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Sister Pat&Hope Pray! Episode90



In an undisclosed location in Pasadena

Dr. Diego Serrano walks into the room where Ashley is huddled over the cubicle. A baby is inside.


"He appears to be fine for a preemie."


"He has Bryan's genes. Of course, my little man is a fighter."

Diego checks the infant's vital signs

"His breathing is normal and his temperature is good. He's getting stronger. What are you going to name him?"

Ashley (smiling)

"Bryan Jr."


Episode: 90, Hope and Pat Pray

Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith with Miou Slater

Downtown Pasadena,

SG Buildingdtownpapasena.jpg

Gilbert walks into Sabryn's office. The beauty of Sabryn's wedding dress sitting on the mannequin catches him off guard. Sabryn looks up at him as she makes a few alterations on her dress.


"Do you like it?"


"I'm blown away. You've outdone yourself. This is absolutely stunning."


"It is, if I do say so myself. Versace and Gucci have nothing on us. I designed this dress specifically to turn heads and to sh!t all over Divine Design."


"Indeed. It's time SG get back on top where we belong."

Sabryn tries to hug Gilbert, but her enlarged belly gets in the way. They both laugh.


"It looks like you're about to drop any minute now."


"Kiko says 3 more weeks."


"Just in time for your wedding."

Sabryn sits down and exhales

"I've waited all my life for this moment. I'm finally marrying the man I love and we're going to be a family."


"Sabryn, can I be honest with you about something? I mean we have known each other for years now, been working together since we had the little shop downtown."


"Of course, speak, say whatever is on your mind Gilly. I hope you know that you're one my closest and dearest friends."


"I am in love with you Sabryn."


"I don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed. Gilly, please don't take this the wrong way, but I didn't think you were into women."

Gilbert plants a passionate kiss on Sabryn. She pulls away from him.


"Oh my God, no!"


"What's the matter?"


"My water just broke."

In a back alley on the west side of town.

Hope waits for Suga's answer.100_0154.jpg


"Answer me, did you shoot Natalia?"


"Why does it matter? You're already on the run for murder aren't you? I think you have enough to worry about right now ma."


"I just can't take much more of this. A pregnant woman gets shot and I saw it happen!"

Hope and Suga turn around and see the mighty Sister Patterson.

Sister Patsisterp_yah.gif

"The devil has gotten a hold of ya but I am here, Lord have Mercy, to save your soul."

Suga runs off. Hope stands still. She is intrigued by the sight of this holy woman. Sister Patterson grabs Hope's arm and drags her inside of the Can I Get A Witness West Coast Baptist Church.digitaljess001.jpg

Sister Patterson

"Thank the Lord for my third eye. I've been looking for you. My third eye never fails me child. We need to pray. You got the devil in ya. I know all about it. You're smoking that stuff, ain't ya!?"


"I . . . I don't know what you're talking about! You drag me inside some church and interrogate me like you're my mother! What do you want from me?!"

Sister Patterson

"I'm doing the good Lord's work. Child, don't you lie in my Father's house. Get on your knees now Hope Brady! You're a crackhead and a murderer! You think I don't know what's going on? Thou shall not kill and thou shall not be a basehead!"

She slaps Hope.

Sister Patterson

"That's for being a dummy! Now bow that head and let us pray! God and Miss Jenkins are watching us."

Hope tries rubbing out the sting of Sister Patterson's slap to her face.


"How do you know all this?! You can't . . . you can't possibly know. Oh God! I can't have another person trying to turn me in! I can't get executed! You want to know why I smoke crack? It keeps me sane. I don't want to . . . I have to!"

Sister Patterson

"Child, I am a soldier on the battlefield of sin for my God. It is his good work that I do. He gave me my third eye to help others. It lets me see things others don't. Lately, for some reason, my third eye hasn't been catching everything. But I will tell you something . . .when you do not know, or you're going through hard times, turn to God! He will see you through. You have to trust him. This is not about me turning you in. It's about doing what is right. You must right the wrong you have done. You have two children at home who need you. Stop running. End it all here. Say no to drugs and stop the violence."

Hope begins to calm down. Being in the church begins to soothe her. Soon she comes out of her hysterical state.


"Sister, if I could take it all back I would . . . but haven't I gone too far to turn back? Killing Gina, drinking, pushing everyone out of my life, smoking . . . it's out of control. I don't know if I can end it or how to end it."

