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Casting News



Really great news:

Melina Kanakaredes returns to Springfield as Eleni Andros Cooper.
She is scheduled to return in May and stay through the summer.
She will be involved in the Frank/Mel/Alan Michael SL.

Paul Anthony Stewart returns as Danny Santos.
He exited the show in 2005. He has a 6 month contract!
He shares most scenes with Mandy Bruno (Marina).

Kurt McKinney Exit
Matt Reardon leaves town sometime in the next month. FTL confirmed that there weren't any potential SL's for the character. But assures that he will make returns for Matt's family events.

Rumors are that FTL will bring back Michelle Bauer Santos later on.
However it has not been confirmed.
Nor has it been confirmed who will play the role.
Rumors are that Nancy St. Alban, Bethany Joy Galleoti, and Rebecca Budig have all been talked too.
Also rumors that Alicia Minshew, Heather Tom, and Christie Clark have all been possible recast.

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