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#64 Friday, March 14th (BONUS EPISODE)



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#64 Friday, March 14th (BONUS EPISODE)

At Number 37, Leigh is having breakfast when he lawyer, Ben walks in.


Ben: I've been looking all over for you, we gotta talk.


Leigh: I've been busy.

Ben: I figured you were up to something.

Leigh: I didn't say I was up to something.

Ben: The heck you aren't, I heard about you dropping

the custody case through your ex's lawyer.

Leigh: I decided to change course.

Ben: As your lawyer, it's seems like you would have

clued me in on that.

Leigh: It must of slipped my mind.

Ben: It might be time for you to find yourself another lawyer.

Leigh: Just relax, I'm keeping you on reserve.

Ben: I don't think I like the sound of that.

Leigh: We won't be going back to court for awhile, I need some time to get things together.

Ben: You are just going to make things worse for yourself.

Leigh: That's the last thing I'm going to do. When all is said and done, I'm going

to come out looking really good compared to Edmund.

Ben: If you get yourself in trouble, don't expect me to get you out of it.

Leigh: Don't you worry, I've got this under control.


In Detroit, Norm walks into a neatly kept store that says "Rose Electronics" on the glass door. He knocks on an office door and a woman answers.


Woman: Can I help you?


Norm: Are you Christina Davidson? We spoke on the phone, I'm Norman Donahue.

Christina: Of course, come in and sit down.

Norm walks inside the office and sits down.

Christina: So what sort of merchandise are you interested in purchasing?

Norm: I'm actually here to discuss something else.

Christina: You're not a cop are you?

Norm: No, no, just someone on a mission.

Christina: Let's hear it.

Norm: I want to talk to you about Edmund McGregor.

Christina: We dated in college, last time I talked to him was a couple of years ago

Norm: So you two are friends?

Christina: Why are you asking about this?

Norm crosses his fingers behind his back

Norm: You see, Edmund's a very close friend of mine and he's recently been through a nasty divorce.

I thought it would help him if I tracked down some of his old friends, you know to sort of help him get through this.

Christina: I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not sure how much help I could be, like I said Edmund and I haven't

spoken in awhile. I still do care about him, though, very much.

Norm: He's talked about you a lot lately and has been wondering where you've been. He seems very fond of you.

Christina: I'm not sure he'd even want to talk to me, seeing as what kind of, business I'm in now.

Norm: He doesn't have to know what you do. Why don't you just give him a call? Maybe visit him? See where things go? It might all turn out great.

Christina: I don't know, I don't want to further complicate things for him.

Norm: It really would mean a lot to him if you did contact him.

Christina: Maybe I will do that, I have missed Edmund.

Norm: Thank you, I think it will really do him some good. Don't tell him about this visit though,

I don't want him to think you are only contacting because I asked you, it's better if he thinks you did

it on your own.

Christina: Sure.

Norm leaves. Once outside, he smirks and takes out his cell phone to call Leigh.

Norm: Leigh, call me back when you get this. I think our plan may have just gotten even easier.



Carol walks into Number 37, where George is at the bar.


Carol: I received your phone message, I assume you have good news.


George: I certainly do. I've spoken with the proxy solicitor and he

thinks we have enough votes from the shareholders to vote

out the entire board of McGregor.

Carol: Seriously?

George: The vote will take place within 48 hours.

Carol: I'm astounded that this moved so fast.

George: The shareholders like our plan for the company better.

Carol: I've got to hand it to you, this is brilliant work.

George: When I want something, I go after it. Besides, I couldn't

have done it without Donahue's backing.

Carol: Glad to be of help.

George: As soon as the shareholders vote, we'll sign the contracts

and we'll be the owners of the largest company in these parts.

Carol: I can't wait.


Joseph, Yvette, Lynette and Edmund are all at the McGregor Estate


Lynette: Does anyone know what this is about, Mom sounded so serious on the phone last night.


Yvette: You'll find out soon.


Joseph: You already know?

Yvette: Yep.

Anna walks into the room.


Anna: I'm glad all of you could come here today.

Joseph: What's going on?

Anna: First, I just want all of you to know that what I'm about to tell you is little bit shocking.

It's not exactly something any of us imagined was possible, but it is. A few days ago, I found out that your father was---

Anna pauses as she starts to get choked up.

Yvette: Are you all right?

Anna: I'm fine, I need to get this out. What I was trying to say is, your father was married to another woman before he married me and never

divorced her.

Lynette: What? That couldn't be true, there must be some mistake.

Anna: It's true and it's not the only part of the story. He had a son with this woman and that son is George Lightner.


Edmund: The guy that wanted the building contract?

Anna: Yes.

Joseph: I can't believe this. That guy is our half-brother.

Lynette: So Dad had two families?

Yvette: He had absolutely nothing to do with George or Casssandra over the years. He just started a whole new life with Mother.

Edmund: There must be some sort of mistake, Dad would never do something like that.

Anna: I'm afraid it is. And the reason they are here in town is because Cassandra is bent on revenge.

Joseph: I don't like this at all.

Yvette: I do not have specifics as to what they are up to, but I can say that they want the company.

Anna: But they are not going to get it.

Joseph: That's why some of the stockholders seem to be getting restless.

Anna: Restless?

Joseph: I've been hearing a few murmurs that some of our stockholders, I thought it was just

jitters about the expansion project, but now I'm thinking it's something else.

Just then, the phone rings. Anna answers it.

Anna: Hello? What? Just tell them to wait for me, I'll be there shortly. (hangs up)

Joseph: Who was that?

Anna: That was my secretary, she said a group of stockholders just walked into the office demanding

a meeting. She also said one of them said something about a proxy fight.

Lynette: Pardon my ignorance, I've never understood all the corporate talk. What is a proxy fight?

Anna: It means that I could lose control of the company.

Off Anna's concerned expression, fade to black.


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Wow Redd A very good episode. I was on the edge of my seat as Anna told her family everything. And Poor Edmund. The man he thought his father was, really isn't.

I was shocked the Lee dropped her cusotdy suit like that. I am just stunned. Didn't see that one coming at all

And there go Norm again. What in the hell is he up to and why does he have it in for Edmund? And Christina is o dumb. If Ed was really feeling how he was feeling about her, she should have asked then "Why didn't he come see me"? LOLO

A very good episode. I'd say the best of I've read of urs!!

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