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Episode 47



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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An evening in the town of Springfield.....

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra and Edmund are looking at the new design of the office.
She smiles, "Don't you love it?"
"It's very nice."
"Oh I hope Alan likes it."
The two laugh.
Cassandra takes down the picture of Phillip, "Your time has come Alan."
Edmund hands sits down, "Alan never saw this coming. I almost feel sorry for him."
Cassandra places a new photo on the wall, "He deserves everything he gets. I know why I'm doing this. Alan took everything from me.... now it's his turn."
She steps away. There now is a picture of Tammy. On the bottom of the frame the word reads: Remember


The ladies are shopping.
Olivia picks up a rattle, "I think I'll get this for Ava."
Mel smiles, "Oh yeah. Congratualtions your going to be a..."
Olivia stops her, "Don't! Don't say it. Not yet."
The women laugh. Mel looks at the baby stuff, "Oh I think Leah's the only child I'm gonna have."
Natalia walks over, "I don't know, maybe Nicky and I will have another one."
Dinah rubs her stomach.
Mel notices, "Is there something you want to tell us?"
"Mallet and I might be pregnant."
They woman all hug Dinah, "Oh my God! That's great sweetheart."

Police Station:

Matt looks at the paper, "Yes she had information on me but she had it on everyone."
"So you felt threatened?"
"Well this stuff could help Vanessa get full custody of Maureen."
"Maureen is 17 Mallet! I wasn't too worried."
"Come on man, you can tell me."
"I'm sorry about your sister Mallet."
"Sorry that you...."
Matt gets angry, "Mallet! This needs to stop! You know I didn't do it!"
Mallet sends Matt home.

Beacon Lobby:

Billy walks in to pick up Maureen.
"Hey Darlin'"
"Hi Billy. I don't know where my Dad is."
"Well he's a good man I'm sure he's just busy. Now lucky me I get to take you back home."
She's reading text messages.
Billy looks over, "Who you chatting with?"
"Kevin and Jason."
"I know their twins but do they do everything together."
She laughs, "Their doing it seperately."
"Those boys really like you."
"I like Jason a lot."
"I really want to be with Kevin."
"Oh I know what's it's like. Two brothers fighting over one girl. It can get pretty heated."
"I don't know."
"We'll talk about it on the way home."
"Thanks Billy."
The two walk to the car.

Harley's House:

Susan walks back inside.
Harley walks through the door, "We need to talk!"
"I didn't do anthing!"
"Your little boyfriend has a warrant out for his arrest."
"What? What did you do?"
"I didn't do anthing! Frank found a security tape from the night of Julie Camaletti's murder! Guillespie was there!"
Susan stares in shock.


Police Station:
Mallet gets the new information on Julie's killer.
He goes to run out the door when he notices one of the detectives has a "Becoming a Daddy" book on his desk.
He realizes that Julie would want him to be happy.
He picks up the book, "Well maybe I can have a fresh start with Baby Julia."
He smiles puts the book down and heads home.

Cross Creek:
Matt walks to the window and sees Maureen napping on the couch with Billy and Vanessa. He is hurt.
He gets a phone call.
He talks for a moment the hangs up.
He looks in the window before heading home.

Beacon Lobby:
Mel, Olivia and Natalia are sitting in the lobby.
Dinah has gone home.
Mel toast to the fun night, "We have to do this again."
Natalia laughs, "Even if we didn't want to, we have to!"
Olivia stands up, "Oh hey! Nat where are you going for your honeymoon?"
"Ooh I was thinking of staying in town."
"Great, you can have the honeymoon suite! Free."
She smiles, "Oh you don't have to do that!"
"I want to."
Natalia hugs her, "Okay I need to get going. Thanks guys. Mel tell your brother I said thanks. I need to get home. Bye."
Mel and Olivia head upstairs to check on Emma and Leah.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra types up her speech for her meeting.
Edmund gives her a back massage, "How's that?"
"Oh great Darling." She turns around and kisses him.
"Let's go to bed."
"Not yet. I have plans for Spaulding and I need to type them before I forget."
"Really? Are you going to spend all of your time on the business?"
"I can't let Alan try and get it back."
"You can't spend every moment worrying about Alan."
"You're right. I also have my lawyers getting custody of RJ back."
"Have you even talked to him since your return?"
"Nope. Josh is hiding him somewhere. I have people checking in Oklahoma."
"We'll find him."
Cassandra kisses him and the two head to the bedroom.

Malah House:
Mallet comes home.
Dinah is napping on the couch.
He sits next to her and covers them both with a blanket.
He kisses her head, "I'll take care of you." He rubs her stomach, "Both of you."

Harley's House:
Susan walks off, "You don't know what your talking about!"
"I do too!
"No! You couldn't possibly."
"He murdered Tammy! He murdered Julie! What else does he have to do?"
"Shut up!" Susan throws a dish at the wall.
Harley grabs her, "No! You need to understand that you can't see him again. And if he comes near you, tell him to leave town before he is found."
"Or what?"
"He'll be arrested and they'll send him to prison or worse."
Susan runs up to her room.

Alan sees Natalia
Gus gets a surprise
Susan tries to fix things
Alan Michael runs into Frank
Marah and Mindy make a deal
Ashlee comes back to town


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this was a slower episode but we all have them. The ending was nice. One thing I do want to say it's a little hard to figure out who is speaking at times. Not only do I have to figure out who is who and what goings on, I have to figure out who is saying what and when. Do u see what I am saying?

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  • Members

Yes I get what you're saying ML.

I've been struggling with making the dialog clear. I'm gonna work on it.

Thanks for the help. :D

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