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Episode 49



An emotional evening in Springfield.....

Bauer Home:

Phillip comes into the kitchen.
Beth sees him, "Hey what are you doing?"
Phillip's nervous, "I just needed to talk to you about what happened with Bertha."
Beth stands up, "Phillip we said we'd never talk about this!"
"I know but Beth...."
Phillip holds her hands. They look into each others eyes.
James walks and drops his basketball on the floor.
He stares at his father in shock.


Ashlee shakes her head at Coop, "Why did you sleep with Lizzie?"
"What? Ashlee I didn't...."
Ashlee stops him, "I saw you! You never came to the hotel so I came back to town and I saw you in bed with Lizzie."
Coop doesn't understand, "Ashlee..."
"You know that night... it was supposed to be the night! We were finally going to make love! You threw it away for her!"
"Ashlee I never slept with Lizzie!"
Ashlee looks at Coop with confusion.

Police Station:

Gus is sitting with Mallet.
Gus is staring at a picture of Harley and the kids.
Mallet walks over, "Hey man. You nervous?"
"Not really."
Mallet looks at the picture, "She's something huh?"
"Harley. There's just something about her that you can't shake. I've been there."
Gus keeps looking at the picture.

Boudreau House:

Mel walks to the door.
Frank surprises her, "Hey!"
"Hi. Aren't you supposed to be at Gus's bachelor party?"
Frank smiles, "I was. I left early." He starts kissing her neck.
She giggles, "Frank. My parents are inside."
"Then lets stay out here. In my car!" Frank runs to the car.
She laughs and follows him.
The two lovers are oblivious to Alan Michael Spaulding following them.

Spaulding Mansion:

Alan walks to Natalia, "Just admit it!"
"Fine okay! I want you Alan! I can't get you out of my head! I want you more then my life right now! And I keep fighting it!"
She pulls him close to her.
Then pushes him away.


Police Station:
Mallet hands Gus his coat, "So you're staying with me and Dinah tonight right?"
"Yep. It's a slumber party."
"Ooh remind me to wear my Superman pajamas." Mallet jokes.
Gus takes one last look at Harley's picture. He turns it around and walks out.

Boudreau House:
Mel and Frank are in the back of his car.
She starts to open her blouse, "I need this! Today was so stressful."
Frank kisses her, "You're telling me. Guess who I ran into?"
She laughs, "Who?"
"Alan Michael Spaulding."
Her face freezes, "What?"
"Yeah. He was at the party. Oh, but this really takes my mind off of it."
She kisses him, "Me too."
Outside Alan Michael pulls out his phone and takes a few pictures.
He talks to himself, "I'm sorry Mel. But I need to stop this before you get hurt."

Ashlee sits with Coop, "What are you talking about? I saw you."
"I fell asleep in Lizzie's bed."
Ashlee shakes her head, "She was naked."
"I don't know anything about that. But I swear on my mother's grave that we didn't have sex!"
Ashlee looks at Coop, "I'm so sorry Coop. I just saw you two and I..." She cries.
He holds her, "I'm sorry I should have called."
"We'll work this out. Won't we?"
"Yeah." Coop isn't sure himself.

Bauer Home:
Beth walks over to James, "Honey. Your father has come home."
James is speechless.
Phillip walks over to him. Tears fill his eyes, "Wow Son. You have become quite a young man. Are you 12 now? I've really missed you."
James puts his hand on Phillip's face and emotion overwhelms him.
He grabs onto his father and cries.
Beth comes over to hug her son, "He's home honey."

Spaulding Mansion:
Alan stares at Natalia, "Now what?"
She cries, "I do want you Alan! But I can't... I just can't be with you."
Alan is confused, "You just said-"
"I said I wanted to. But just because you want something doesn't mean it's right or it's good for you!"
Alan is furious, "Fine! I don't care anymore! I have a business to get back. I had to sneak into my own house. Again! I can't focus on you anymore. You say you love Gus well you better. Because if you walk down that isle tommorow... don't you ever come back to me for anything."
Alan storms out.
Natalia falls to the floor crying.

Susan shocks Harley
Gus and Natalia say I do
Alan gets his wish
Frank and Alan Michael get a surprise
Marina runs into her ex
Lizzie comes clean about her illness


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Natalia i straight tripping. I wonder what she is going to do.

And Alan Mike snapping those photos, I know this won't be Good. He gone play the evil card to get his lil piece chocolate. I ain't mad at ya.

I felt like The Ashlee Coop scene could have been a little deeper . It was like damn she came at him full force and after a few words she blamed herself and started crying. I am assuming Ol girl did something to make it seem like she was "naked"

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The reason it wasn't so deep is because this isn't over. Ashlee doesn't believe Coop is over Lizzie and neither does he, (afterall he has kissed her a couple of times)

Ashlee has done some thinking and her self esteem isn't as strong as before. This will be a huge obstacle for the two.

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