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Episode 71



Holden tries to break free from his chains. He tries to make eye contact with Lily, but Andrew bonks him over the head, knocking him out. Andrew chuckles that now he has Lily all to himself, but Lily grabs a shovel and knocks Andrew out. Lily lets Holden loose, grabbing a key from Andrew's pocket. Excited to see one another, they kiss but Andrew stirring causes them to bolt. As they hurry out the door, Andrew chases after them.

Aaron shows up at Susan's and lets himself in, barging up to Alison's room. Alison's busy packing things for her new apartment and gives little notice to Aaron being there until he slaps a copy of The Intruder down on the bed and furiously demands to know what the hell she told Emily. Alison's horrified to see an article about Caleb and Julie's marital problems and both head off to confront Emily.

Bob comes into the kitchen and sees a letter on the table. Kim sits, staring at the letter. Bob asks her what's in it, and Kim tearfully replies that it's a letter from Chris. After his parole hearing, one of the guards tried to beat him and when Chris fought back, another 6 months was added to his sentence. Bob becomes fit with rage and demands to speak with the warden. Kim's shocked that Bob's acting like this, citing that months ago, she thought Bob would never care to hear from Chris again. Bob tells Kim that Chris is his son, no matter what he's done. Bob admits he's starting to forgive Chris and heads off to speak with Tom about legal actions to protect Chris and revoke the additional 6 month sentence.

Jack comes over to Emma's with the kids and reminds them to take it easy with Emma today. She's still really upset from Meg leaving town. Emma greets the kids with a smile and thanks Jack for agreeing to let her watch them. She cites how she needs the time with the children to clear her head. Jack warns Emma not to blame herself for Meg's problems. Emma can't help but think that she could have done something. She just knew Meg falling for Paul would end in disaster, but she never imagined it would be anything like this. Later, Jack runs into Lucinda and learns that the search team she sent for Holden and Lily has landed down in Barbados.

Paul drives up to Rosanna's and contemplates going inside. Just as he's about to pull away, he notices a "For Sale" sign on the house. Rosanna comes out and jokingly accuses Paul of stalking her. She quickly diverts from the akwardness and apologizes to Paul for having to find out like he did. Paul confides that he should have listened to her from the beginning. Rosanna forces a slight smile before getting in her car and leaving. Later, Barbara calls Will and Paul together and announces to them that the cancer is strengthening and she'll be starting extensive treatment tomorrow at Memorial. She chokes back tears as she hints to Will and Paul that cancer might soon conquer her, but they quickly hush her negativity with hugs.


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Good scenes with Paul and Rosanna. I love the Lily and Holden, so much excitement.

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I need more Lily/Holden, LoL!

Can't wait to read the rest and catch up tomorrow[later this evening].

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