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#65 Monday, March 17th



#65 Monday, March 17th

Anna, Yvette and Joseph walk into the boardroom at McGregor, one of the shareholders is waiting for them.

Man: I've been waiting for you. I'm Sterling Brooks, I represent the group of shareholders who have expressed concern over the leadership of this corporation.


Anna: What's the problem?

Sterling: We believe that this joint venture with the Carter Company isn't solid and could lead to losses.


Joseph: This is a very solid business plan, we would have never gone through with it if it wasn't.

Sterling: A lot of us have a tremendous of money in this company, we feel that this deal needs to be reworked

to avoid loss.

Anna: Our numbers have been crunched over and over again, we project a profit within six months.

Sterling: There is also a risk. You are taking over a chain of stores that haven't done business for years, what

makes you think they will do business under a new name?


Yvette: I suggest you take another look at our business plan.

Joseph: Yes, this project was approved nearly a year ago and there were no objections. Why the sudden change?

Sterling: As you know, Mr. McGregor, the economy isn't doing so well right now. It's just not the right time for

such an expansion.

Joseph: I think somebody put you up to this.

Yvette: And I've got a pretty good idea as to who it was.

Sterling: Let's not be absurd.

Joseph: I think you've already crossed that line.

Anna: Mr. Brooks, I think you should know that we have no intention of abandoning this plan, we've

put to much time and money in it.

Sterling: Then the shareholders vote will continue as scheduled. Good day.

Sterling leaves.

Yvette: We are going to fight this.

Anna: That could be hard, we don't know exactly how many

shareholders are in on this yet.

Joseph: One thing I know is that we don't have much time

to stop this.

Yvette: No matter what, we cannot let them get their hands on this company.


Carol is with George and Cassandra at Lightner in Detroit.


George: I think it's time we discussed logistics, it won't be

long before we are in control of McGregor.


Carol: McGregor is notoriously well structured, it always has been. That's a positive for us.


Cassandra: We should hold off making any plans until

we have everything in our control.

George: Mother, we have the votes, stop worrying.

Cassandra: Just being realistic. I'm sure Yvette has already

made it abundantly clear to her family that we want control. They're going to know where this is coming from and stop at nothing to thwart it.

George: So what? Even if they do, they can't stop it, because it's all legal. The truth coming out probably was for the best.

Carol: What truth?

George: It's a long story.

Cassandra: That I never get tired of telling to anyone who will listen.

Carol: I'm really curious to hear about this.

Cassandra: I was married to Andrew McGregor years ago and George is my son with him. One day, he just dissapeared

and I didn't know what happened to him until I saw him in a society page and found out he was married to another woman.

Carol: So Andrew was a bigamist? I bet that must have come as quite a shock to Miss Anna. I knew Andrew was an oily

character, but I didn't think he was that low.

Cassandra: When I married him, he seemed like a catch, but I was proven wrong.

Carol: So all this you two are doing is a bit of revenge for what Andrew did?

Cassandra: Revenge is such an ugly word, I prefer to say consulation.

Carol: Interesting way of putting it.

George: Now that we've heard that, can we get back to discussing business?

Carol: Of course.

George: As far as I know some of the voting is taking place right now, but my proxy solicitor is still suring up votes

just to be safe.

Carol: Sounds like it's too early to pop the champagne, but I think we should at least start chilling it.

George: I like the way you think.



Jim is in Flint visiting his parents. He's sitting on the porch of their house, when his father, Elliot comes out of the house.

Elliot: You feeling all right?


Jim: I'm fine, Dad.

Elliot: I get the feeling that something is troubling you.

Jim: It could be the fact that my marriage is falling apart.

Elliot: What? I didn't realize you and Lynette were having any problems.

Jim: We've been struggling for months now, I even moved out.

Elliot: I'm sorry to hear that.

Jim: It's my own fault, I really screwed up.

Elliot: How?

Jim: Lynette decided she wanted to start a career and I acted like a real jerk about it.

Elliot: Lynette is a good woman, I'm sure she won't hold it against you.

Jim: I think it's too late, it feels like we are drifting further apart.

Elliot: Your mother and I have had our share of problems, but we've always worked them out. Your problem doesn't

seem like it's that hard to fix. You've got to talk things out and most of all be truthful.

Jim: I don't know, Dad, it just seems like things aren't going to work out.

Elliot: That's just fear, once you step up and do your best to set things straight, it'll all work out.

Jim: Maybe you're right, it's just the fear talking.


At Greg's apartment, there's a knock at the door. He opens it to find Lynette on the other side.


Lynette: Mind if I come in?


Greg: Not at all.

Lynette: Thank you.

Lynette comes inside and they sit down on the couch.

Greg: I don't mind you being here, but don't you think we should keep our distance? Jim already suspects something.

Lynette: Jim took the kids to visit his parents in Flint, he won't know I came here. Besides, I needed someone to talk to.

Greg: What's on your mind?

Lynette: The truth is, I really just wanted to see you.

Greg: I've wanted to see you too, but like I said before, I don't want to be responsible for breaking up a marriage.

Lynette: I don't know how much longer I can do this. I mean, I really do care about Jim, but I don't think the marriage can

be saved, because I'm in love with someone else.

Greg: You really are making this hard on me.

Lynette: I'm sorry, but I have to start being truthful, for my own sake. I can't keep trying to hide how I really feel.

Greg: Part of me is glad to hear you say that and another part of me feels like I'm responsible.

Lynette: Jim and I were having problems before I even met you, it's not your fault. Maybe this is the way it was meant to be, maybe we

were meant to be together.

Greg: Maybe.

Lynette kisses Greg and slowly starts to undo his buttons.

Greg: You sure you wanna do this?

Lynette: Sure as I'll ever be.

Greg takes her by the hand and leads her to the bedroom.


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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what i am talking about. Another great episode!! WoW so much drama.

Again I didn't think u were going to go there with Greg and Lynette but u did. I love it. And Yes The battle is on. I really want to know if Anna and nem will hold on to their company. And I now want to know why, why did Andrew just up and leave like that. U got some really great stories and only wish we could see Novi more often(and that u comment on my blog more often ;) )

Great JOB!!!

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BRAVO!!! NOVI IS BACK IN FULL NOW, nice... this was agreat episode... Marlin told me it was a good one, and got to check it now... wow... sweet!!! keep them coming man...

SONOP IS LOOKING GREAT with all the blogs running!!!


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