Sister Patterson

It's never too late. Every day is a new chance. A new beginning. He will forgive you. And once you stand up and do the right thing, everyone else will follow your lead. Your step mother is in jail because of you. She's a pillar of the Salem community, isn't she? How does that make you feel?"


"Oh Lord, yes . . . my guilt came back to haunt me when I read that...it really did. I shouldn't have gotten her into this. I'm not a bad person, I'm really not. Bo doesn't seem to understand that. I thought he would at one time, but I am so afraid that he despises me because of all of this."

Sister Patterson

"Talk to him. Let him know what's in your heart and on your mind. You two have been through a lot. You can get through this. Your love has stood the test of time. I would give anything to have a love like that."

Sister Pat wipes a tear and turns away from Hope.

Then, she suddenly pulls her bible out and presses it against Hope's forehead and begins to jerk her head back.

Sister Patterson

"In the name of Jesus, Amen."

Sister Pat puts her bible away.

Sister Patterson

"Now get out of Pasadena. You belong in Salem. And when you get there, tell Celeste that I said hello. We go way back."

Sister Pat leaves the church.

TC Hotel,103632369_6cfe8fd0e6.jpg

Ty' Office

Ty and Karl look at Dre in bewilderment.


"My bad, didn't mean to interrupt."


"Son, you really need to get a new front desk attendant since Miss Jodie is dying."


"Get out!"

Karl laughs and walks out the office.


"Dondre, what can I do for you? It's odd seeing you here."


"I'm looking for work."


"I didn't know you had receptionist skills."


"That's not what I am taking about. I'm looking for some work. The same work Daniel and Santino do for you on the streets."


"What makes you think I am involved in street life?"


"Nobody's stupid here man. I need money. I need some work. I can push whatever you give me."

Ty looks into Dondre's eyes and remains silent for a few moments. He takes a deep breath, looks out of his window overlooking the pond and thinks about Dre's offer. He wonders whether he can trust Dre, whether he can risk another new person involved in his double dealings. But at the same time, he recognizes that he needs an extra set of hands to do work in the streets since Daniel is no longer willing. One more person in the know. Tyler then walks over to his desk, opens a drawer and pulls out a wad of cash and throws it on the desk in front of Dre. He then walks over to the window.


"What is this?"


"It's for your first assignment."

Dre counts out the wad of Ben Franks

"Bet, tell me what's good?"


"Lauren and Jennifer are a problem for me right now."


"Yo girl?"


"No questions. Let's get that straight now. I pay you, you do what I say, that's the end of it. If you can't adhere to those rules, walk out now. You can keep the money either way."


"Chill out man. It's all good. Just tell me what you want me to do?"


"I think Santino and Jenn have something going on. I want you to keep tabs on her. Lauren has convinced Daniel to turn his back on me. She has to be taken out."

Ty pulls out a gun from his holster and lays it on the desk.


"Kill Lauren?"



Meanwhile, on Lavender Hill,IMG_0042.jpg

Ty's Mansionsettings.jpg

The door bell rings. Jenn opens it and sees Lauren and Daniel.


"Well, this is an unexpected surprise."


"After watching the fashion show, I had to come see you. Is it OK if we come in?"


"Sure . . . yes, of course."

Daniel (walking in)JustinHartley3.jpg

"Is Tyler here?"


"We're lucky, he's at the Hotel."


"We are lucky? What does that mean?"



Jenn hugs Lauren


It's good too see you again."

Lauren doesn't return the hug. The three of them stayed silent until Lauren decided to speak.


"I'm just going to come right out and ask . . . Jennifer, why did you blackmail Jodie about her HIV status? That's the most despicable thing I can imagine anyone doing to someone else."


"Oh good Lord! If you're here to preach, leave now. I did what I did and I am not sorry. I hate that diseased bitch. "


"Sounds like you're the one who has become a bitch. What has gotten into you?"


"Tyler will do that to a person."


"Get the hell out of my house."


"Don't you mean Tyler's house."


"You're nothing but drunken slut. I don't need you Lauren. Rot in hell for all I care. I'm sorry that I wasted my time calling you my best friend. Now you've got your crackhead boyfriend back from the dead and you want to act like you better than everyone else. Who in the hell do you think you are? I'm living the good life. I want and need for nothing."


"Don't talk to her like that."


"Hey crackhead, can you do me a favor and please die again? Now get out of here before I call the guards."

