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Episode 46



Exciting afternoon in Springfield.....

Spaulding Mansion:

Natalia is walking outside when Mel, Olivia, and Dinah run up to her.
She is confused, "Can I help you?"
Mel walks over, "Well my brother said that you've had trouble meeting people so I thought we could hang out."
Olivia walks over, "Yes and Mel called me and I called Dinah.... and here we are!"
Dinah grabs her hand, "We have some good plans!"
"Well girls I'm a little busy."
Dinah's not really listening, "Let's get in the car!"
The women all pile into Mel's Car.


Marina and Shayne are sitting out in the hall waiting for all of her test to come back.
Shayne looks over at Marina, she's crying, "It's going to be okay Marina."
"You don't know that! I don't even know that man! He could have had some disease."
"Well whatever it is you need to tell Cyrus."
The doctor comes out. Marina stands up to here the results.

Harley's House:

Susan is watching TV on the couch. She's hears a toilet flushing upstairs, "Harley that is the fifth time in a row!"
Harley walks downstairs, "I was getting rid of something."
Susan sits for a moment, "What!?!?"
"Susan relax!"
"You flushed it all away!"
"You will not bring drugs into this house!"
"Oh my God! You made me come here! What was I supposed to do?!?"
"I brought you here to protect you from those and from him."
Harley gets a call from Gus.
She comes back over to Susan, "I need to meet with Gus. Watch the boys and I'll be back." Harley walks out.
Susan grabs her bag and sneaks out the back.
Guillespie is already waiting.

Cross Creek:

Bill is sitting in the kitchen. Vanessa sits with him, "So how are things?"
"I don't know. Ava's not been honest with me and now I just...."
"Well you've always been a good judge of character."
"Really? How many of my girlfriends have you like?"
Vanessa laughs, "Okay but I'm biased in that area. I'm your Mom."
"Well I don't know."
"Bill just ask yourself one thing. Do you love her?" Vanessa gives him a kiss on the head and leaves him to think.

The Beacon:

Matt is walking downstairs.
Mallet walks up to him, "Hello Matt. You need to come down to the station."
"Mallet... I need to meet my daughter."
"I call Dinah. Come on." Mallet escorts him out.


The ladies are getting there nails done.
Mel smiles at Natalia, "So how's this."
Natalia giggles, "I really appreciate this guys."
Dinah laughs, "You needed this sweetheart."
Olivia leans back, "Oh marriage is pretty stressfull."
Natalia sits up, "Well it's fun too. Right?"
The three women look at each other and laugh.

The doctor tells Marina that she's fine.
Shayne hugs Marina, "I knew you'd be fine."
She kisses him. They stop. Marina apoligizes, "I'm sorry."
"It's fine."
The two walk out.

Police Station:
Mallet sits Matt down, "I need to ask you some questions."
"My sister."
"Mallet I'm sorry about Julie. But I had nothing to do with it!"
"Yeah well I found this." Mallet holds up a paper, "Julie wrote a lot of information about you. Was she blackmailing you Matt?"
Matt rolls his eyes.

Beacon Lobby:
Gus and Harley are going over their divorce papers, "It just seems odd that it's all over."
"Yeah. Harley you know I'll always be there for you and the boys."
"I know. I know that. You're a very good Dad."
Harley signs her name, "Uh here. I need to get going Gus."
She walks to the door.
Gus stands up, "Harley wait."
She turns around, "I just want you to know... you will always be the love of my life. No matter what."
She leaves.

The woman are shopping.
Natalia shows the girls her dress.
The all smile.
Mel stands up, "Oh honey it's perfect."
Natalia frowns.
Olivia looks at her, "What's wrong."
"Oh nothing it's just... well Nick has you know his half of the wedding party picked out. I don't."
Dinah walks over to her, "It's only a couple of weeks away!"
"I know. It's just I don't know a lot of people here."
Mel smiles, "How many do you need?"
"Atleast three."
Natalia looks up to see her three new friends smiling at her, "Oh thank you guys."

Harley's House:
Susan and Guillespie are in the backyard, "G, let's leave now!"
"Not yet."
"Stay with your Mom for a little longer I have a job to do."
"Another hit?"
"Sort of. But this one's personal."
"Who's the mark?"
"Remy Boudreau. The man nearly killed me. Now he's gonna wish he had finished the job."
Susan kisses him before he goes.

The ladies enjoy the night
Mallet makes a decision
Harley argues with Susan
Matt gets disappointed
Cassandra sharpens her claws

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Hell now G betta leave Remy alone. Very nice ending though. Loved the girlfriends scenes. I am loving this blog more and more as I read each episode. I do notice you seem to have a lot of storylines. So me getting used to everything will take some time. But in this ep I have no quetions. I guess that's a good thing

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