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Episode 91



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Tom and Margo invite Sofie, Casey, Kim, Bob, Nancy, Lisa, and Gabe over for an impromptu family Memorial Day hamburger lunch. Lisa comments on Sofie and Gabe's obvious attraction to one another, intriguing Margo. Margo tells Sofie that if she plans on letting down Casey, she should do it now before anyone gets hurt. Across town, the Snyders have a small get together and they all discuss Meg's progress. Carly defends Rosanna to Emma while Jack corners Carrie. Carrie tells Jack that her past is one that she would rather not talk about. Carrie returns and tells Carly that if Jack continues bringing up her past, she'll have no choice but to leave Oakdale. An intrigued but agitated Carly hisses for Jack to leave Carrie alone, but makes no mention of Jack's actions the previous night. Aaron shares his fears with Holden that Caleb's return to Oakdale will only start a feud between the Snyders and the Stewarts. Aaron voices his concern that said feud would be the end of his relationship with Alison. Parker and Faith skip out on the family event and go for a walk. Faith confides in Parker that she blames Lily for her family being as dysfunctional as it is. Susan makes preparations to move Michael into a private room. Michael can't remember anything from the accident and starts getting agitated. Susan calms him down and when the IV cord gets tangled, the two end up in a brief, akward peck. Meanwhile, Katie remains unaware that Brad is in the seat behind her. Katie confides in a sleeping old man beside her that she's falling in love with someone. When the plane touches down, Brad reveals himself to Katie and she angrily slaps him for not trusting her and following her all the way to Florida. Noah and Luke spend a quiet day together and run into Iris. After Iris leaves, they make notice of the man following behind her. Luke learns from Kevin that rumors are saying Noah is the mole at Worldwide. Iris turns around and sees Stan has been following her. Stan counters that he'll leave her alone when she decides to help him in his plans to rob Metro.


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Nice that the people of Oakdale remembered it was Memorial Day. None of the other soaps do it, including As Days Go By! :P:lol:

What you hiding, Carrie? Hmmm???

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