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Episode 50



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day in Springifield and most are attending the Aitoro wedding......


Natalia her friends are waiting to walk down the isle.
Dinah, Mel and Olivia enjoy their dresses.
Mel smiles, "So? Are you ready?"
She has a flash back to her conversation with Alan. She tries to erase it from her mind, "Uh.. yeah. I'm ready."

Bauer Cabin:

Harley runs in the door, "Susan?!?!"
Susan walks in, "Hello."
"What is going on? I got your message. Why are you here?"
Susan sighs, "I did something."
Harley gets nervous, "What did you do?"
"Just remember that I did it for you!"
Harley is worried.


Natalia walks down the isle after her bridesmaids. She smiles at Mallet, Frank, Alan Michael, and Rafe.
She then notices Alan at the front with Gus. She pauses but continues and takes her place next to Gus.

Bauer Home:

Beth and Phillip are talking with James. There is a knock at the door.
Phillip hides in the other room. James follows him.
Beth answers it.
Lizzie walks in, "Hi Mom."
Beth smiles, "Hello sweetheart? Why are you crying?"
"Mom.... I need to tell you something."
Lizzie sits at the table with her Mom. She's ready to confess.

Natalia smiles at Gus, "Nicky... Gus... Whatever you want me to call you... I love you with all of my heart. And I know that we belong together. I will spend everyday happy as your wife."
Gus holds Natalia's hands, "I promise to make up for the lost time. With you and with Rafe. And we will have the life that you always wanted and desereved."
The two say their I do's and are pronounced Husband and Wife.
Alan stands heartbroken.

Bauer Cabin:
Harley stares at Susan, "What did you do now?"
Susan smiles, "No it's a good thing. I did it for you."
"You keep saying that! What is it?"
Susan finally says it, "Gus... I helped you with Gus."
"How? He's marrying Natalia right now."
Susan walks away, "Well kind of."
Harley follows her, "What do you mean?"
"Your divorce lawyer came over yesterday. You didn't fill out the papers right. So I paid him off to keep it hush."
Harley grabs her daughter, "You what?!?!?"
Susan tries to calm her down, "Don't you get it Harley? You and Gus are still married! He and Natalia are not!"
Harley gasp.


Gus and Natalia have just left the reception.
Mallet and Dinah are slow dancing.
Mallet rubs Dinah's stomach.
She stops him, "Don't. The doctor called.... I'm not pregnant."
Mallet pauses, "I'm sorry.... We got our hopes up."
She wipes her teards, "Yeah we knew it was a long shot."
Dinah cries on her husband's shoulder.

Natalia and Gus head up to their room.
Gus gets a phone call "Hello? What?.... Hello?"
He hangs up.
Natalia worries, "What's wrong?"
"Something is wrong with Harley. I think she's hurt. I gotta go."
She grabs his arm, "Nicky this is our wedding night. Are you kidding?"
"I'm sorry. I'll be very quick! It's urgent!"
He kisses her and runs off.
Natalia stares in disbelief. She walks into her room alone and slams the door.

Bauer Cabin:
Lizzie holds her Mother's hand, "Mom.... I'm dying."
Beth is startled, "Lizzie what are you talking about?"
"My leukemia is showing up..."
Beth covers her mouth, "Oh my God!"
"I know I found out 6 months ago."
Beth is shocked, "What! Lizzie!"
Lizzie is crying, "I'm sorry I thought I could handle this! I wanted to see what I could do but I don't know how long I have."
"Oh God!" Beth holds Lizzie.
Lizzie cries, "Just... I've been waiting for a sign of hope but..."
Beth jumps up, "Lizzie I need you to be brave."
She walks her to the door, "What's going on Mom?"
Beth opens the door. Lizzie sees her father. Lizzie is in complete shock, "What is this? Some kind of dream?"
She is in shock.
Phillip steps over, "No baby... it's me!"
Lizzie screams and falls into her fathers arms crying.

Alan Michael runs into Marina in the parking lot, "I have to show you something."
"Alan Michael I'm busy!" She goes down the stairs.
Frank walks over to him, "What the hell are you doing?"
Alan Michael drops the envelope.
Frank sees the pictures of him and Mel, "You bastard!" The two begin fighting.
Alan Michael punches Frank, "Just wait! I'm gonna make sure everyone knows who you are Frank!"
Frank tackles Alan Michael.
A familiar voice breaks them up, "Frankie stop it!"
Alan Michael turns around.
The two men are shocked to see none other than Eleni Andros.

Bauer Cabin:
Harley's car was stolen. She is waiting for someone to pick her up.
Gus comes running in, "What happened?"
"Gus what are you doing here?"
"I got a call...."
Harley takes a deep breathe, "Gus. I need to tell you something."
Gus turns and looks at her.

Marina sits on the bench and thinks about Cyrus and Shayne.
Suddenly she feels a backrub, "Oh that is just what I needed..."
She stops. Is it Shayne or Cyrus. She doesn't want to say the wrong name.
Suddenly he speaks, "You always liked my massages."
"Oh my God! Danny?"
She turns to see Danny Santos behind her.

Natalia hears the door open, "Nicky!"
Alan walks in, "Don't say anything! I need to see you! I just can't stay away. I don't know why but I can't! You chose Gus over me! But I still can't be angry at you. I can't help myself. I know it's wrong. I shouldn't feel this way should I?
She is shocked, "Alan?"
"I should go and forget all of this happened. You should too."
She walks over to him and kisses him.
He picks her up and sits her on the couch.
She stops, "Alan?"
"Natalia, I want you! I need you!"
"I need you too!"
She kisses him again.

Bauer Cabin:
Harley chases Gus outside.
"Gus wait!"
He turns around, "What do you mean that we're still married?"
"The lawyer said that the divorce didn't go through!"
He's upset, "Oh my God!"
She tries to calm him down, "Gus wait this doesn't change anything!"
He stops her, "No Harley! This changes.... everything!"

Natalia and Alan fall down onto the bed.
She tears off his jacket.
He removes her dress.
The two are ripping each other's clothes off.
They've given in to the forbidden act.

Gus worries about Natalia
Natalia and Alan make love
Mindy makes a discovery
Lizzie and Phillip are reunited
Eleni is happy to see her guys
Danny and Marina get reaquainted
Rocky and Shayne's secret is found out by someone!

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Wow Jay what a great episode. It was really good. It was much easier to understand what was going. The dialog was easier to figure out as well. I don't know if you did n e thing or not but keep on keepin on.

This epiode was longer and had so much going on. I cant belive Susan did what she did. Wow But I love it. I like Harley and Gus together. And Gus running out to see harley on his wedding. Actions speak louder than words

Also loved the Frank and Alan Micheal fight.

The scenes in this ep seem more in depth. I like that. Again this was a GREAT EPISODE!!!!!! Great Job and good writing.

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