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Episode#245: Cellmates




Written by: Tara

Episode#245: Cellmates

-In the hidden area behind the basement of the DiMera Mansion, Renee and Elvis are watching their monitors and Stefano, and Elvis comments that the custody trial over Lexie’s son should be going on right about now, and Renee asks why they even have to bother with her and she’s useless to them. Elvis tells her that for one their father was all about family, and two it keeps her quiet about them. Renee then says:

Renee: I suppose you may be right, just be careful when dealing with her. We can’t have her find our other guest.

-Julie is put in a holding cell at the police station by one of the officers, and she sighs and wonders why all of this has to happen to her and her family in such a short amount of time. Doug, Alice, Hope killing Gina and becoming an alcoholic, and now Hope on the run and her locked up in jail. She puts her hands on her face and a few tears even slip out of her eyes, but suddenly a voice says:

Voice: Julie?! Julie Williams?!

Julie: Tony DiMera?!

-At Alamain, after Vivian storms out of Forrest’s office in a huff, Forrest mutters that she has GOT to get out and soon. He looks at Billie and tells her as he kisses her hand that he’ll have an office prepared for her as soon as possible, and Billie tells him no rush. He warns her to be prepared though, because Alamain is chaotic with going public and Vivian is always causing way too much trouble. Billie says to Forrest that Vivian’s been a plague on her family for years, this won’t be any different. Forrest then says:

Forrest: Yeah, well, don’t worry because now that you’re here I am more determined to get her out of this business. And I think I need your help to do that.

-At the courthouse in downtown Salem, Lexie tells Peter that there are a lot of things that could cause trouble for her but she’s confident that they haven’t lost yet, they just have to try harder. Peter nods and admits that they may still have a chance, but it’ll be difficult. He also says that they may be able to get some witnesses to testify that Lexie is a very good mother to Theo, and also that they have a small advantage in the fact that she was accepted back at the hospital so soon. Lexie says it’s a start, and thinks to herself that Elvis and Renee had better come through for her.

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Down at the pier, Helena is standing alone with a large devilish smile on her face, and whispers how revenge is so sweet. She says that now she has Steve right in her palm, and soon she’ll begin ruining Kayla’s life as well. Someone walks up behind her, with a mask and hood on, and she turns to the person and says “Ah, at last, you’ve come…”

-Inside the courtroom, Ji’Min tells Abe that they have started out very strongly, and Abe says they just have to keep it up. Ji’Min tells him to not worry, and that their case is strong due to Lexie’s offensive past. Abe tells Ji’Min he just can’t be sure, and suddenly someone walks into the courtroom and Abe turns around to see Maggie! Maggie asks him if she’s too late, and he tells her not at all. As they hug, Lexie looks on in shock.

-Tony asks Julie what the hell SHE is doing being put in jail, and Julie sighs and tells him it’s a long story and asks him what he’s doing here, and from what she knew he was like a model citizen now. Tony sighs and answers that she might have heard of the trouble his alternate personality, Vince, caused the past few months, such as helping Stefano in Italy and killing Kate Roberts, and he’s integrated but he revealed to him that he raped Kristen Blake shortly after Christmas. Julie looks at Tony in shock and says:

Julie: Oh Tony…I know how that must hurt to have to pay for crimes another person did.

Tony: But technically, Vince WAS me! Technically it was me who raped Kristen.

Julie: You know that’s not true, Tony. You’re a wonderful man and everyone knows it. Soon you’ll be out of here, I know it. Especially if you’ve received therapy for this.

Tony: Oh yes, Marlena gave me therapy and really helped me through it…she’s a wonderful woman who will always help you no matter what she’s going through. Now, why are you in here?

Julie: Tony…like your trouble, its hard to explain. Hope has been all too depressed ever since Gina died in November. She became an alcoholic right before Christmas, she even started smoking during that snow storm. All of these deaths have gotten to her, and then Gina coming back and torturing her even more…it caused her to…Hope…she…

Tony: What is it, Julie? You can tell me.

Julie: She killed Gina.

-Billie tells Forrest that she’s not sure how much she could help him getting Vivian out of Alamain, because she is rusty in business tactics and not sure how comfortable she’d even be doing it. She says she does think Vivian is a complete shrew but she’s had a clean slate for awhile now, and she has a feeling they would probably need to use underhanded methods to get her out. Forrest responds by saying she’s probably right, but its best for the business and all of the families they have to provide for. He explains to her how that ever since he returned to take control, Alamain has been nothing but a power struggle, and if he doesn’t end it then Titan is going to gain more popularity and Alamain will collapse.

-Lexie comments to herself that what her mother told her the other day must be true, and turns back to Peter and tells him she’s sure her mother would be able to help them. Peter agrees, and on the other side of the room Maggie asks Abe how everything’s going, and Abe replies that Judge Fitzpatrick declared a recess and is thinking about everything said so far, and goes on to tell her that his lawyer believes they’ve started out strong so that’s a good sign. Maggie assures Abe that he can do this.

-Tony looks at Julie in shock and says “Hope Brady a murderer? Julie, no, this is impossible.” and Julie sadly says its true, and that Hope confessed it to her on ThanksGiving. Julie tells Tony that Gina tormented her for so many years and killed her eldest and last son, and Hope had a burst of rage at her. Tony says its understandable, just very shocking. Julie then explains that this drove her to so many terrible lengths, and now she’s on the run because of it all. Tony then tries to assure Julie that Hope is smart, and something tells him she’ll be back.

-Helena tells the masked person that Steve has been captured, and now he can move in on Kayla. Helena assures him to not worry and it will all be very simple, and she has prepared him for this for all of these months, and now he is ready. Helena then says:

Helena: It is only a job you can do….Stefan.

Helena pulls off his mask and hood to reveal the VERY much alive and a man who looks EXACTLY like Steve Johnson….Stefan Cassadine!!!!!!!!

-Back at the courthouse, Judge Fitzpatrick is in her private deliberation room, and she sits going over everything said in the custody trial and all of the facts and evidence. Out of the blue, Elvis knocks on the door and walks in. Judge Fitzpatrick looks up and asks who on earth he is and she has business to attend to, and he replies that he’s here because of the custody trial over Theo Carver. Judge Fitzpatrick raises an eyebrow, and Elvis says:

Elvis: If you give full custody to Lexie Brooks, I can make it worth your while…


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