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Episode#246: Elvis's Scheme




Written by: Tara

Episode#246: Elvis’s Scheme

-At Alamain, Billie sighs and says that she may be rusty but she’ll help Alamain no matter what it takes. Forrest thanks her, and she says it would be sad for a family business that has stood for so many years to fall apart. Forrest tells her to blame Vivian for that, and that’s why he needs her out. Billie nods, but then says for now they can just celebrate her coming to work here. Forrest grins and says he can live with that, as they both lean in and kiss…

-At the Spears Mansion, Jan is home from the hospital and just finished putting her baby to sleep. As she looks over its crib she smiles, and says that she hopes Shawn’s proud of her. She slowly kisses her baby on the head, and then hears the doorbell ring. She then rushes to get it, and opens it to see…Bo and Belle!

-Helena looks at her very much alive son, STEFAN, and says that this will be such a clever scheme. She tells him that he will disguise himself as Steve, and impersonate Steve to Kayla, and slowly begin to ruin her life. Stefan nods and says he will do her bidding, and Helena takes out an eye patch and some different clothes and tells him he will need those to pass himself off as Steve, and Stefan once again nods., and takes the items and walks away with his hood back up, and Helena whispers to herself:

Helena: Yes, it is good to have Stefan’s loyalty after so many years…despite our past, he is very useful to me…

-At the courthouse, Judge Fitzpatrick looks at Elvis in shock and says “Excuse me?” and Elvis tells her he knows she abides by the law and this sounds very bad, but in truth its not. He tells her that Lexie has gone through so much for her son, she deserves him, and Abe hasn’t done much for the kid. Judge Fitzpatrick tells him that she has to go by evidence and this is really none of his business, and Elvis then tells her that he is willing to PAY her a huge sum of money if she agrees to his terms.

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Jan asks Bo and Belle what the hell they are doing on her doorstep, and looks to Bo and asks shouldn’t he be going after his crazy wife, and comments how she heard on the news about her running off for murdering someone. Bo snaps to Jan for her to leave Hope out of this, and that he’s taking care of that. He Belle then says to Jan:

Belle: I heard about you giving birth to your baby, Jan, and I thought it was time that you put Shawn’s child into proper hands.

Jan: I should have known this would happen. You and Grandpa here have teamed up to take my baby. MY baby, and as I told Bo last time neither of you are going to take him away from me. So just walk away and never come back.

Bo: We can’t do that, Jan. We just want whats best for the baby. All of us. Me, Belle, Maggie, Julie…

Jan: Please, I heard a couple hours ago you tossed Julie in the slammer! Its where she belongs, and hopefully soon your wife will be sitting right beside her!

-At Titan, Alexis is getting ready to leave as she packs up a few things she’s going to work on at her home, and as she finishes and begins to walk down the halls, suddenly Jeremy emerges out of the blue with flowers in his hand! Alexis is startled and tells him not to scare her like that, and Jeremy tells her that she should’ve known he’d be back. Alexis looks at the flowers and then says:

Alexis: You are just a persistent little boy, aren’t you? You know, I may not be as…uh, eager about it as you are, but I’ll humor you and go to dinner with you. Just make sure its something nice, okay? No bar like the Cheatin’ Heart.

Jeremy: Oh, don’t worry, hon. We’ll be going to Chez Rouge, its owned by my aunt. It certainly is above a lot of other places in Salem.

Alexis: Chez Rouge? Last time I was there, chandeliers were flying every which way.

Jeremy: Damn, girl, you need to get out more because that was a long long time ago. I promise you, things will be perfect this time.

-Judge Fitzpatrick stands angrily and tells Elvis that she does NOT accept bribes, and that she should have him tried for this! Elvis tells her that he knows that she could use some extra cash, and all she’d have to do is give Lexie custody of Theo and totally extract Abe from his life. Judge Fitzpatrick says that it would take a miracle for that to happen after all that Lexie has on her record, and Elvis points out that he may be the miracle, and he takes out 10,000 dollars in cash…

-Billie and Forrest continue to kiss inside his office, and they almost fall onto the table but Billie whispers that they shouldn’t be doing this during office hours, and Forrest responds back that they own the company, but she may have a point. As they get off of each other, Forrest suggests that they get to work on everything, and Billie agrees.

-At the Brady Pub, Kayla is cleaning the tables and Stefan walks in…looking exactly like Steve! He walks up to her and is silent for a moment, and as she turns around she jumps and says she didn’t know he was here, and kisses him on the cheek. He replies that he just got here, and she nods and suddenly asks if he’s alright, and comments that something about him seems…off. Stefan shakes his head as he pulls her into a hug, and says that everything is just fine, now…

-At the Spears Mansion, Bo SHOUTS to Jan again to leave Hope out of this completely, and this is just between all of them. Jan tells Bo and Belle that she would never let her child even be HELD by either of them, and that she’s not the psycho that they think she is, and she’s much smarter than they assume. She warns them that if they take her child away, then they will regret it for the rest of their lives. Bo asks if that was a threat, and Jan tells him that’s for him to figure out, and then she orders them both to get out. Stressed out with everything, Bo reluctantly agrees but tells her that things won’t stay like this for long, before he leaves. Jan looks to Belle and says “Hello?! GO!” and Belle then answers:

Belle: No, Jan, I’m not going anywhere until we settle this.

-Judge Fitzpatrick looks at Elvis in shock and asks him where he got that kind of money, in cash nonetheless, and Elvis simply says that he’s part of a powerful family, and this isn’t all that he has for her if he simply agrees to his terms, and Judge Fitzpatrick is silent for a moment, and Elvis smiles and says that she’s complementing it and then mutters “Excellent.”, and she then silently walks out of the room, and back out into the courtroom where Abe, Lexie, Ji’Min, Peter, and Maggie all are, and Judge Fitzpatrick says:

Judge Fitzpatrick: I am afraid I am unable to come to a decision at this time, and will need more time to think about all of this. I am setting the next trial date for May 8th.

Abe and Lexie then look at each other in a cold stare, as Elvis watches in the background and smirks…


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