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Episode 62



Henry can't believe that Vienna wants to pursue a business. He figured that she would want to save the money and use it for their children to go to a good school. Vienna vows to him that if she starts this business and it becomes a success, they'll have enough money to do just that. Later, Vienna shares the good news with Katie and learns Katie's uncle is in town.

Boxes line the outside of a house as Lyla buzzes the doorbell again. Michael answers the door and Lyla catches her breath. Lyla says that she didn't think it was true, that Michael was here in Oakdale. Michael explains that he took the new cancer specilaist position at Oakdale Memorial, causing Lyla to cringe a little. Michael exclaims that if he didn't know any better, he'd think Lyla isn't too happy about all of this. Lyla reasons that she's glad to see him again, but she fears what it'll do for Katie. It's all too much to take in all at once, she explains. Michael disagrees and sees this as the perfect opportunity to start bonding with his niece.

Brushing Andrew to the side, Holden rushes into Lucinda's study. She gasps at the intrusion and asks Holden if he was raised in a barn, almost snickering at her self-made joke. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily hasn't called when she said she would. Lucinda tells Holden to calm down, saying that Lily's probably taking a nap or something. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily's already pushing the limits going to Barbados. They both know how Lily sometimes gets herself into dangerous positions unintentionally. Lucinda agrees to lend Holden her private jet, but tells Holden that he's going for nothing. Meanwhile, we see Lily treading through some brush on the coast of Barbados. She calculates that this beach should be the one, if any, that Craig might have washed up on. Suddenly, the ground below her gives way as she falls down a booby trapped hole.

Emily puts down her pen and sighs in relief that yet another edition of The Enquirer has been published. Dusty comes in and chuckles at the headline about an Oakdale businessman's double life. Emily asks what brought him by as Dusty pulls Emily into a romantic kiss. Their kiss is short-lived, however, when Alison brings by some last-minute advertising material from an Oakdale hair salon. As Emily makes a hostile phone call to the salon to tell them the deadline has already passed and the paper's already been printed, it leaves Dusty alone with Alison. Alison tries to escape the akwardness, but Dusty confronts her. He tells her that she's very important to him and he's glad that Elwood did no more harm than he did. Alison hisses that she had it under control; there was no reason for Dusty to physically unleash on him like he did. Dusty replies that maybe he took it too far, but he felt as though Ali was in tremendous danger. Before the tension can elevate, Dusty takes Emily out for dinner as Alison clocks out and heads home for the night.

As Bob gathers files from the nurse's station to take back to his office, Susan scurries up with an update on one of Bob's patients. Bob invites Susan to his office and asks her to sit down. Susan thinks that his invitation to sit means bad news, but Bob chuckles at the conclusion. Bob tells Susan that she's been a tremendous help for him in regards to the new cancer center and asks her to help him some more, on an official basis. Susan's thrilled and hugs Bob. Silences pierces the air as the akward hug ends and Susan takes her leave. Bob comes home and sees Kim is waiting up for him. Kim tells Bob that they have to talk and asks him if he thinks he's bettering his himself by having Susan around all the time. Bob accuses Kim of being jealous over nothing and insists that what he and Susan have is nothing more than a friendly relationship built over years of working closely together. As Bob goes up the stairs to bed, Kim mumbles to herself that he better hope that's all it is.

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