office. Emily picks up the phone to call the police, but Susan lays her hand over Emily's and tells her that if she wants to make things right, she'll end this once and for all. Emily fires back that Aaron needs to learn to control his anger, but Susan scolds her daughter, telling her that Emily had no right to write an article about Aaron's parents' divorce. He had right to be angry, although he did take it too far. Emily eventually backs down and tells Susan that she's not pressing charges against Aaron solely because she hopes to work things out with Alison and pressing charges against her little sister's boyfriend isn't a good way to do that. Later, Dusty drops by per Emily's request and she tells him that she knows he wrote the retraction. Surprisingly, Emily tells him that it's all worked out for the better. Dusty assures her that she'll be notified of any future changes he might make.

Luke, Lily, Holden, Lucinda, and the kids all gather around Emma's kitchen table as she fixes them some snacks. Luke gushes about Noah and wishes his plane would be in sooner. All this waiting is killing him. Lily tells Luke that she hopes he and Noah can work things out and uncover the mole without causing any more problems between them. Noah returns home and Lucinda's the first to greet him. While Noah gives everyone the scoop about his trip, Emma calls Lucinda to the side and warns her that Luke and Noah are headed for disaster if Lucinda continues with her mission to uncover the mole. Lucinda disregards Emma's warning and tells Noah that the mole has leaked another secret to Worldwide's stiffest competitor. Later, Luke and Noah have sex and afterwards, Noah's surprised when Luke urges him to uncover the mole soon so they can get back to doing more of this. Noah smiles.

Gabe chuckles when Sofie comes into his office ranting about how Casey won't let her model. Gabe tells her that if she wants to model, she should do it, regardless of Casey's approval. Meanwhile, Casey voices his concern to Tom that he's losing Sofie to Gabe. Tom tells him that if he wants to marry Sofie, he should let her do what's important to her or else she'll run away from him. Later, Casey and Sofie meet up at Java and Sofie informs Casey that she's signing with Elegant Models. Casey's furious, but she warns him that she wants to do this and nothing can stop her. After reluctantly agreeing, Casey runs into Gabe, who brags what a looker Sofie is. Casey punches him and furiously barks for Gabe never to talk about his future wife like that ever again while a frightened and angry Sofie watches.

Gwen's put off when Will makes a comment about Iris and walks out with Hallie in tow. Tired of seeing his wife walk out with their daughter now for months on end, Will follows her, determined to find out where Gwen's so-called "walks" have been taking place. He's shocked when he watches his wife pulls into Iris's driveway. He watches Gwen getting out while Iris handles Hallie with a big grin. Fuming, he texts Barbara and tells her he's coming over. Once there, the two communicate via wipe-off boards. Will tells Barbara that for all these months, Gwen's been going behind his back and telling him lies while she's off seeing Iris. Barbara writes, "Then you know what the next step is. It's the only way to make Gwen see reality". With that, Will heads out and meets Stan outside Metro. Will thanks Stan for meeting him and takes him inside. Will formulates a plan for Stan to rob Metro, using Iris as an accomplice. Stan thinks the idea is genius, but upon Will's return to Barbara's, we learn that the plan is fake. Barbara and Will want Stan to set Iris up as an accomplice to a fake robbery, and plan to have Gwen stumble upon the plans and confront Iris, shunning her once and for all.

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Yay! I love it when Will becomes a schemer just like Barbara. Do your mommy proud!

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