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Episode#247: Justin Kiriakis



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Written by: Tara

Episode#247: Justin Kiriakis

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor is working on some files for the new face of Bella Magazine and says to himself that in mere weeks, there will be a fashion show for many companies that will launch Bella Magazine at last. He thinks to himself that having Belle Black heavily involved in it should be a huge success, and Henderson walks in and asks Victor if he needs anything, and Victor says:

Victor: Nothing right now, thank you…but there is something I do need for my business…a business partner.

-At the Spears Mansion, Jan asks Belle what on earth they could possibly have to settle, and she says that she thought they were completely done with each other after that princess that killed Shawn died, and Belle tells her that doesn’t erase the fact that she and Shawn had a child, and she can’t let her raise it. Jan tells Belle frustrated that she is not as insane as everyone thinks, and Belle shoots back:

Belle: Oh please, no one’s going to forget about what you did. Trying to kill Victor, kidnapping Shawn, practically brainwashing him, blackmailing Mimi for months, dressing up as a surrogant, and impregnating yourself with Shawn’s baby! No one is going to let you raise a child!

Jan: Belle, don’t give me that load of CRAP! You only want the child out of my hands because you want to have the child with Shawn, your own COUSIN, that you never got!

-Inside Marlena’s office at the hospital, Kristen slowly and nervously walks in. Marlena looks up and lightly smiles, and tells her to come and sit down. Kristen asks her if she’s sure about this, and she says that she at least should have seen another psychiatrist due to her and Marlena’s past. Marlena shakes her head and simply says no, and that no one can help her like she can. Kristen sighs, and sits down and asks what they do first. Marlena then says:

Marlena: Kristen, this may be hard, but first…I need you to calmly describe the rape to me, as best you can.

-At the courthouse, court is dismissing, and Abe and Maggie are walking out together. Maggie asks Abe why he looks so worried, and he says that its how Judge Fitzpatrick ended the custody trial just like that, and it makes him wonder if something is wrong…or if she is having a hard time deciding. Maggie tells him that that’s the case in all custody trials no matter how bad the other parent is, and she’s sure in the end he’ll get custody of Theo. Lexie is walking by and says she doubts that will happen, and snaps to Abe that she WILL come out fighting in the next trial, and Maggie then says:

Maggie: Oh, honey, I doubt that will happen.

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Henderson comments that he thought he liked working without as many partners as businesses like Alamain has, and Victor tells him that’s true, but he needs someone trusted by his side, and Belle is only a model and Alexis is just his secretary. Henderson tells him that he hasn’t had many allies in his life aside from henchman, and Victor says that there has to be someone out there, and then he also says:

Victor: Someone like…someone like Justin Kiriakis.

-Belle tells Jan to NEVER say that to her, and Jan tells Belle that she’s going to tell her whats true. She yells to Belle that no matter what she’ll just never get over Shawn, whether he’s her cousin and she has a child with another man, and is dating or marrying some guy, she will still be head over heels for Shawn! Belle exclaims to Jan to look who’s talking, and she had an unhealthy obsession with Shawn for years! Jan begins to boil with anger and says:

Jan: But I got over it, and I am in a relationship with Lucas Roberts now! That disgusting love for Shawn is still in your eyes.

Belle: You know, I am dating Nicholas Alamain. I was over Shawn…in what, 2004?! Four years ago. And thank the Lord I was because he’s my cousin. Its not like our relationship even went THAT far anyway.

Jan: Deny it all you want, princess. But you know its true. Now get out.

Belle: Gladly.

Belle stomps out of the Spears Mansion and slams the door on her way out, and it causes Jan’s son to start to cry. She picks him up and calms him down, and assures him that it will all be okay…

-Kristen looks at Marlena in shock and says “So soon?” and Marlena nods, and tells her that it will all be alright, just tell her about it the best she can. Kristen shrugs and tells her it was like any rape, and at first seems calm, but soon some tears swell up in her eyes. She says that Tony suddenly came up to her, grabbed her, and pulled her into a bedroom…she begins to breakdown as she explains that he began to lick her, kiss her in all sorts of places as she screamed for help…but it never came. Marlena holds Kristen’s hand, and tells her that he can’t hurt her anymore, and she firmly believes that it was Vince who raped her, and he’s gone now. Kristen yells:

Kristen: I AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT VINCE!!!! What I know is is that Tony DiMera raped me and because of him I can never go back into the real world!

