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Episode 44



A surprising day in Springfield.......

Bauer Home:

The kids are out with friends.
Mindy and Phillip are eating in the kitchen.
Rick and Beth come in with Bertha.
Mindy stands up to help them with the bags, "Hey! How was shopping?"
Rick puts bags down, "Fine thanks."
They start putting stuff away.
Bertha gets fussy.
Rick picks her up, "Hey Phillip buddy would you mind holding her for a minute?"
Phillip backs up, "Uh how about I help them?"
"Come on man. Wait have you held her since you moved in?"
Beth comes over, "I'll take her."
She and Phillip make eye contact before Beth carries her out.
Mindy notices.


Kevin, Jason, and Maureen are having lunch.
Maureen sighs, "So Dinah said we need to be at the hospital soon."
Kevin rolls his eyes, "I can't believe we have to volunteer down there!"
Jason tries to cheer them up, "Alright it can't be too bad. It could be fun."
Maureen smiles, "I sure hope so. Maybe Dinah will forgive me."
Kevin scoots closer to her, "I'm sure she will. She loves you."
Jason smiles, "She loves all of us. She wants us to volunteer so we can help people."
They all finish their food.

Mel's Office:

Mel is going through files when Alan Michael walks in.
"Hello Mel."
"Hello Alan Michael. What brings you by?"
"I haven't seen you in a while."
"Well we were supposed to go out last week but you never showed."
He sits down, "Oh I did. And I saw quite a show."
Mel gets nervous, "What do you mean?"
"I saw you and Frank doing it on your desk Mel! How long has that been going on."
Mel is speechless.


Bill is sitting down.
Olivia walks over, "What happened?"
"Ava told me to meet her here. She said she miscarried."
"Oh Bill... I'm so sorry." She hugs him.
Ava walks over, "Hey guys."
Olivia hugs her, "What are you doing up?"
"I'm going home."
Olivia stops her, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah. I mean it's not like I knew the kid or anything."
Olivia looks confused, "So how?"
"Well I guess it happened when Marah attacked me. I went to another hospital and miscarried. I just came over to cancel some appointments."
Olivia sees Dr. Sedwick, "Excuse me my daughter had a miscarriage but I'm still worried could you get her an appointment."
"Well actually Ms. Peralta just cancelled so I guess we could go through it anyways."
Bill smiles, "Great. I just want to be sure you're okay Ava."
They walk into the room.
Ava is worried about her secret being revealed.

Blake's House:

Blake gets home.
She's had a bad day.
She shouts up the stairs, "Is anyone home?"
No one answers.
She walks up the stairs, "Nothing to bring my day up."
She opens the door to see Remy laying naked in her bed, "Maybe I can."
She smiles, "What is this?"
"No one's home but you and me."
She runs over and hops into the bed.
Soon the two are having hot sex.


Mel's Office:
Mel stands up, "You were spying on me?"
"No. I was late and I peak in the window to see my date kissing a naked Frank Cooper!"
"It wasn't a date!"
"You know what it was!"
"Why do you care? I know you don't like Frank, but why do you care that I am sleeping with him?"
Alan Michael walks over to her and kisses her.

Bauer Home:
Mindy and Phillip are alone.
Mindy hugs him, "So what was that about?"
"Oh nothing?"
"Don't you like Baby Bertha?"
"Yes I...."
"It doesn't matter. She's a beautiful girl. It's just to hard to see her."
He goes back downstairs.
Mindy doesn't believe him.

Blake's House:
Blake and Remy are laying in bed together.
Blake kisses him, "You have know idea how much I needed this!"
He laughs, "Well I was having a rough day too."
"Yeah, but I knew you could bring it up."
Blake giggles, "No pun intended?"
He laughs.
She smiles, "Remy... I can't remember the last time I was this happy since...."
"Since Ross died?"
"Yeah. But I don't want to think about that anymore because I'm not going to be depressed ever again."
The two kiss and get ready for another go around.

Dr. Sedwick walks back in, "Well this is odd."
Bill looks over, "What?"
Ava's heart is pounding.
Dr. Sedwick looks at the paper, "Ms. Peralta, you are pregnant."
Ava's mouth drops.
Olivia gasp, "What?"
"Yes she is indeed pregnant. I don't know what that miscarriage talk was about."
Bill looks over at Ava.
Ava is in shock.
Out in the hall the teens are waiting.
Dr. Charles Grant comes over to desk, "I was informed that Maureen Reardon and the Marler twins were coming?"
Maureen calls him over, "We're here."
He smiles, "Why how you've all grown! I hope you're ready."
Jason smiles, "As ready as we'll ever be."
"Well my Granddaughter is here. She's new to town but she's nice girl, around your age. Kind of shy though."
She walks over.
He takes her arm, "Everyone this is my Granddaugther Vi Grant."
Jason notices she looks familiar.
Maureen realizes who she is.
Kevin's in shock. It's the same girl that he had a drunk one-night stand with on Spring Break.

The Teens are shocked to see Vi
Alan Michael upsets Mel
Bill discovers Ava's plans
Marah kisses Jeffrey
Harley makes a deal with Susan


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I am really liking your blog more and more. I love Remy and Blake and love her dick comments. LOL

I loved the scenes with Alan Micheal and Mel. They are hot together too.

I loved that twist with Ava. I did not see that coming at all. Her first scene I was like typical girl lying about her pregnancy but then in fact she is pregnant. GREAT TWIST.

Another good episode.

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  • Members

Glad you liked it! Expect more twist and DEFINATLY expect to see some BIG stuff coming up for Blake and Remy.

BTW how do you feel about the new look of the blog?

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Like I said when I first started, I love how its set up. I now see you are using set pics as well. Love it. You got a great creation here, now its time for episode 45

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