Suddenly Lauren faints into Daniel's arms.

Back in Downtown Pasadena

Ivory Inc.Apr18_0003.jpg

mp05-1.jpgKarim walks off the elevator and sees his uncle flirting with his secretary Ladonna.

Karim walks up to DC, turns him around and socks him in the jaw. Ladonna is stunned.


"I am so sorry Mr. Williams."


"Boy what the hell you smoking? You lost your damn mind."

Karim pushes DC into his office.


"Talk your hands off me. Can't you see I'm an old man? Boy, I can still drop kick you."


"I know about your affair."


"What you talking about?"


"Your brother's wife. My mom. You're sleeping with her. Why? How can you do this to you own brother?"


"Your brother told you, didn't he?"


"You parade in here wanting a job and a cologne named after you. You're a selfish bastard who care about no one but yourself."


"There's a lot you don't know boy. Two sides to every story. You were just a youngin' back then."


"Youngin? How long has this been going on?"


"It's not like that. Go home and talk to your mother. She should be the one who tells you."


"Tell me what?"


"It's not my place to get into it."


"Then maybe I can talk about it with my pops."

Karim storms out of DC's office

DC calls out to him

"Come back here boy! You're going to give your father a stroke. Don't do something stupid! I'll knock the hell outta you."

***WARNING: The Following scene has EXTREMELY STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT!!!*****

The sun has set in Pasadena.

West Wood Park,

Mark' HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

Mark crack opens his 5th can of MGD. He hears a knock and stumbles toward the door to answer.


"Hey lover."


"Where's your dress and heels? You're going for the man look today?"


"I did it for you baby. I remember whenever I'd dress like a man, you liked it."

Rufus comes in and sees the beer cans scattered on the floor.


"I am so sorry for you loss."

Rufus and Mark wrap their arms around each other. Rufus moves his hand down Mark's body. He stops at Mark's crotch and begins to rub it. Mark closes his eyes and moans.

Rufus (whispers in Mark's ear)

"Can I taste it?"

He bites down on Mark's ear. The moans continue. Mark loses his balance and falls onto the couch. Mark can't remember how many beer he's had. He doesn't want to remember anything. All he wants at that moment is to keep drinking and get some cheap thrills, which he knows Rufus will be more than willing to supply. Mark unzips his pants and signals to Rufus to get a taste of what he's craving.

Rufus kneels down and pulls Mark's d!ck out of his boxers. Mark's toes curl as Rufus teases him by slowly surrounding it with his mouth. Mark pours his beer over his dick and Rufus's mouth. Mark's body shivers from the cold beer running down his balls and moans once again. Rufus licks up the beer from his penis.

The door opens and startles Rufus. He looks up and sees Dahlia. A drunk Mark seems unaware. His eyes remain closed and with his back arched, his head thrown back, he grabs Rufus's head and guides him to his love pole.

dahlia_salem_1.jpgDahlia (stunned by seeing her ex lover with Rufus)

"My God. Mark, you're a faggot!"


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WOW - Well done! First is the PRAYER - Hope and Sista Pat, PRAYER was just beautiful... Sister's who is a lying cheating B... is giving hope advise, and preaching to her - man good times... Love it! It was the funnier scene of all - and Sista's pat message to Celeste was surprising.... WELL DONE!!!!

Ashley and Diago - what's the hell id going on? WHo's child is this? Ashley's or Natalie? Detail please!!!!

MARK/RUFUS/DAHLIA - man, that was HOT - All I have to say is MMMM GOOD!!!!

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  • Members

Thank you for that warning but I practically expecting that, what I didn't expect was Dahlia witnessing it all.

D.C. should drop kick all of the bro hoes, especially Dre. That fool is just blinded by money but this does make for an interesting read to see how dangerous Ty truly is.

Didn't think that Diego...oh wait, yes Diego's a bastard so he would stoop so low to help Ashley. I love Ash's character because you feel sorry for her. At least after everything's that has happened.

Was I watching the scene from Borat when he went to the church? That was too funny when Sister Pat had Hope get rid of all her sins. It was halarious!

What was definitely the highlight of the episode for me, was Gilly admitting he's silly for Sabryn! Finally, the guy's had a boner for her so long...though others would disagree. Thank you for making this happen and it's even funnier that her water broke.

Keep up the good work because S.T.E.A.M. is still S.M.O.K.I.N.G.!

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