Marlena: But everything is safe now. You have Peter, your own brother. And just because Vince hurt you doesn’t mean the whole world will.

Kristen: Marlena, I have been forsaked time and time again by the world. Everything always blew up in my face, I got locked in a dungeon for almost nine years, and then thrown in jail. Yes it was partially my fault, but once I got out my father was in a coma and I got sexually assaulted only weeks later, and then my father died!!!! How am I supposed to be able to get back into the real world after all that?!?!?!

--Jan walks down the hallway at the Salem PD station, walking past several cells and narrows her eyes as she sees Julie in one of them with Tony. She carries her baby in a carrier and stomps right over

Jan: Okay, dear Aunt Julie, time for us to have a little chat.

Julie: "How dare you bring this child down here in harm's ways. Amoungst all these crimanlas. For a chat? It's already obvious you are not making wise decision's as a mother. I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

Jan: I think you already did that. And for the record I will take my child where I damn well please. Earlier I got a visit from Bo Brady and Belle Black, and they wanted my child. Since you're locked up in a cage you decided to send your hounds after me?

Julie: A cage? Like you caged up Shawn Brady? You're a lunatic and your past will easily convie any judge of that. I didn't have to send my family after you. They know as well as I do that you are unfit to raise this baby. We are all going to join forces and pry that baby right from your arms. And how dare you talk to me like that

Jan: You are a TRUE criminal, Julie. And your crimes are recent, mine were years ago. How are you fit to raise a baby? Aiding your alcoholic sister in murder isn't the best thing to do. So don't preach to me, Julie Horton!

Julie: Does Lucas know you're down here? What was the point of you even coming down here? To reassure yourself? You mut think I am a threat to you if you're making a pre emepitve strike. I got a lot of years behind my belt honey. I know every trick of every book. I am from the old school. I'll teach you a few things sweety, so grab a pen a paper, its going to be one hell of a ride. And yes I am in jail now, but I really didn't commit no crime. I was only being there for my daughter. I was lending an ear. That hardly measures up to any thing you have done. So next time try harder, reach higher before you take on a grand dame such as myself. Remeber, I am a Horton, and that name goes a long way in this town. I won't be in jail for long, and when I get out you better get your umbrella because I am going to rain on your parade.

Jan: Oh Lord, you are in one of your high and mighty moods, aren't you? Well, quite frankly, I don't think the Hortons are so powerful. If they were, they all wouldn't have run off or DIED!

Julie: "You little twit. How dare you speak to me that way. If these bars didn't seperate us, I'd ring your neck missy. How could you disrepsct Lucas's own family like that? He is a horton to! I will be telling Lucas what u think of our family. You don't desreve your baby and you don't Lucas. And I will personally see to it that you lose both. This is war Janet Spearmint!"

Jan: Lucas and I have a special bond, something you can't break. Accept it, you have lost everything because of your actions, and you just can't take seeing that your foes have won the battle.

Julie: Your a joke Janice. A complete and utter foul. Never under estimate your opponet. Your bond with Lucas will be broken over you lack of respect for our family. You can take that to that bank." Hollering out to the gaurds" Get this trah out of here!"

Tony: Now thats enough! Jan Spears, I think it is, you have no manners! How dare you treat someone like Julie like this! If you think you will continue to tear her down you, my dear, have another thing coming

Jan:Oh please, I don't want to get a lecture from some DiMera rapist. Heck I barely know you and I already know how much of an idiot you are to stand up for this gutter-snipe. Bye bye, losers.

-Lexie looks at Maggie and snaps for her to mind her own business, and Maggie defensively says that this is her business. Abe warns Maggie to not get into this, but Maggie says that she’s not going to let Lexie tear him down constantly. Lexie asks Maggie how the hell she’s going to stop her, and says that Maggie has no power over her. Lexie and Peter turn to walk away, but Maggie grabs Lexie by the hair! Lexie screams in pain and turns around and punches Maggie in the face, and Maggie in anger tackles Lexie as a catfight begins!


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